My Favorite Music Moments In Movies

Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous

Artist: Elton John

Why I Love It: It’s the classic example of how to blend the right song with the perfect scene.

Vienna in 13 Going on 30

Artist: Billy Joel

Why I Love It: The song captures exactly what Jenna is feeling and translates that feeling to us the audience.

Modern Love in Frances Ha

Artist: David Bowie

Why I Love It: It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s fits Frances dancing down the streets of New York.

A Case Of You in Practical Magic

Artist: Joni Mitchell

Why I Love It: Also short, but yet so effective. Who doesn’t want to watch Nicole Kidman belt out a Joni Mitchell hit?

Here Comes The Sun in The Parent Trap

Artist: The Beatles

Why I Love It: This song and this scene is so nostalgic to me. I too have experienced my own wonderment about my own mother only without The Beatles sound-tracking it.

Extreme Ways in Bourne Movies

Artist: Moby

Why I Love It: I know we all hate Moby now for good reason, but Extreme Ways was made for the Jason Bourne movies. No other song captures what the Bourne movies are the way Extreme Ways does.

Bette Davis Eyes in The Final Girls

Artist: Kim Carnes

Why I Love It: It’s a great choice of song to showcase the movie’s main relationship dynamics between mother and daughter.

Mr Blue Sky in Guardians of The Galaxy 2

Artist: Electric Light Orchestra

Why Do I Love It: How can you not love the opening scene to GOTG2? It has everything that makes GOTG so great. A classic song tied to some great action.

Those are some of my favorite music moments in movies. What are some of yours?


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