24 – 1×01 & 1×02 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series.
Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issused you’ve been warned. 

(1×01) 12:00 A.M. – 1:00 A.M.

-A little embarrassed to admit, but when I first clicked the episode and heard the bomb or clock, whatever was ticking. I actually looked around my room thinking something was about exploded for about six seconds until I realized it was coming from the episode. At least I know now that I won’t survive a bomb explosion because I’m just gonna look around and try to find where it’s coming from, instead of running away like a functioning human being would do.

-This premise is so cool, must’ve been even better watching it live.

-Dude from those All State commercials! He must hate being known as that guy.

-Having Kieffer Sutherland as a father would actually be kinda nice I would think.

-All teenagers on TV shows have angsty posters of a singer or band just to show how angsty they are.

-How the hell do you break into a furniture shop, better yet why would you want to break into furniture shop?

– If I had to trust one guy it would probably be Kieffer Sutherland too.

– And I’m quickly reminded that this show took place before 2008.

– Why is she lying about Jack being dead?

-Definitely something between Jack and Nina, not sure what yet.

-What’s there not to see in Kieffer Sutherland?

-Of course “lifesucks” is Kim’s password. Gotta keep up with the angsty teenager girl gimmick.

-Oh, that’s why you break into a furniture store.

-The allegation is probably about an affair, right? Which now of days doesn’t really seem that bad compared to other allegations it could be.

-I like the twist with having the assassin not being the photographer, instead being the woman.

-And this woman is definitely insane.

-Great this is when the boys start taking a turn for the creepy.

-I’m so glad I live in the streaming era where I can binge watch these episodes instead of waiting a week, because I wouldn’t have been able to be patient every week and actually wait for a new episode.

(1×02) 1:00 A.M. – 2:00 A.M

-Just realized that that one whole season is an entire day. So each season is just one day out a year (I am assuming), which is pretty crazy but I’m intrigued.

-I’m sorry, but the actress who plays Nina looks so much like Beckett from Castle. So much so that I thought that was Beckett from Castle just with a weird hairstyle.

-Probably would’ve believed you about your dad being a government agent if you didn’t lie about him being dead.

-A roofie joke, yeah they’re definitely the bad guys.

-And we have our first kill of many more I’m sure of it.

-Yeah, not letting someone choke to death is being a b*tch, I’m sure Walter White would even have to disagree with that.

-Yeah, this guy Tony who’s tracking Jack and Nina’s calls is going to be a pain, I can see it now.

-So Tony and Nina are already dating? That’s why he’s acting so jealous and rude to Jack?

-Yeah okay, that’s just gross (Jack cutting off dead man’s finger).

-The college boys and the terrorists (or whatever) are in cahoots right? That’s where this is all heading right? Everything’s connected?

-I see Kim isn’t the only kid that likes Green Day in this show. Palmer’s kids appartntely went to a Green Day concert.

-Why would Palmer leave the suite by himself, even if there wasn’t a threat against his life (which there is)?

-And Richard’s dead, this day is only going to get worse for Jack. That’s the one thing I know for sure.

-Just another reason as to why you should never hook up with any college guys if you’re a teenage girl.

-Nina is the mole?


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