My Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular opinions is a recent trend on the Internet where people share their unpopular opinions on a multitude of topics. Usually these opinions aren’t really that unpopular and just a way to attract views. I’m here to tell you only one of those things is true about this post. OK, I’m kidding even though this is a easy way to get views, it’s a even better way for people to debate about stupid things that don’t really matter. And I personally think we could use a little bit more of that. So here are some of my unpopular opinions or popular opinions depending on who you are.

  • I generally prefer reading a good book for a few hours over watching a movie.
  • I probably will never watch Game Of Thrones, it’s just not my thing.
  • Beyoncé is one of the greatest performers of all time, but I think she is a tad bit overrated as a vocalist.
  • I actually think the current best vocalist is Florence Welch. I mean just listen to this, I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from.
  • Always have prefer Prince over Micheal (not just in light of more recent allegations against the latter.)
  • I don’t think people should have role models, it’s good to have people to look up to, but not role models. I don’t think having role models is a good thing, mainly because I ultimately think you’ll end up being disappointed by them, no matter what.
  • Every woman should have the option of an abortion without being ridiculed for it.
  • 3 Musketeers is the best candy bar.
  • Today’s music isn’t that bad (expect maybe rap), you just have to be willing to search for the gems in the dirt and believe me there are plenty of gems once you find them.
  • NF is the only rapper you need to listen to.
  • One Tree Hill is the better teen drama than The O.C. and Gossip Girl (I still love The O.C. though)
  • Friends is a great show even though people won’t ever stop talking about it.
  • Speaking of Friends, Monica and Chandler > Ross and Rachel (it’s not even a question in my mind).
  • Red velvet cake is the best cake.
  • This may be because I don’t drink coffee, but I think people could manage their lives without depending so much on coffee.
  • Green tea is horrible.
  • Smoothies are the best beverage.
  • Never had avocados, so avocados on toast just looks disgusting to me.
  • We as a society are much more sensitive than we should be.
  • I like Netflix shows, but they are sometimes too long for my taste that it ruins my enjoyment of the show I’m watching.
  • Also, there’s too much content to watch across so many networks and streaming that it makes it hard to find what’s actually good out there.
  • Melodrama by Lorde is the best pop album I’ve heard in recent memory and I don’t think anything is going to beat it anytime soon.
  • Thor Ragnarok is my favorite Marvel movie…so far.
  • I don’t like cereal, like none whatsoever.
  • Nor do I care for ice cream anymore.
  • Singing shows like American Idol shouldn’t be a thing anymore. They’re not necessary.
  • Even you’re don’t care or like politics, you should always stay informed about politics. So you won’t be out of the loop about current issues.
  • McDonald’s is disgusting, except for their breakfast.
  • Subway is also disgusting, Firehouse Subs and Lenny’s are way better.
  • Math is the worst subject ever.
  • Oranges are the worst fruit. Strawberries are the best.
  • Speaking of fruits, red apples are horrible. Green apples are where it’s at.
  • Sprite is the best soda.
  • Spring is the best season.
  • I prefer showers, but I take more baths.
  • Twitter is the best social media app when you block out the negativity.
  • Stranger Things is still the best thing Netflix has created.
  • Shorter movies are the best movies.
  • Toy Story 3 is the best Toy Story movie.
  • Spotify is the best music app.
  • Little Mix is the best girl group you have never heard of.
  • Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place are best TV shows airing today.
  • Mission Impossible is the best action franchise today.
  • I like every genre of music except heavy metal.
  • This includes country, although I’m more of a Kacey Musgraves type of girl.
  • People hate or make fun of whatever things teen girls like because we apparently can’t have nice things.
  • Australia looks like the best place to live.
  • No sports interest me at all, except for wrestling.
  • However, I’m a sucker for a good sports movie or TV show. Example being, I love Friday Night Lights (the television show), but football itself bores me.
  • I love poetry….when it’s good.
  • Lastly, I prefer books over movies, but television shows over books and movies. I do like a good movie, but I have such a short attention span for movies compared to books and television shows.

These were some of my unpopular opinions, may do a follow up if I can think of any more things to have an opinion about.


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