Fringe – 1×03 & 1×04 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×03 – The Ghost Network

– I have always found Churches to be kind of creepy. I think that’s why churches are perfect for horror movies or for horror television.

-We got to seer your ladies and gentlemen

-This kind of reminds me of when on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Drusilla confessed to Angelus in the season two finale. Also everything reminds me of Buffy.

-All these people on the bus are going to die.

-That’s one way to steal a bag.

-He draws what he sees like Issac on Heroes. Great now I’m reminded of Heroes.

-How long was the bus like that until someone actually stopped and noticed what happened?

-Wow John’s family sure waited awhile to have his funeral.

-Or maybe I’m just thinking more time has passed.

-John’s mother knew about them right?

-Okay that was funny.

-Don’t think making your own medicine is good for your health.

-And I’m reminded this show started in 2008 by the look of their phones.

-How much trouble had Peter done before now that has someone has started to follow him around?

-Walter, really? Blueberry pancakes? And I the only one who hate blueberries.

-What do they need that’s so important that they would do that to that many people on the bus?

-Sure do have a lot of art supplies just laying around.

-It’s amazing that these characters can come up with lies that make sense so fast.

-Were they looking for drugs? Still doesn’t make sense to go through all that trouble just for drugs.

-I would like to hear Peter play the piano.

-He’s been keeping the drawings of the crimes he’s seen.

-He saw the plane accident from the first episode!

-Great, we’re playing the blame game.

-Why have these only happen for nine months?

-Psychic? I see him more as a seer but I guess a psychic works too.

-He should tell her more about the cases she’s working.

-Well then when or how will he decide she’s ready?

-There’s metal in his blood? Oh God. That sounds so painful.

-Walter forgot that Roy was his own patient…

-Are all these cases going to somehow trace back to Walter and his experiments?

-“Great, thank you, we get it.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I get it.”

“Well neither do I, I just want him to stop.”

I am Peter. Peter is me.

-We’re gonna rewire his brain, how cool.

-Or Peter could just do that. Also that’s still a crime even if you once lived there.

-Yeah none of this is rational.

-Come on I want to know more about Peter’s mother.

-How do you even have that many hiding places?

-A poor Rufus.

-Yeah that looks unsafe.

-Are we sure that safe, because that does not look safe at all.

-Shouldn’t he be under anesthesia. Guess not.

-What is that language? Latin of course, never could understand Latin.

-Whatever they were looking for was on her body. Her coworker took it.

-Oh, it wasn’t on her, it was in her.

-Ew her coworker had to actually cut it out of her. I knew he wasn’t actually mourning her.

-I definitely wouldn’t let my job plant something inside of me.

-He’s already been shot!

-I knew someone was going to get hit by a train. No other reason why to have final confrontation at the train station.

-The best having a character get hit by a train is still awarded Oprhan Black.

-Yes! I get to hear Peter play the piano.

-I really don’t know how to feel about Broyles like at all.


1×04 – The Arrival

-Okay this dude is 1) suspicious and 2) way too picky for my taste.

-He looks like he could be apart of the Men In Black just a way creepy version.

-What is that language he’s writing?

-He put all the pepper on his sandwich and hot sauce too? Okay, this dude is not human. Has to be a robot or android or something.

-Can’t forget the jalapenos.

-Look at how he’s eating it. Seriously he has to be a robot, there’s no other explanation for eating a sandwich like that.

-I aspire to be that calm when a explosion happens right near me.

-I could not sleep in the same room as Walter.

-Who even knows the formula for root beer other than Water of course?

-I probably sleep in the tub too.

-I can see why Peter sees himself just as a babysitter.

-Walter saying hello to everybody is sweet.

-Looks like a weird pointy rocket.

-Sure this is Peter’s last one, the next 97 episodes sure will be boring.

-That may good advice, but Olivia is not staying away from this one.

-I think Walter called Astrid dear not to be cute, but because he forgot her name again which is making me laugh.

-What gun does that!?

-They couldn’t trace the call?

-Peter being frustrated with Walter is hilarious, but I feel his pain.

-Okay this guy just shot Olivia’s friend and I laughed more than I probably should’ve.

-Took you a year to connect this guy to these crimes? I think that reflects poorly on you guys more than it shows how impressive Olivia is (which she is).

-He’s a robot I’m telling you or he’s apart of the Men in Black.

-Think this is the first time we seen Walter get upset/angry with Peter.

-Um what?

-What is Walter up to?

-Okay that looks more painful than the gun.

-He injected something into Astrid just to end up going to get a root beer float. Walter is one complex character, you know?

– I don’t blame him too much root beer floats are pretty good based off the one time I had it.

-So Walter and the robot know each other…

-And here I thought Walter couldn’t get any more cryptic.

-Slowly learning more about Peter’s mother.

-Mother is a touchy spot. And yes, Walter you did upset him.

-The cow is still there.

-Peter get out of there.

-Didn’t get out of there..

-Where is it? Walter stop being cryptic.

-This dude may get to the root of their emotional problems by accidental.

-Oh…that’s where Walter hid it.

-That’s what the cylinder does?

-Why are they repeating each other? This weird. I’m so confused.

-Wait what? Why did he shoot him?

-This has not been Peter’s day.

-This hasn’t been anyone’s day actually.

-Come on Olivia, this is not from his concussion.

-Oh he has credentials now, good thing he’s not leaving.

-Does this accident have something to do with Peter’s mystery illness?

-The observer saved them?

-The cylinder was the favor.

-That makes some things make sense, but still confused about a lot.

-And John is back, and I’m leaving things on a cliffhanger. How fun.


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