Unpopular Opinions #2 & Some Fun Facts About Me

I honestly have no idea what to label this anymore. A lot of these are my opinions, but I also have things listed on here that aren’t a opinion at all. Instead they’re more like random (or fun, depending on your definition of fun) facts about me. Either way I was able to think of enough unpopular opinions I have and some quirky facts about myself to make a new post. Yay?

  • The Breakfast Club is overrated (not bad, but overrated).
  • I like pineapple on my pizza. There I said it. People it’s called Hawaiian Pizza for a reason. It’s not a new thing created by those darn millennials and you might actually like it if you gave it a chance.
  • I also like ranch on pizza, but I also just like ranch on everything.
  • I have never seen or read the Harry Potter series and I have no intention in doing either of those things.
  • Same situation with the Star Wars movies. Never seen them and don’t plan on seeing them now.
  • I hate milk by itself (I know my bones are probably waiting for an opportunity to break on me.) Also, no I’m not lactose intolerant, I just hate the taste of milk.
  • I love oatmeal, and oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing.
  • Marriage? No thank you.
  • Kids, definitely not.
  • Dogs, yes please (I’m one of those people).
  • I physically can’t watch a movie where a dog dies. I believe this was because I was scared when I first watched Old Yeller. Like seriously, why would you show that to a 5 year old????
  • Green grapes are better than the purple grapes.
  • “You’re not like most girls” is the worst insult you could ever say to a girl.
  • Pinning women against is not cute and is the opposite of what we need in this current society.
  • We’re too worried about creating an aesthetic than truly enjoying what we’re doing.
  • Mustard is disgusting, but I love honey mustard.
  • Android is great, you guys just don’t know what you’re missing.
  • I like watching network television shows after they have already aired their entire season in full.
  • Mental illnesses are being romanticized and just no. Having a mental illness is not a quirky personality trait and therefore should stop being treated as such.
  • True crime shows freak me out, but I can tolerate and sometimes really like true crime podcasts.
  • I find showering in the morning strange…..
  • Is it possible to be both a night owl and morning bird because I think I’m both.
  • However I don’t see why anyone would want to get up early like 5 AM for no reason.
  • I believe that if reading wasn’t forced on us as kids, more people would actually like reading when they are older.
  • Being a hipster shouldn’t be an insult, be a hipster as much as you want.
  • I don’t go to the movie theater like ever. It’s too expensive and I just rather watch the movies when they’re out on bluray or Netflix in the comfort of my own home.
  • However, I have went to the movies twice in my 16 year life.
  • The first was on my birthday in 2008, my parents and I went to see Hannah Montana: The Movie in theaters. Say what you want, but I had a good time.
  • The second time was a field trip in 2013, my school and I went to see Iron Man 3.
  • I guess this is a good time to mention that Iron Man 3 was the first MCU movie I watched.
  • I thought it was fine when I watched it in theaters, but I have rewatched it many times since and I found myself liking it much better now.
  • This also means that I don’t watch a lot of current movies when they come out. I mean it took me a year to watch Infinity War.
  • So in my spare time I watch movies that have been out for years rather than movies that have recently came out.
  • I still very much enjoy Grey’s Anatomy despite how long it’s been going on now.
  • Gymnastics is a far too underrated sport. The men and women who do gymnastics deserve a lot more praise than they get.
  • I don’t understand people who buy these huge houses when it’s just for them. Aren’t you afraid someone is going to break in while you’re sleeping and won’t know because you’re on the other side of the house? No? Just me?
  • I don’t think teens automatically need to get a summer job over the summer. If they want to be lazy during the summer because they were overworked during the school year. They should be able to have that option.
  • I watch a lot of older movies and television (obviously), so when something happens that isn’t progressive I tend to let it go unless it’s just really bad.
  • Many people talk about these movies or television shows like Friends saying it’s problematic by current standards. I hate that we label something problematic if it’s not progressive.
  • I don’t need a show or movie to be progressive for me in order to enjoy it. I just need to be entertained.
  • Labeling something or someone problematic just because you don’t agree with them on a subject is wrong and therefore invalids your own argument.
  • I dislike bandwagoning onto an artist, but as long as we all are able to enjoy the same music of a great artist, then it doesn’t really matter.
  • There are more female rappers than just Nicki Minaj and Cardi B…I’m just saying.
  • I cringe when I hear singers are going to try out acting, not everyone is a Lady Gaga.
  • And finally, Doom Patrol is the best superhero show I have seen yet. Sorry, Marvel Netflix shows. You’ll hear more about this in my Binged about Doom Patrol in a few weeks.

That’s all the unpopular opinions and fun facts I can think of at the moment. If anything interesting pops up in my head I’ll make sure to include it in a part #3. Until then, tell me what are some of your unpopular opinions if you have any.


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