Binged: Lucifer S4

*Don’t worry, no spoilers*

Lucifer is television show based on DC Comics character of the same name. Lucifer originally aired on FOX from 2016 to 2018 for three seasons. Lucifer now airs on Netflix with it’s four season premiering on May, 11 2018.

Lucifer is one of my favorite television shows airing now. I binge watched the first 3 seasons last year in a span of what like four days. It was a blast season 2 and 3 in particular. Season 1 was still sorting out what the show wanted to be, but it fully realized what it is in season 2 which is why that season is as good as is. To say I was excited to watch season 4 would be an understatement. I wanted to see how much the show would change because of it’s move to Netflix. I wanted answers to the cliffhanger that season 3 left us on. But, most of all I wanted to see what all the characters were up to. This show is great because of it’s interesting and compelling characters and the cast that plays them to perfection. So I pretty pumped for season 4 of Lucifer and I was not at all let down. Honestly, they passed all my expectations.

Lucifer adjusts to it’s new 10 episode format quite well. Nothing felt rushed or happening just because the plot needed something to happen. The 10 episode format doesn’t allow for any filler, everything that happens somehow contributes to the overarching plot. Other than the episode format changing and some nudity shots being added, there aren’t very many changes that happen to the show. Which I was happy to see, I loved the first 3 seasons of Lucifer for a reason. If they were to change some of the elements that made me and so many others love the show it wouldn’t feel right.

Let alone would it be the same show, but luckily Lucifer very much still feels like Lucifer. With it’s smaller format, Lucifer does some of the best work the show has ever done. Though, season 2 and 3 have a special place in my heart, season 4 may just be the best season of Lucifer…yet.

Favorite Episode: Expire Erect (4×05)

Synopsis: After a collector of classic cars is killed, Lucifer and Chloe search for the culprit — as well as closure to their relationship.

This episode immediately grabbed me because of it’s opening scene that was just the prefect amount of confusing. The episode never let go of my interest and it ends with a great payoff. If I’m being honest, I could of picked any episode from this season as my favorite, that’s how great this season was.

Honorable Mentions:

Like… all the other episodes, but especially the last three episodes are also especially amazing.

Favorite Character: Maze

I could have picked anyone from the main cast, I love everyone of them. They also all had highlights which is suprising considering this is a shorter season. Maze has just continue to be constantly entertaining and I love her whole story arc this season. With her wanting to find a connection with someone else which is so un-Maze-like, but it works. Also she sings Wonderwall by Oasis to a special someone and it’s beautiful. Season 1 Maze would never.

Favorite Moment: The Opening To 4×10

No, episode 10 is not a musical episode. This happens for no reason whatsoever other than that Lucifer is happy that he is on the path of self-acceptance. That’s it. And because it happens for no real reason is why it’s so good. The episode (believe it or not) takes quite a dark turn, but the show doesn’t take itself that seriously that it’s without it’s fun and quirky moments. This one scene exhibits everything I love about this show. It’s just wonderful.

Do I Recommend?

YES! YES! YES! Please watch and support. If you haven’t seen the show, of course start with season 1. Get through it, (like I said, the show hadn’t quite found it’s groove yet) and enjoy the following seasons because they are in my opinion (I might be a little bias) fantastic. Lucifer is the show you probably aren’t watching, but desperately need to. So GO watch it, then come back and thank me. I’ll be here begging Netflix to renew Lucifer for a season 5.


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