Binged: Doom Patrol S1

Doom Patrol is a DC Comics original television show that aires on DC Universe. Doom Patrol premiered on February 15, 2019 and ended it’s first season on May 24, 2019. The first season ran for a total of 15 episodes. The cast includes Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, Matt Bomer, and Alan Tudyk.

This show was not on my radar at all. I had saw some commercials for it on TV and it just didn’t interest me. I don’t keep up with DC movies or television shows if I’m being frank. I watched Arrow and really enjoyed the first few seasons of it, but I eventually stop watching it. Of the recent DC movies I have only seen Wonder Woman and that was pretty good. Despite this, I had no plans on watching this show, until one of my friends told me to watch it. So I did, and I couldn’t be more anymore happier that I did.

This show is unlike anything on television right now. It’s bonkers, insane, crazy, and always hilarious. I know with all the superhero shows and movies that are being released, it’s tiring to think that there’s a new superhero show that being reccomend for you to watch. Believe me I was there, as much as I mostly enjoy the Marvel Netflix shows it was a lot and to think there’s another superhero show I should watch made me feel burnt out from the genre. No thank you, I do not need another superhero show, but that’s why I’m grateful for my friend for essentially forcing me to watch Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol is unlike any other superhero show and yeah you may not want to watch it, but you in fact need to find a way to watch it. So if you’re are like myself and am burnout from the superhero genre, Doom Patrol might be the show that rekindles your love of it.

Favorite Episode: Therapy Patrol (1×07)

There are plenty of episodes that I could’ve been chosen for my favorite episode. You’ll see in second in my honorable mentions. However, in Therapy Patrol every member gets a chance to shine and the episode has some of the most hilarious moments in the first season that I won’t spoil because they are too great. I really love this episode because the members really come together as a team and they are much better off because of it.

Honorable Mentions:

Donkey Patrol (1×02)

Cult Patrol (1×04)

Doom Patrol Patrol (1×06)

Danny Patrol (1×08)

Jane Patrol (1×09)

Penultimate Patrol (1×14)

Favorite Character: All Of Them

When I think about why I love this show as much as I do, I always trace it back to the characters. I can’t choose a favorite character because I love them all despite of all their flaws. Cliff is hilarious, I could always count of him for laugh which wasn’t a surprise since he is played by Brendan Fraser. I loved Rita’s character development throughout the entire season. I would say her character development is my favorite of the show. I find myself relating the most to Larry the whole season, which is both kinda funny and sad. Cyborg is so interesting and although I didn’t know much about him before Doom Patrol, I have become a big fan of his character. And finally arguably the star of the show, Jane. I had already loved Diane Guerrero because of her role on Jane The Virgin and her autobiography book I read last year and loved. She was a big reason why I started to watch the show and she shines. She plays muplite characters and does it effortlessly. Her talent really shows through the whole show and I’m glad everyone has realized what a star she truly is.

Favorite Moment: The Unexpected Climax (1×14)

See what I did there with the title? I’m so clever. Just like the episodes, there were plenty of moments I could’ve chose, but this is it. This moment is everything you need to know about the show. It’s weird, it’s crazy, but also it’s hilarious. We have a dude that can flex his muscles to do whatever. A robot that’s faking a orgasm. And a gender fluid street called Danny experiencing a orgasm which I’m not sure why Danny could experience and Cliff couldn’t? Not that I’m complaining, Cliff not being able to only adds to an already hilarious scene. I will be rewatching this moment for years to come (no pun intended).  I love this moment because well it’s hysterical, but also because it really does capture this show is not like any other superhero show out there today.

Imagine Daredevil doing this, you can’t because it wouldn’t work because that’s not what that show is. However this is what Doom Patrol is, not saying it doesn’t have it’s serious moments. The childhood/backstory of Jane is probably the darkest origin story I have seen for a superhero yet and the episode Doom Doom Patrol has a twist that’s so freaking sad and dark. So Doom Patrol knows how to balance their comedy and their drama, one of the reasons why it’s the best superhero show I have ever seen (for now at least, though I don’t see anything beating my love of Doom Patrol anytime soon).

Do I Recommend It?

Did you not read the best superhero show I have ever seen part? Of course I reccomend. For every reason I listed above and you’re going to have a good time. The story is easy to latch onto and characters are as well. I know no one wants to subscribe to yet another subscription service, but there is a 7 day free trial and I say use that to binge watch Doom Patrol on DC Universe. Maybe you’ll find something else on there that will keep you subscribed or not and you can cancel after deciding if Doom Patrol is for you or not. All I ask is you give it a chance and watch at least the first three episodes. If you’re not hooked by then I would say watch some more, but if you’re not at this point you probably won’t be hooked at all, it’s probably not your cup of tea and well in that case…


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