Binged: Heroes S1

I recently binge watched the first season of Heroes. If you don’t know what Heroes was, Heroes was a television show that ran from 2006 to 2010 and aired on the NBC. Heroes aired 4 seasons and a total of 77 episodes.

I had heard many things about Heroes over the years. How their first season of television is the best first season of any show ever. I constantly heard the iconic tagline of the show Save The Cheerleader, Save The World. Although I heard these great things, I also heard the show had the biggest downfall a show could have. Safe to say, I had gotten mixed signals as whenever or not I should watch this show. So I compromise.

Instead of watching Heroes in its entirety, I decided to just watch Heroes season one and just stop. So I could enjoy the awesomeness of Heroes without any of the letdown and pain the other three seasons bring. So I binged watched Heroes season one, and in short I loved it.

I’m not going to spoil anything about the show, in case someone hasn’t seen it and would like to (the first season is worth it), but I will list some of my favorite things about the season.

Favorite Episode: Company Man (1×17)

This was the only promo I could find for this episode so excuse the bad quality. But aside that, the actual episode just blew me away. Honestly not many shows can pull a episode like this off. Heroes created such an interesting and complex character in Noah. After being left in dark and not knowing anything about his character we get an incredible episode detailing his backstory while moving forward the plot. I had plenty of great episodes to choose from as my favorite episode, but Company Man is a clear standout from season one.

Honorable Mentions:

Genesis (1×01)

Homecoming (1×09)

Fallout (1×11)

Five Years Gone (1×20)

Favorite Character: Peter Petrelli

There are a lot of amazing and complex characters like Noah, Hiro, Claire, Skylar, Nathan, and many more, but Peter Petrelli has one thing they don’t, he was played by Milo Ventimiglia. I have had a crush on this man since Gilmore Girls and it has only grown over the years, so yeah I’m bias. But, even without my own bias, Peter is a fantastic character. Heroes wrote a character so beloved without making him a boring saint, a trap many writers who write superheros end up falling into. But not Heroes, as a audience we care about him, we root for him, we want him to succeed. He may be the most human of all the heroes which is why he’s so beloved. Peter is the heart of the show. Heroes wouldn’t have been the Heroes that many people have come to love if it weren’t for Peter Petrelli.

Favorite Power: Matt’s Mind Reading

Okay I may also be a little bias here too because ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be able to read minds. Although, episodes like Earshot (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Primrose Empath (Charmed) make me a bit weary of the power, I still think it would be a cool power to have.

I went into Heroes nervous due to the mixed signals I had gotten about the show, but the first season is as amazing as any first season of television can be. Heroes isn’t a show about “superheros”, it’s a show about normal people who discover they have powers and do their best to deal with them. If you have ever thought about watching the show and decided not to because of it’s downfall. I beg you to ignore that and go ahead and watch the first season. You would be doing yourself a favor, I promise.

If you have seen Heroes or you would just like to know more about the rise and fall of the show, I have linked Core Ideas’ video essays below that go into depth about the topic. The videos are very interesting and insightful, so go check them out if you’re at all interested. Part one and part two are already up, part three will be released soon.


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  1. I actually did the same thing! I watched the first season of Heroes when it aired in Hong Kong – at the same time as Season 2 was airing in North America. I loved the show, but I also heard all sorts of things about how badly the second season was going, and reports on the later seasons weren’t much better. Eventually, I decided not to bother watching the later seasons, and I’ve stuck with that decision to this day – despite re-watching Season 1 multiple times!

    It works out quite well, given that Season 1 is quite self-contained with a good story and reasonably satisfying resolution. And given how many other shows I’ve seen go from brilliant to awful (The X-Files, Earth: Final Conflict) I’m glad that my memories of Heroes, at least, contain only good things!

    So I can’t tell you from personal experience that you made the right decision. But I can tell you you’re not alone in it!

    (Oh, and my favourite power: Sylar’s intuitive aptitude. If I had a natural gift for understanding how things work I’d find way better uses for it than he does!)

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