Season In Review: The Office S1

I have finished the first season of The Office, the first to be concluded from my 19 Greatest Shows Of All Time list. Season In Review is taking the place of Reactions, but no fear because Season In Review is essentially Reactions, but a little bit more formal and cohesive. While watching a particularly season of all the shows from my 19 Greatest Shows list, I note some observations, fun facts, and feelings I had watching and this is where I share them. As I run through each season of all these shows I’ll eventually ranked each show on how much I enjoyed that particular season. However, this is the first Season In Review and it is focused solely on the first season of The Office. So let’s start.

1×01 – Pilot

The premiere episode introduces the boss and staff of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania in a documentary about the workplace.

  • Paul Giamatti was offered the lead role of Michael Scott. That would been interesting…to say the least, but Steve Carell is perfectly cast as the awkward Michael Scott. He is so synonymous with the character, it’s hard to see anyone else but him in the role.
  • The jello jokes gave me urge to put something in jello, but also to eat some jello. Very confusing.
  • The What’s Up joke ages this so much, it’s crazy.
  • Micheal “firing” Pam crossed the line from Michael just being awkward to him being mean.

1×02 – Diversity Day

Michael’s off color remark puts a sensitivity trainer in the office for a presentation, which prompts Michael to create his own.

  • This episode kinda made me uncomfortable, but not in a bad way. It was purposely cringy and I indeed cringe, but not in a bad way. It was funny cringe.
  • Let’s just say this episode could not be made today people are too sensitive.
  • I like this episode better than the pilot for what it’s worth.
  • NBC webcasted this episode on MySpace. That’s how old this show is.

1×03 – Health Care

Michael leaves Dwight in charge of picking the new healthcare plan for the staff, with disastrous results ahead

  • It’s actually amazing that they were able to make an episode about Health Care somewhat funny.
  • Jim is us. We are all Jim. I think we can all agree with this.
  • I don’t know about you but I would be happy if my boss got me ice cream especially ice cream sandwiches.

1×04 – Alliance

Just for a laugh, Jim agrees to an alliance with Dwight regarding the downsizing rumors.

  • Jim and Dwight are so far my favorite thing about the show.
  • This is another episode where Michael has the best intentions but he’s also crossing the line from being awkward to actually being mean.
  • I believe this is the funniest episode of the first four we’ll see if anything else tops it…..
  • In his book “The Bassoon King”, Rainn Wilson said that his favorite exchange from his entire time as Dwight happens in this episode at the start when Dwight offered Jim the titular deal and Jim immediately and enthusiastically accepted it. – I can 100% understand why.

1×05 – Basketball

Michael and his staff challenge the warehouse workers to a basketball game with a bet looming over both parties.

  • Forget what I said about The Alliance this is definitely the funniest episode of season 1, it’s also my favorite episode of the season.
  • It’s such a simple premise, but the characters and their interactions make it fun to watch.
  • I feels like Pam is playing with Jim’s feelings for her which I believe she is aware of.
  • Also Jim is friendzoned so hard in this episode.
  • Michael’s line, “Try not to look too gay on the court”, was improvised. The look on John Krasinski’s face is genuine. – LOL
  • The scene in which Jim is hit in the face by Roy was very real. David Denman (Roy) backed into John Krasinski (Jim), and hit him in the face, resulting in John bleeding. The cameras kept rolling and they kept the shot in the show. – Should of wore a face mask like Dwight.
  • Most of the basketball game was improvised – that seems about right, I don’t know why they would want to script the score of the game.

1×06 – Hot Girl

Michael is just one of the many male staff who start vying for the attention of an attractive saleswoman in the office.

  • I love Amy Adams.
  • Mindy Kaling wrote this episode, and this won’t be the last time she does this.
  • I enjoy the running joke in pop culture that Jenna Fisher, Amy Adams, and Isla Fisher are the same person.
  • I would love to see all three of them in the same room.
  • The improved Pam line is really funny yet so harsh, why is Michael so mean to Pam?


This was a alright/fine first season. My favorite episode was Basketball and if I had to pick a favorite character it would be Jim for obvious reasons. This first season reminded me a lot of the first season of Parks and Recreation. They both are very short and they both have a lot of growing pains they have to sort out before they actually start to get to be really good. I know Parks and Recreation got there toward the end of their second season, hopefully The Office will get there a little sooner, but I’m along for the ride either way.

Pros: The cast’s chemistry, interesting characters, some good humor.

Cons: Some bad humor, episodes come off dry, still finding it’s footing.

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