Prison Break – 1×01 & 1×02 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×01 – Pilot

-I already know he gets the whole blueprint tattooed on himself, but why would any tattoo artist decide to put that an entire tattoo on him?

-Nice exposition newspapers.

-I wonder what horrible crime he’s going to do in order to be thrown in the same jail as his brother.

-Oh wait never-mind…bank robbery….

-Can’t they tell he wants to go to jail? It’s pretty obvious.

-You can see the smile forming on his face, this is exactly what he wanted.

-This whole plan is just insane. I wonder how many people have actually tried to do something similar because of this show.

-The prison cop is going to be a threat to his plans.

-Already a stabbing, my goodness.

-This has to be the most chaotic first ten minutes of a TV show yet.

-No idea why they’re calling Michael fish, but I’m just going to go with the fact that Wentworth Miller appeared in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer called Go Fish (2×20)

-So how much longer until he sees his brother?

-There he is!

-Killing the Vice President’s brother? This show sure does care about the theme of brothers.

-How do you just get tied into a murder involving the Vice President’s brother?

-Him not knowing how to spell passion is a little funny, but more sad than anything else.

-God, everyone in this family is involved in something.

-You can’t send three characters to jail in your first episode.

-Everyone knows that quote which makes it such a basic senior quote.

-Did he not tell his brother what he was planning?

-Micheal designed the prison?

-Passion is a great word in my opinion.

-I thought they were talking about the actual Pope, I’m so dumb.

-Well his father got arrested so that might’ve led him down the wrong path.

-Brother’s love is something that cannot be broken.

-Something shady is going on.

-How was this guy able to bring a cat with him into jail?

-Oh, okay that makes sense now.

-Yeah D.B. Cooper just didn’t seem like the type of person to care for a cat like this man does.

-These whips have to be extra painful because of his fresh tattoos.

-Micheal is pretty good at getting what he wants I see, even in jail.

-Well that’s a dead bishop.

-Veronica has to know something shady is going on now that a bishop was murdered.

-I need to know more on how Lincoln screwed up his relationship with his son. Maybe his relationship with Veronica?

-See passion is a good thing.

-Micheal, why are you getting medicine you don’t even need? This has to be apart of his plan somehow.

-Ah, the age old question of if women and men can ever be just friends.

-Oh it cannot be just because he likes his doctor, that would be just stupid and the one thing I know for sure is that Michael is not stupid. That has to be just a cover.

-Finally the boys having a conversation that isn’t going to broken up after a few seconds.

-You literally had one fight with the guy, that’s not enough to call him your enemy.

-Micheal really has created the ultimate master-plan here.

-Ah. He is the blueprints basically. I seen this reveal before in a YouTube video but it’s even better with all the added context.

-Well of course he had to make it somewhat difficult to read, otherwise whenever he took his shirt off people would’ve became suspicious.

-Fantastic first episode, excited to watch more.

1×02 – Allen

-Micheal definitely a strategist. A pretty good one at that.

-Of course, there’s tension between the races. Always seems to be that way in crime shows doesn’t it?

-I wonder how many weapons prisoners make on average only to end up hiding them until they actually need to use them.

-Yeah this cop is going to a problem.

-The tattoo at the end of the intro reminds me of the Sons of Anarchy intro for some reason.

-This whole plan does relay on pills.

-No one has ever broken out of this particular jail, but has any of the ones who tried had a brother who got thrown into jail just to simply help his brother break out. No? I didn’t think so, so have some faith Lincoln.

-MARTI NOXON of Buffy fame. I’m sorry I keep mentioning Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but I can almost connect anything to it. It’s a gift really.

-Yeah no offense, but T-Bag does look like he could be a rapist.

-He was so close to getting the screw.

-Okay, but the evidence sounds like it could of been manipulated in order to frame Lincoln.

-I’m glad we’re getting flashbacks of the brothers it would have gotten repetitive just seeing the boys interacted with only each other and the other inmates.

-Ugh this T-bag keeps getting in way. So frustrating.

-Can someone like just take out this cop please? That would be great, thank you.

-Micheal is going to get himself hurt trying to take back that screw from T-bag.

-I’m not prepared for this violence at all.

-I’m nervous now. I’m legitimately scared for Michael right now.

-Okay that evidence is pretty bad, but we don’t actually see if Lincoln’s bullet actually killed him or maybe that’s not even the Vice President’s brother in the car.

-And both of Michael’s plans are now quite literally screwed (no pun intended). Ugh!

-Okay someone beat Lincoln to shooting the dude. Someone planned Lincoln to be there so he could take the fall.

-Just because someone seems like a saint doesn’t actually mean they are one. Just means they’re good at hiding who they actually am.

-Veronica you know in your heart that this is not the truth. You just want to believe it so you can move on with your life.

-The government trying to keep their dirty work hidden which is they’re tracking all these people from the case.


-Micheal could have a broken back from that fall.

-I was not prepared for this at all despite all the warnings given beforehand.

-OMG, did T-bag just slice somebody’s throat?

-This is just too much, too much to follow.


-Micheal didn’t even kill the dude, but that won’t even matter.

-Is he really using a screw to create a hole? That’s going to take forever which Lincoln doesn’t have.

-Definitely a coverup, especially with them trying to cover their tracks.

-Okay who is this blonde woman that’s apart of this coverup? I feel like she will be important.

-I really don’t want this lock-down to end for Michael’s sake.

-At least he’s getting somewhere with the screw. Not much, but it’s a start.

-Oh I’m idiot (nothing new). Micheal’s not creating a hole, he just needed to sharpen the screw.

-The pills might have come too late.

-Okay never-mind they worked, good.

-Micheal really can’t hide his emotions well. It’s pretty obvious he’s happy/relieved at that news.

-Thank you finally someone notices and that someone just happens to be his doctor.

-Seriously what’s with this fish nickname? Is it a play on fresh meat?

-OKAY, can we all just calm down and get along.



-Another cliffhanger, just great….

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