Fringe – 1×01 & 1×02 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×01 – Pilot

-Holy cow, this pilot is an hour and 21 minutes long. I thought I clicked on the wrong thing and accidentally clicked a movie instead.

-This and The X-Files are making great cases as to why I will never get on a plane.

-Oh great demon vomit! Worse than normal vomit.

-What/How did that guy do that to these people? I mean I’m sure I will know why by the end of the episode but he didn’t even get near anyone else to be able to do any that.

-Is her boyfriend gonna die? I have watched another J.J. Abrams show called Alias (great show) and that is totally what happens in their pilot.

-Joshua! I saw the first two seasons of Dawson’s Creek and kinda just stopped. So, I’m excited to Joshua in something else.

-These special effects makeup is pretty good.

-This special agent captain is a hardass.

-Pretty sure he’s dying, but I’m literally just basing this off the fact that she said she loves him.

-Who keeps animals in a storage unit?

-What did I say? Called it! J.J. you gotta be less predictable than that. I watched Alias.

-How did he survive that blast?

-Okay, he’s not dead, not yet anyway. Still betting he does die before the end of this very long pilot.

-I’m eating popcorn here, I don’t want to vomit it back up.

-Sounds like she should be holding a grudge against him not the other way around.

-So not locally at all.


-Blackmail, it always works.

-They said it, the name of the show only took 23 minutes, impressive.

-They really must have a horrible relationship.

-I need to know more about the accident, it seems like he’s been in this mental hospital for a really long time the accident had to had been really horrible.

-“I thought you would be fatter”

Okay didn’t expect to spit out my popcorn while watching this show, but that’s exactly what just happened.

-He was ready to shave that beard off.

-Walter is officially the funniest character on the show and it’s only been a little over 30 minutes.

– A little cut won’t do anything to hurt him at least not at this point, I don’t think.

-Ew, still eating popcorn here.

-This is going to be there hangout spot I bet!

-Are they seriously getting him a cow?

-They really got him a cow.

-Curious as to who married Walter, or at least had Peter with him. I just don’t see Walter being a ladies man.

-Of course there was no file.

-Oh this is totally going to be a thing, I can see the seeds being planted now.

-24 hours, how convenient.

-“Cause after 6 hours they’re really dead.”

This show is way funnier than I thought it would be.

-Naked in a rusty tank not only sounds dangerous, but also just really gross.

-Cow is still here.

-That Freeform show called Stitchers that went on for a few seasons pretty much ripped Fringe off by taking this whole process for the plot of their show.

– I didn’t think I would be entertained for a whole hour and a half of this show but we’re a little over halfway done with the pilot and I’m really enjoying this.

-I like how the process is glitchy and not perfectly made. Shows there’s still a lot of improvement to be made.

-Lucky it worked and Olivia didn’t almost die for nothing.

-Oh twins, always thrown into a plot to throw off the audience just ask Pretty Little Liars.

-Robot hand, either really cool or really scary. I’m leaning towards really scary.

-Of course, a genius like Walter enjoys watching SpongeBob, like I said before this show is way funnier than I thought it would be.

– Walter, you’re not going back to the mental hospital you’re a main character. And one of our main characters cannot spend his entire time in a mental hospital, so you’re not going anywhere don’t need to worry.

-Also, there’s definitely going to be a moment where Peter calls Walter dad, instead of Walter. Not sure when but it’s going to be a moment.

-Imagine just going through the daily routine of your normal life and a criminal just runs into your house followed by an FBI agent.

-Okay that jump was terrifying.

-Yeah, a civilian can just walk into FBI only area without being detected. The FBI in this show is really doing a great job at doing their jobs I see (was the sarcasm clear enough?)

-Is this the part he stops being such a hardass now?

-These cases sound like a job for Mulder and Scully *wink* *wink*.

-He was an asshole to her and now he wants her to work with him? Yeah, sure like she’s going to take that.

-Man, I was so close to my prediction actually being right. So close yet so far away.

-Oh sh*t!

-Too late Olivia, you’re too late.

-So he’s not dead but he’s the bad guy kind of feel like I should get some type of props or points okay maybe not.

-Nevermind he is dead (well now) my prediction was right. Only J.J. Abrams would almost kill a guy, save him, turn him into a traitor and then finally does kill him.

-And our team has assembled.

-And we got shady organization too, we’re off to races now.

1×02 – The Same Old Story

-The second episode is shorter than the first episode but not by much still a little bit longer than normal television shows on cable.

-Oh gross there’s something literally in her, is this a Alien situation?

-Wow, what a great plan just to randomly leave her, like people wouldn’t find her.

-These questions are rightly asked. We have an unstable scientist and apparently an irresponsible guy working on these such important cases.

-This really is an X-Files type of case, they probably end up doing an episode similar to this one.

-The umbilical cord is still attached to him, I know I have said this a lot, but seriously that is really gross!

– I’m so glad I’m done eating my popcorn.

-Supernatural type of events 😉

-He was covering for himself by replacing the sheets. Serial killers are precise like that that’s why a lot of them are never caught.

-Yes please stop explaining how he killed his female victims.

– Out on another hunt for a new victim.

-Scott was also a traitor as it seems.

-Nobody saw who Scott for what he really was, she can’t just blame herself.

-Most guys aren’t serial killers (I would like to think anyways).

-So that’s how he does it drug his victims.

-The cow is still here!

-I bet milking cows is pretty therapeutic.

-How he remembers where he parked his car a full decade later is beyond me.

– How does a guy that looks like this serial killer able to pick up so many women? It’s not like he’s Ted Bundy or anything and Ted Bundy wasn’t even good looking (in my opinion) just charismatic. Which this guy is not.

-He wanted to grow soldiers?

-Does anyone have a way with women like not even women have a way with women ha ha.

-What did he need to kill all these women for?

-I wonder when I should bet on when these two get together, it’s definitely happening but I need more time to predict when.

-Okay that dream sequence was not cool at all.

-They know a lot more about Scott than just that. You would think they would be better liars trying to cover that up.

-Ugh, I knew they were going to her eye but I seen wasn’t prepared for that.

-One of her last images is of the bridge, of course.

-Quickly before he kills another victim.

-The contrast between Walter and Astrid vs Peter and Olivia’s situation is pretty amusing.

-Pretty nifty way to save someone’s life.

-He experienced on his own child, what the fuck. That’s sick.

-Everyone’s been offering Olivia a job as of late.

-Obviously, none of what happened, in this case, could be revealed to the public.

-Olivia definitely deserve a raise, shouldn’t even have to ask for one.

-There really gonna leave us to wonder what’s wrong with Peter. Also, this makes sense in hindsight of the last episode when Walter first sees Peter (after he says that infamous quote) he’s checked to see if Peter was physically okay. Like an actual caring father.

-I would hate to be awakened because someone is counting out loud. And, they weren’t even counting in the right order.


-Almost ended on a sweet note there.

-One more thing I noticed was you can really see how much The X-Files influence this show, not like in a copycat type of way but just in the stories the show tells. You can see how much of impact The X-Files has on pop culture with this show alone. Still, Fringe is a lot of fun and is by no means a cheap knockoff of The X-Files. Fringe stands entirely on its own and I can’t wait to watch more of it.


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