The Office – 1×01, 1×02, & 1×03 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×01 – Pilot

-So…I kinda have already seen the first episode of The Office. About a year ago, I picked a few TV shows I never saw before and watched their first episode, hoping to find a show out of the bunch I really liked to binge. Let’s just say The Office wasn’t that show. So, because I already have seen the first episode, I’m also going to be watching their third episode.

-Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the actual show.

-Holy fork, there’s only six episodes in this one season?

-Okay I didn’t realize this first season was so short. New plan, I’m gonna watch their entire first season and you guys will get the other three episodes reactions as well.

-Okay cool, now let’s actually get into the show.

-I feel nostalgic just watching this little intro.

-It’s nice to see all these characters interact outside of the second long gifs I see of them.

-Micheal Scott is such an iconic character mainly because of Steve Carell’s performance.

-I don’t know if I actually work there, despite their daily antics I would probably be bored out my mind.

-Buying yourself a World Best Boss mug kinda defeats the message.

-I’m calling it now Jim is going to be my favorite character.

-Jan! I love Melora Hardin’s role on The Bold Type.

-Don’t make fun of people behind their backs it’ll just come back to haunt you.

-What’s even is a cat party? Is it a birthday party for her cats? That I would accept, anything else I would not.

-Hilter jokes…completely blocked that from my memory…

-I’m glad everyone is just as uncomfortable as I am.

-Pam already values Jim and his opinions, aw.

-Dwight and Jim’s rivalry really is the best thing about this entire episode.

-That outside building shot looked so grainy.

-Yeah God really helped the world…

-This show is pretty good at making the uncomfortable silence.

-Well Jim you could just marry Pam and that information won’t he so useless anymore.

-“Introduce yourself, be polite” sounds like something my mother would have said to me when I was younger.

-How do you even put a stapler in Jello? I need a tutorial on how to do that.

-Dwight is like that dude from school, you know the one. Every school had their Dwight. I know mines did.


-Engaged for three years? What are you even waiting for at this point.

-Yeah like I said this show is very good at the uncomfortable silence.

-Micheal’s been so mean to Pam in this episode. You can see how upset she was even before she started to cry.

-Oh Pam, although I probably would of had the same reaction.

-Where does Jim get all this Jello from?

1×02 – Diversity Day

-Diversity Day? Yeah I’m sure that nothing at all will go wrong or be uncomfortable.

-I hope Jim and Dwight rivalry never ends.

-Tit for Tit could be interpreted so wrong, that’s why that’s not the expression.

-Jim and Pam are so cute, ugh but Will They Won’t They couples are so frustrating especially when you know they will.

-Micheal should just let their instructor lead them since that is his job.
-Oh God no. What sense does that make.

-Why was Dwight so eager to answer that.

-You can tell this made in 2005 just that one comment about gay people.

Something like that would not be in television today, and for good reason.

-Oh so this is all Michael’s fault.

-I aspire to be that deadpan.

-Micheal sit down!

-Yeah, I see why someone would think that’s offensive and report it.

-Dwight, we’re not talking about superheros.

-Dwight is that guy on Twitter who just complains about the new Star Wars movies.

-Suprised they didn’t mention Michael’s Hitler joke from the last episode.


-Dwight is such a ass-kisser.

-Can people cry from cringe?

-Did he just make this today?

-Two left, he means two people of color left? God, Michael is so awkward even when he has good intentions.

-I hope Jim eventually gets this call.

-I don’t why, but Stanley getting black just killed me.

-Slavery vs. Holocaust, I probably should not had laughed as hard I did when I heard that.

-Also this episode could never be done today.

-“Am I woman” Damnit Dwight!

-Yeah, it’s been almost four years since 9/11. Was that too soon jokes like this?

-I think this is far enough.

-Is Michael about to get slapped?

-Yup, and he deserved that.


-Maybe Jim can put his desk in jello or something for revenge.

-Jim and Pam are so cute, don’t tell me I have to like five seasons for them to get together.

-Aw Jim.

1×03 – Health Care

-So what are they being filmed for? A documentary because I don’t know who no matter how entertaining these people are would watch a documentary about a paper company.

-How did Michael get this job? Like just how?

-And Dwight will do it, because he is a asskisser.

-I can deeply relate to Jim.

-This show also does deadpan humor pretty well too I’ll say.

-Does Michael not remember that Pam is his  receptionist and can see if he gets calls or not.

-Someone should just hit Dwight with a car and see how he likes the healthcare plan.

-It’s nice that Michael thinks someone love him.

-The Workspace doesn’t quite have the same ring to it like The Office.

-I’m not surprised someone has depression at the job, I would actually be surprised if someone didn’t.

-Oh Michael…

-Seeing Dwight upset and everyone else laughing is a joyous experience.

-I love Jim (no surprise I think just about every one does).

-Once again Jim and Pam are so cute.

-Oh no he’s calling Jan.

-And he just made it worse for Michael. Good going Dwight.

-Ice cream sandwiches would help me on a bad day.

-Dwight doesn’t know what a vagina is does he?

-Ohh, that’s a lot of ice cream sandwiches.

-That look Kevin just made, made me laugh so hard, I spat on my laptop. So yeah, thanks The Office.

-Here comes that uncomfortable silence again.

-This all really could’ve been avoided if Michael would stopped being so indecisive.

-Drums don’t sound like that.

-And another uncomfortable silence…

-Oh I miss Robin Williams, now I’m sad.

-Great now everyone is sad.


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