Music Stats For March 2019

I’m a nerd, such a nerd in fact that I like to keep track of my listening habits. I’ve been using the website since August of 2017. They keep track of what music you listen to and you’re able to find other artists that fits your musical taste. These are my stats for the month of March.

I listen to 945 songs in total. An average of 30.48 songs per day. I listen to a total of 201 artists and played 345 albums. Pretty good, but definitely not my personal best.

Top Artists

1. Sigrid – 57 plays

2. Nina Nesbitt – 44 plays

3. Ariana Grande – 36 plays

4. Lorde – 33 plays

5. Billie Eilish – 28 plays

Top Songs

1. Loyal To Me – Nina Nesbitt (10 plays)

2. Don’t Feel Like Crying – Sirgid (9 plays)

3. Green Light – Lorde (8 plays)

4. 7 Rings – Ariana Grande (7 plays, how fitting)

5. Empire – Nina Nesbitt (7 plays)

Top Albums

1. Sucker Punch – Sirgid (55 plays)

2. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change – Nina Nesbitt (38 plays)

3. Melodrama – Lorde (30 plays)

4. thank u, next – Ariana Grande (25 plays)

5. Mystic Truth – Bad Suns (25 plays)

Favorite New Discovery:

It’s a tie! A tie between two songs. And I technically didn’t discover them this month. So two technicalities already and this is just the first post in Music Stats.

The first song is Superposition by Young The Giant.

I discovered this song while watching 15×13 of Grey’s Anatomy back in February. It was used perfectly and I immediately searched for it using the website TuneFind. I found it and listened to it and promptly forgot about it. I tend to do that a lot with music. I listen to a really great song and I proceed to either forget about it or move on. That’s what happened here, I forgot about the song. I rediscovered it this month and I can’t get it out of my head. Now hopefully you will too.

My other discovery this month is Love Me Again by John Newman.

I found this song because it’s the intro theme for the new show Whiskey Cavalier (I recommend it, great show). The little snippet the show plays for their intro got stuck in my head after a couple of episodes. I finally decided to search the song using the same website. Now unlike Superposition, I kinda just fell for this song immediately and didn’t need to reminded that I liked it. It’s insanely catchy and John Newman’s vocals are beautiful. It’s just a great song.

Along with these monthly stats, I plan on making monthly playlists to go along with the stats. My top 50 songs of that particularly month. Here’s March.

Find any new music in March? Share in the comments. Great music is everywhere, you just have to know where to find it.


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