My Favorite YouTube Channels

I like to think that I have good taste in…well everything. Music, movies, television, podcasts, art, books, and of course most importantly YouTube channels. But instead of just assuming, I’ll let you guys be the judge of my taste. I have complied a list of some of my favourite YouTube channels I think everyone should at the very least check out and see if they like it. This list is only *some* of favorite YouTube channels. I couldn’t fit my entire YouTube subscription box in this one post so be on the lookout for a part two and possibly a part three, we’ll see… Not only did I include the channel, but I also included my own favorite video of theirs and an explanation to showcase why I enjoyed their content so much and why you could too.

Megan Batoon – She Makes Me Smile

Philip DeFranco – My Trusted News Guy

CinemaSins – It’s Fun To Make Fun Of Movies

Kalyn Nicholson – Motives Me

Ashley Ippolito – She’s The Internet Mother

Jeremy Jahns – My Trusted Movie Reviewer

Chris Stuckmann – My 2nd Trusted Movie Reviewer

Danelle Hallan – True Crime Done Right

Eddy Burback – My Type Of Humor

Pretty Much It – Also My Type Of Humor

Dylan Is In Trouble – My Kind Of Comedian

Passion Of The Nerd – The Best Channel On YouTube You’re Not Watching…

…especially if you’re a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan

Patrick (H) Willems – Funny and Informative

I watch a lot more YouTubers like an insane amount. So this list doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to all my favorite YouTube channels. So look out for another list where I recommend more YouTube channels I love. Until then though, I hope I’ve managed to introduce some of you to some entertaining YouTube channels that you’ll further explore and enjoy.


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