Music Stats For May 2019

May was my best month music wise since January. May had a total of 1,019 plays. January is still my best with 1,282 plays. I listened to an average of 32.87 songs per day. I listened to 569 songs total in May. I played 176 artists and played 307 albums.

Top Artists

1. BANKS – (50 plays)

2. Olivia O’Brien – (50 plays)

3. Nina Nesbitt – (44 plays)

4. Ariana Grande – (36 plays)

5. Fleetwood Mac – (36 plays)

Top Songs

1. Nightmare – Halsey (11 plays)

2. Truth Hurts – Lizzo (11 plays)

3. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac (9 plays)

4. Just Friends – Olivia O’Brien (9 plays)

5. Gimme – BANKS (8 plays)

Top Albums

1. Was It Even Real? – Olivia O’Brien (46 plays)

2. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change – Nina Nesbitt (36 plays)

3. The Altar – BANKS (26 plays)

4. Cuz I Love You – Lizzo (26 plays)

5. Betty – Betty Who (18 plays)

Things Not Mentioned:

One of my favorite independent artists VÈRITÈ released a new song on the last of May, it’s called Gone and it’s stunning. Listen below and make sure you support other independent artists.

Jhene Aiko continues to be one of the most overlooked R&B artists today in my opinion. Make sure you’re not out of the loop on her and check out her new Triggered (freestyle) where she shows (again) why not only she is one of the vastly overlooked R&B artists, but one of the best.

Ally Brooke released a song of the summer in May and deserves more attention than it’s getting. Wanna get in the mood for summer, look no further. Lips Don’t Lie is the song you’re looking for.

No new discoveries for me this month. I stick to the artists I usually listen to, so that’ll be something I definitely try to work on during the month of June.

Here’s May playlist of my top 50 played songs of May. Anyone have a favorite song from the month of May, if so what was it? Comment it below.


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