Binged: The Hook-Up Plan S1

The Hook-Up Plan or Plan Coeur, is a French Netflix romantic comedy that premiered on December 7, 2018. Season one consists of 8, 25-minute episodes, so an easy binge. The Hook-Up Plan follows Elsa a newly single woman who can not forget her ex. To help her to move on, her friend secretly hires an escort to help her, and I think you all can see where this is going and that’s as far as I will go about the plot. I won’t be spoiling anything in case someone has yet to see it and wants to.

I had no idea this show existed for a few months. I only came to know about it because it was recommended to me. I love shows that follows female friendships and romantic relationships see The Bold Type and Sex and The City. The Hook-Up celebrates not only romantic relationships but also their female friendships. Which is why I think I enjoyed it as much as I did. It wasn’t just romance heavy sure that plays a role in the show of course, but the show is a lot more layered than that.

Favorite Episode: The Party Plan (1×05)

Synopsis: Simmering tensions, unexpected guests and romantic rivalries lead to mayhem at Elsa’s 30th birthday party.

Everything that happened in the first four episodes of The Hook-Up Plan was leading to this episode. It’s constantly entertaining and satisfying. The characters you’ve gotten familiar with are all together and there are some really great character moments. It’s just a particularly great episode.

Honorable Mentions:

The Serect Plan (1×01)

The Sloppy Plan (1×02)

The Love Plan (1×04)

The Solo Plan (1×07)

Favorite Character: Elsa

A great thing about The Hook-Up Plan is all their characters are complex and definitely are not one dimensional. They are layered with different characteristics that make themselves special. They actually feel like they are real people. But often with complex characters this also means that the characters are also deeply flawed. Some more than others. With complex characters, you end up getting more annoyed or frustrated with them compared to more one-dimensional characters and that’s where I find myself doing with many characters from The Hook-Up Plan except for one.

So when asked which character is my favorite, I don’t even have to second guess myself. It’s definitely Elsa, our main character. The first time we see her she’s sleeping on the sofa of her dad’s office with her glasses on and mouth open. I had never related to a character so quickly before. Yes, Elsa has flaws just like the rest of the characters, but I think that only adds to her character arc. I liked Elsa from the very start all the way to the very end.

Did I Like The Ending?

I have seen that many mixed reactions to the ending of the last episode of season one. Many hoping for more, others liking the open ending. I think the ending is just fine. Nothing special or outright bad, just okay. If the show wasn’t coming back for a season two, I would’ve of been fine with this being the ending because it is so open ended, but the cast have already confirmed they are shooting season two and I am excited to see it.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Yes. A million times yes, but only if it seems like something you would enjoy. It’s not for everyone, but if it does seem like something you would like, then give it a shot. You won’t be let down.


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