The X-Files – 1×01 & 1×02 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issused you’ve been warned.

(1×01) – Pilot

-Starting the X-Files, can’t wait to be all creeped out by this show.

-Only a minute in and we already have aliens or something apparently.


-The show feels so nostalgic, even though this is my first run through of it. Maybe it’s the clothing or the setting, but everything feels nostalgic in a good way of course.

-They name dropped the show’s title, it’s inevitable. Better to do so in the first five minutes than drag it out.


-Their first meeting is so normal for such a iconic pairing in pop culture. I like that it’s causal doesn’t foreshadow what all they will go through together.

-What a timeless question.

-Mulder seems like the type of person to take 3 airport seats just so he could sleep.

-Classic example as to why I don’t do airplanes and never will.

-I wonder how many people believe in extraterrestrial beings like aliens just because of this show, I would think it would be a lot.

– Is spray painting the X supposed to ward off aliens or something?

-The score fits the show just right. It’s the just right amount of creepy and mysterious for the show.

-Way to handle the casket with care and respect the dead.

-Oh gross.

-Probably shouldn’t have said that when Peggy was so close to hear that Mulder.

-Or maybe Mulder did that on purpose in order to check to see if she had the same marks as the other victims.

-We have the believer in Mulder and the nonbeliever in Scully. Could we have a inbetweener to represent people like me who want to believe but desperately needs stone cold evidence to back it up?

-I don’t think I seen a man and a woman stand out in the pouring rain unless they’re having a huge argument or making out. Did I just out myself as a avid watcher of romantic comedies? Yes, yes I did.

-They’re already pretty comfortable with each other and here I thought that would take a couple of seasons give or take.

-At least their’s a backstory as to why Mulder so deeply believes in the extraterrestrial. I rather that than he got involved in it for no reason.

-Mulder sounds exactly like conspiracy theorists today with him believing the government knows everything and they can’t be trusted.

-Of course their hotel and all their evidence was set on fire.

-Whenever I see someone getting a nosebleed now of days I immediately think of Eleven from Stranger Things.

-And the graves have already been the dig up.

-Billy being the murderer, actually makes enough sense to me. Then again I’m easily persuaded.

-Honestly, they should really get pneumonia after being in the rain this many times for this long.

-Why does this score playing as they run in the forest remind me of Goosebumps?

-He was really prepared to kill his son of it wasn’t for Mulder.

-Scully’s report should be very interesting to say the least.

– And everything’s back to normal, well as normal as this show gets.

-The government is being shady, what’s new?

-Sensing this is our villain for this season? Or maybe for the entire show?

(1×02) – Deep Throat

-Starting off intense by throwing us right into the action.

-Holy hell, are those burns or a rash?

-THE THEME!!!!! Oh it’s iconic theme song and images in all it’s glory.

-Seth Green?! Baby Seth Green going to guest star in this?

-First of many famous cameos.

-This case could easily turn into a extraterrestrial case Scully.

-Could that guy had been any creepier?

-It was a rash.

-Stress does a lot of things to a person, but not that.

-Oh Mulder finally has people of his own who believe in what he believes in.

-Does Scully really thinks that UFOs are that farfetched after the last episode’s big fiasco?

-Oh come on those flying flashing things could’ve very well been UFOs.


-Oh Seth’s hair and outfit is SO 90s, my goodness.

-Seth and his friend are totally stoners. Just everything about them scream stoners.

-Mulder if think kids in the 90s are something just wait until you get ahold of kids in the late 2010s. Now they’re something.

-Just because they’re stoners doesn’t mean they don’t have any credibility.

-I totally see the military using UFO’s technology for their own needs.

-So what the military erase a part of his mind?

-Okay that makes sense as to why they would erase a part of his mind.

-Getting a Men In Black feel to these guys pulling over Scully and Mulder.

-Yep, definitely feels like a more scary Men In Black.

-Well he flat out just lied to Scully’s face. Sure that won’t be the last time.

-That’s everything I would want a UFO to look like.

-And Mulder is abducted and drugged, also pretty sure this won’t be the last time this happens.

-Scully is a badass, not a surprise but I still would like to point it out.

-Yeah sure they’re the ones that acted inappropriately keep telling yourself that buddy.

-I wonder how long this Scully’s reports are going to last for until the show just forgets about them or their no longer necessary for the storyline purposes.

-Scully and Mulder’s lives will always be in danger, no matter what they do or what they learn.


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