TV Episodes That Remind Me Of Summer

It finally feels like summer is here. The weather is getting hotter, school is ending, and have you seen the new Stranger Things trailer? With season 3 of Stranger Things being set during the summer, I thought about all the television shows that remind me of summer. Summer doesn’t necessarily play a big role in these particular episodes I included, but the episodes do give me summer vibes whenever I watch them which is all that matters.

Friends – The One At The Beach (3×25)

The gang spends a weekend at a beach house; in search of her father, Phoebe meets a family friend with links to her family’s past.

Friends – The One With The Jellyfish (4×01)

Ross is dating Rachel again but hates what he had to do to get her back; Phoebe and her birth mother reconnect; Monica is stung by a jellyfish and has to resort to drastic measures to relieve the pain.

Gilmore Girls – Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days (3×01)

Rory returns from an internship in Washington to deal with conflict over Dean and Jess; Lorelai questions her future when she learns that Christopher’s girlfriend is pregnant.

The O.C – Every Episode

Ryan Atwood is a troubled teenage youth from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who finds himself on his own, after he is thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the posh home of the Cohens in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, the O.C.

Gossip Girl – Summer, Kind Of Wonderful (2×01)

Gossip Girl heads to the Hamptons as summer comes to a close.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Buffy vs Dracula (5×01)

Buffy and friends encounter Dracula, the greatest vampire of all time; Giles contemplates returning to England.

One Tree Hill – The Desperate Kingdom Of Love (2×01)

When Lucas and Keith learn about Dan’s heart attack, they decide to return to Tree Hill; Deb grows hostile when she learns of Haley and Nathan’s marriage; Peyton and Brooke try to mend their friendship.

Sex and The City Twentysomething Girls vs Thirty-Something Women (2×17)

The girls wrestle with the onslaught of 20- something girls when they are invited to a beach party in the Hamptons.

All of these episodes always puts me in a summer mood whenever I watch them which is always a good thing. I expect the exact same feeling when Stranger Things season 3 comes out on July 4.


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