Fringe – 1×05 & 1×06 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

1×05 – Power Hungry

  • This dude kinda looks like that dude from Bones.
  • I’m always can tell the time period from the type of phones the characters use.
  • This song is packed with nostalgia.
  • This one guy is causing all of this because of his emotions? And people say women are over-dramatic.
  • Well cliffhanger seems to be useless now.
  • Oh, but John was there.
  • It does seem the only thing Walter values other than Peter is his mind.
  • Isn’t Astrid supposed to still be mad at Walter for drugging her? She sure forgave him pretty quickly.
  • A necklace hanging in the pretty cool I will say.
  • The heart is beating again. You could bring someone back to life with that much power.
  • Maybe the guy could bring back the people from the elevator back to life.
  • Why does no one care why he’s covered in dirt and just a complete mess.
  • Not wise to make him angry.
  • I’m cringing, his arm!
  • Someone definitely experimented on him to make him this way, but why is the question?
  • She has to believe he’s alive after this right?
  • I don’t trust this newly alive John, he was brought back for a reason. Also he was a traitor.
  • Poor Peter, he literally gets no sleep.
  • What is Walter doing, is this him dancing?
  • I can’t take this scene seriously because of whatever Walter is doing in the background.
  • Oh please don’t let him hurt his mom.
  • He needs to keep his emotions in check.
  • No! Of course his mom has a heart attack!
  • I know he’s upset but I wouldn’t leave my dying mother even if I’m the cause of what’s happening to her.
  • And he’s kidnapped…
  • Maybe he can be bring his mom back to life once he learns how to control his powers.
  • Oh don’t hurt the birds.
  • Just when you thought carrying pigeons were out of style.
  • He’s very real.
  • Real enough to kiss you!
  • Is he saying he wasn’t the traitor?
  • WTF is John? A ghost? Whatever else supernatural he can be qualified as.
  • Walter doesn’t even faith in himself why should Peter?
  • Why is shocking the preferred way of torture? You would think evil people would be more creative than that.
  • What do they want with him so bad?
  • Finally, his powers are useful.
  • I wouldn’t run after him with so many electronics nearby.
  • Unlike those other these people will actually help him.
  • See, I was right. He kept calling dear because he couldn’t remember her name. At least Astrid realize that.
  • She should tell Walter about John, he would be the last person to be calling her crazy.
  • Does Walter know John is alive?
  • John’s mind is intertwined with Olivia’s?
  • I don’t know how Olivia does it, I can barely handle my mind, let alone someone else’s
  • John had a hiding place, this shall bring some new info about him
  • Guess that’s one way to prove he loved her.

1×06 – The Cure

  • People are so rude, it’s obviously she need help. Don’t honk at her, help her.
  • Yes, someone who’s decent.
  • She’s shaking like crazy.
  • Here’s an idea, if she’s not in trouble don’t put her in handcuffs.
  • Oh God!
  • Of course the one decent person’s eyes bleed.
  • Now everyone dead.
  • What an opening to the episode.
  • Seems like Walter has a new quirk every episode.
  • Walter would want to ask to wear a white suit.
  • Brain boiled? That’s does not paint a pretty picture.
  • And Walter would ask for the onion soup no one else liked.
  • Ew, they’re examining her headless body.
  • Walter is into BDSM? Make that another as, and I honestly don’t know if that surprises me or not.
  • Olivia is in a mood, guess it has to do with John.
  • It’s Olivia’s birthday. Curious to see why she doesn’t like to celebrate it.
  • If I woke up to someone standing over me in that creep white suit I would be freaked too.
  • And of course his character is the villain in this episode.
  • I’m with the cow on this with whatever she’s said.
  • Walter’s new food obsession: cotton candy.
  • Peter is probably right, there is a reason why people are being used as test subjects. Possibly being prepared for something.
  • Crashing a wake is pretty bad, snooping in the dead girl’s room, like 10x times worse.
  • They treated themselves, that’s not good.
  • He’s going for a gun.
  • NO, suicides like this always surprise me. The most shocking to me anyways is still the one from Mr. Robot, you know the one if you seen it.
  • Funny to see Olivia dumb herself down while undercover.
  • Don’t threaten her, Jason (I know…just go with it).
  • Olivia moves are being monitored.
  • Gross, I hate rats!
  • Even grosser killing the rat.
  • I’m glad we’re slowly but surely unappealing the layers of each of these characters and their back stories. Understanding what makes them tick.
  • That’s why she was looking at her mail, for the card.
  • Nina and Walter were friends? That makes things a little more interesting, everyone is connected.
  • This is going to come back and haunt Peter.
  • Walter will get Astrid’s name eventually, I hope.
  • Yeah let’s just call Nina a friend.
  • Whew, they got to her in time.
  • Yes, Olivia! Suck it Jason.
  • Olivia standing up for herself against any guys who dare to come for her is my new favorite thing. Seriously, she’s a badass.
  • She was gonna find out sooner than later.
  • She didn’t get a letter maybe that bastard crawled in a hole and died.
  • They sure are taking their sweet time with these two aren’t they.
  • No…she the letter. I actually thought they were going to throw her a bone for once.
  • This bastard is going to show up eventually I bet, but hopefully Olivia will kill him if he does.

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