30 Rock – 1×03 & 1×04 Reactions

*This is apart of my Watching 19 Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time series. Recommend watching the episodes while reading or read after watching, but watching the episodes is not necessary, oh and finally a SPOILER ALERT has been issued you’ve been warned.

Blind Date (1×03)

  • I would love to watch this actual sketch.
  • This show’s version of SNL is more entertaining than the actual SNL.
  • Jack wants to get Liz laid?
  • Some people like being alone Jack.
  • I can see Liz being who I end up turning into as I grow older and I’m okay with that.
  • I have choked while being by myself, it was not pleasant.
  • I love that it just took Liz almost choking to death to make her go on a date.
  • Do birds have their own bird fight club?
  • Even I wouldn’t wear that on a date.
  • There we go!
  • That’s something you wear on a date.
  • Jack ruining all the fun, well whatever much fun you can have while playing poker.
  • How do you choke on a mint?!
  • If I choked that many times in a span of few of days I would definitely not be going on a first date where we are having dinner.
  • Yeah there’s really no fun in poker is there?
  • Jack met his match!
  • To be fair, I can’t even read Ken.
  • Oh….Jack thinks Liz….is a lesbian.
  • Oh he’s not the only one apparently…
  • He’s reading a file on Ken…of course he is.
  • He has files on everyone…I really shouldn’t be surprised.
  • Liz doesn’t look like any of those people.
  • Not only was she mistaken for lesbian, almost died by choking twice now, but she also lost her Emmy. It’s just not Liz’s week.
  • I thought about slipping in the bathtub too and dying, glad to see I’m not alone here.
  • Tracy may be a worse poker player than me, and I legitimately do not know how to play.
  • Yeah there’s not a switch to becoming gay.
  • They’re really saying Ken has no thoughts. Real fitting his name is Ken.
  • Yeah, he’s scaring me too Ken.
  • I wish I knew how poker work so I could know who’s winning and losing.
  • Oh good he’s not fired.
  • Jack can be pretty terrifying.
  • Yeah Liz didn’t go about through this whole friendship with a lesbian thing the right way.

Jack the Writer (1×04)

  • Hot assistant that distracts all the male writers? Knew it was coming, but didn’t know it would be this soon.
  • Yeah let’s just remove all ties to Trump.
  • Man how I wish he was eaten by a lion.
  • I don’t even know why anyone would want to dress like that on a job. Not shaming her, just questioning her outfit choices.
  • This is exactly how I pictured white dancing in my nightmares.
  • Jack overdoing everything again.
  • No jokes related to Nazis please.
  • That wasn’t even the funniest one.
  • How is Jack paying no attention to the assistant at all? Wouldn’t he have a problem with how she’s dressing.
  • Jack is intimidating so it is easy to understand why Liz wouldn’t want to stand up to him.
  • Good someone is going to talk go her.
  • If you’re that desperate and lonely in your life, go watch porn.
  • That went worse than expected.
  • How do conversations like that just backfire on you and make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Of course this is the one thing the group agrees on.
  • Jack won’t let this one go.
  • Nachos are great, but are they really break and entering great?
  • Ew rats!
  • Oh Jack is being petty…
  • That’s actually good advice regarding how to dress.
  • Jack is a very complex man is what I’m learning from these two episodes.
  • Is Tracy going to inadvertently get Ken killed?
  • Tracy wanted a fish?
  • Half expecting Ken to get hit by a car.
  • Liz didn’t say no one likes Jack.
  • This seems like a trap.
  • He wants you to invite him Liz to the concert.
  • Well if her job was a stripper or a prostitute that would be what she would wear.
  • Bedazzling dress are really 2000s.
  • Aw Liz, that dress last episode was really pretty just go back to that one.
  • Ha ha, Ken had to go the anniversary date for Tracy.
  • Now Liz is overdoing…
  • Well at least he apologized beforehand.
  • Hating each other is apart of any real friendship.

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