The X-Files – 1×03 &1×04 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×03 – Squeeze

-I love when television shows use slow motion for something so normal like walking, and most of time it’s for no reason whatsoever. It’s unintentional hilarious.

-Ugh, there’s something under the sewers. I swear if it’s a clown I’m going to lose my mind.

-Not a clown, but looks creepy enough.

-What’s with the elevator?

-So some men do call home when they know they’ll be late. This is how you know this is a television show.

-Is this creature traveling from the sewers?

-Human fingers? Is this thing human?

-We have our first victim of the episode and thus our case.

-Oh do Scully former classmates think she’s a freak for working with Mulder?

-The creatures are taking their livers…

-This is definitely a X-Files case.

-Scully is doing just fine being Mrs. Spooky, thank you very much.

-He didn’t ask you Mulder because surprise people think you’re weird.

-How does Mulder not know he has a reputation that precedes him?

-Oh, Scully embarrassed of Mulder.

-Did no one even notice the fingerprint on the vent? Aren’t special agents supposed to look everywhere for clues even if they don’t make sense aka the vent.

-Also I know Mulder’s theories are outside the box, but he’s also a great agent. I wouldn’t be so quick to downplay his theories Tom.

-Those glasses age Mulder about ten years.

-It’s not aliens, that thing did not look like an alien.

-You’re thinking too normal with this case Scully.

-You’re not going to find that description at your stakeouts.

-I do not appreciate these subtle jabs at Mulder and his theories.

-No Mulder, Scully wouldn’t shoot a unarmed man because Scully isn’t trigger happy like most cops nowadays.

-It’s in the vents.

-No, he can’t be it. That was too easy and he’s doesn’t have glowy eyes to be that creature.

-Okay he is suspicious.

-Wait he works with animals, but he also may have killed an animal before yeah that’s not suspicious at all.

-He passed, but he didn’t passed all the questions asked.

-Shouldn’t these agents be putting aside their personal feelings for Mulder to solve this case even if his theories are way out there.

-Scully doesn’t need your help Tom.

-Aw to that whole scene between Mulder and Scully. They bicker about their cases but they still respect one another. Their relationship at this point is still very new, but I’m glad to see they already have built some level of trust between themselves.

-Huh, so it is him. So does he change or transform into something else?

-As if he wasn’t creepy before, he can stretch his whole entire body like he’s

-And another one bites the dust and so does his liver.

-Any theory you say- wait never-mind.

-Can we all agree that Tom is an asshole? I hope we all can agree on that.

-Yes, Scully!

-Yes, again Scully! There is no sides, but the victim’s. If you can’t remember that then you shouldn’t be an agent Tom.

-I knew it was suspicious that he worked with animals when he possibly killed animals.

-2023 doesn’t look that far from now to us today.

-No one ever believes the crazy guy until they need the crazy guy.

-He really has been alive for the last 100 years.

-He collects personal items of every one of his victims that what the cave is for.

-No, Mulder, you can’t so just go ahead and betray it.

-He hibernates every 30 years?

-OH that’s creepy, he stole her necklace from right under her.

-It doesn’t even phase Mulder at this point.

-No Tom, you don’t need to talk to Scully. Now leave already.

-“Were a good agent”. She is a good agent, this dude really has no idea what he’s talking about.

-I am now convinced that Scully and I have the same brain because I was going to say the same thing about Tom falling from the top. Best Yes Scully moment yet.

-Is his next victim Scully?

-Ugh gross, at least that goop warned her.

-OH THE FORKING (The Good Place language, speaking of which watch The Good Place if you don’t already) JUMPSCARES

-Finally caught.

-Ew, he’s building another nest out of the newspapers.

-Mulder’s right, it’s not enough.

-Just like keeping him in there won’t be enough.

-Well that was a twisted and chilling ending.

-I must say that had to been my favorite episode yet of The X-Files. Let’s see if Conduit beats it.

1×04 – Conduit

-Camping is never a good idea people, how many of you will have to die before you realize that?

-Earthquake? Probably something more supernatural-ish.

-The falling plates makes this even more dangerous.

-The door is steaming hot.

-Why would you let your two kids camp outside while you sleep inside your vehicle? If you’re going to camp then don’t half-ass it, actually camp.

-His sister’s disappearance, it’s connected with this new case right?

-Lake what?

-Oh it’s a UFO hot-spot okay I see why he ordered the investigation.

-It’s the same girl scout, interesting.

-Mulder is probably right about the case, but that doesn’t mean his judgment isn’t clouded.

-So the mother also thinks it’s aliens too.

-What is he writing?

-The kid can see something from the television. Kids in horror movies are inherently creepy I guess that also could be the same in horror television.

– Law enforcement always assume the kids run away instead of actually doing their jobs and finding out what happened to them.

-Ugh this is what infuriates me about law enforcement. Who cares about Ruby’s character, if she has been taken they should focus on trying to figure out what happened to her instead of writing her off as a runaway because she made some poor decisions.

-Why do characters insist on being cryptic. Be direct it’s not that hard.

-Ruby’s pregnant?

-Why would she just tell them all of that and up and leave?

-Mulder pretending to be so un-Mulder is a little funny.


-This is why you always have your gun by your bedside.

-The kid’s drawing is a document. They really went to all this trouble for the kid’s drawing.

-The kid can’t be a threat, he’s a kid. Then again, I did say kids in horror genre are creepy…I’m conflicted.

-Did they really have to go to all this trouble? They ransacked their home.

-The head of the RV is burnt. Kinda goes back to the door of the RV being steaming hot.

-Kevin see things, thankfully for his sake it’s not dead people.

-Scully you can’t really believe that, okay good she doesn’t.

-Can aliens get that hot to turn glass to sand?

-Aw Wolfie.

-This is why dogs are the best (yes I know their wolves) they lead them to something.

-Is he going to dig the grave with his own hands. Yes, he is…

-Greg, right?

-Oh fork you sheriff. (Yes, still The Good Place language)

-So Tessa and Greg were the ones together. And she’s the one pregnant.

-Oh Scully, you hit Mulder’s soft spot.

-I think Mulder has the right attitude on this even if it’s because of his sister.

-What do all the drawings mean when they’re all together like that?

-Oh, how did Kevin arrange it like that to make it look like Ruby?

-Not one of those bikers saw Kevin and Mulder at all.

-She was taken to Space is what Mulder is alluding to.

-The mother can’t handle the truth it seems.

-Oh Mulder…

-Another great, albeit sad ending. Great episode, but Squeeze is still my favorite so far of the four episodes I’ve seen.

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