Movies Watched In June 2019

Day For Night (1973)

I have wanted to watch this movie for a while and when I saw it on television I of course had to watch it, even if it was past midnight and didn’t end until 3AM. This movie is a love letter to film. The director, (who plays the actual director in the movie) cast, crew put on a movie for people who love film because they themselves love film it’s evidently in their work. I’m not big into the film industry, but I thought this movie was so fascinating. Having a peak behind the curtain on a movie that’s in a actual movie. I loved this movie, susprising because I really didn’t expect to so captivated by the film industry the movie showcases. I highly recommend, especially if you a person who wants to work in film or just love the film industry.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

What can be said about this movie that hasn’t already been said. I can say this that I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like this movie. This is one of best superhero movies in the past decade let alone one of the best animation movies. Oh and speaking of the animation is stunning, I love how much detail they put into everything that’s on screen. You can tell they put a lot work into the movie. The soundtrack is great, Sunflower was a hit for a reason and What’s Up Danger when Miles finally becomes ready to be his own Spiderman is perfect, I had chills. The voice acting is also perfect by all of the cast. I’m literally gushing over this movie, of course I reccomend it. Go watch it right now if you haven’t it’s on Netflix you have no excuse not to.

The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

The Incredible Jessica James is a cute little movie. I think that’s how I describe all Netflix original movies to be fair. What I liked about this one compared to their others is the fact it revolves around a quirky black woman. If you haven’t noticed we don’t nearly have enough of those films as we should have. Usually black women in film are stereotyped as being crazy, so I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a quirky black woman be in the spotlight of a entire movie. The Incrdible Jessica James is sweet, funny, it’s also a Netflix original so don’t expect too much more than that, but I think this movie is a step in the right direction in creating more stories for black women and I think this is a great start. I do recommend, the movie isn’t very long and it’s pretty enjoyable.

The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network is another movie that I have wanted to watch for a long time now. I’m kinda kicking myself for just now watching it because I think I may have a new favorite movie. Director David Fincheris also responsible for another one of my favorite movies of all time aka Gone Girl. So I wasn’t susprised I loved this movie as much as I did, but I was hit by how much I wanted to watch it again after I had finished. All the performances across the cast are fantastic, especially Jesse Eisenberg who transforms into Mark Zuckerberg to the point that it’s actually scary. David Fincher manages to make a courtroom drama about that Facebook guy actually interesting and more importantly entertaining. Yes, the movie isn’t all factual correct, but if I wanted that I would watch a documentary on Mark Zuckerberg instead and I bet it wouldn’t be half as entertaining as The Social Network is. This movie is a masterpiece in my opinion, so good. I know I’m like almost 10 years late to this party, but you’re anything like me and haven’t seen this movie yet, make sure you make time to do so. It’s worth it’s two hour runtime (which flew by in my case) I recommend.

Midnight Run (1988)

Midnight Run is a Robert De Niro movie you probably haven’t seen and you should correct that wrong. Midnight Run is essentially a buddy cop movie without either one of the members of the pair being a cop. This movie is a lot of fun. De Niro is amazing as he always was during this stage in his career. Charles Grodin who I literally had just watched in The Heartbreak Kid plays another jerk here, but a much more sympathetic one. De Niro and Grodin have great chemistry and the pair are the reason why the movie is so entertaining to watch. You want to see them bounce off of each other and you want to see what crazy situations they get themselves into as the movie progresses. I recommend, check it out especially you enjoy a good buddy cop movie.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

I was never planning on watching The Shawshank Redemption. No reason why, just hadn’t planned on it, but I saw it on television on Father’s Day of all days and I have to say that I’m glad that I did. I fully understand now why many people claim it’s the greatest movie of all time. It’s a movie that fills you up with hope and it’s a movie about fighting against the system. There’s nothing to say about The Shawshank Redemption that hasn’t already been said over the years so I won’t even try. The Shawshank Redemption is indeed one of the greatest movies of all time and I’m glad that I was able to watch it. I don’t really need to reccomend this movie do I? I think everyone who has wanted to watch it has by now.

Die Hard (1988)

Ah yes, Die Hard another movie that everyone has seen, expect for me well until now. Yes, I just seen Die Hard for the first time and it was just as good as I thought it would be if not better. Die Hard is the pinnacle action movie that every action movie in the last couple of decades have tried to replicate in one way or another, but fail because Die Hard is one of a kind. Even the Die Hard sequels from I have heard about them fail at doing what the original Die Hard did. It’s a simple contained story that’s what makes it so great, along with the cast and the characters the writers created. Die Hard isn’t just a great action, it’s a great movie and no matter how years and how much the action genre changes it will continue to be a absolute classic. This is a another movie where I don’t think me recommending is necessary. Also one last thing, Die Hard is 100% no doubt in mind a Christmas movie. You’re wrong if you think otherwise.

Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

I really really liked the first Happy Death Day, it reminded me of Sceam but not as a ripoff as in just how fun it was and the comedy. Needless to say I was excited to see what the sequel would do differently, but enough to stay the same for people who enjoyed the original. Happy Death Day 2U is a fine sequel, but it’s definitely not nearly as good as the original. I still had fun watching it and Jessica Rothe is a star just you wait. I didn’t care for the science aspect as I just felt it was unneeded and the events of the first movie didn’t need to be explained in my opinion. Happy Death Day 2U does still have a lot of good things that was apart of the original. I particularly loved the Hard Times montage featuring the song Hard Times by Paramore. So there’s still a lot of good stuff, but I think you would have to had really enjoyed the first one to liked this one. I recommend if you’re a fan of the original, but if not you’re not gonna change your mind about the franchise by watching this one.

The Descent (2005)

Now this is a horror movie done right. The Descent is exactly what you want for a horror movie. Interesting characters that are complex and feel like real people, actual good scares, and great twists. I can’t rave about this movie enough. This is definitely one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in recent memory. I actually felt genuine emotion seeing each character get killed off and the cave scenes made me claustrophobic. If you’re looking for a good horror movie this is it. I loved The Descent, I cannot wait to watch it again. I recommend The Descent especially if you’re a horror movie lover.

The Miseducation Of Cameron Post (2018)

The next two movies I watched in June have essentially the same plot focusing on the LGBT+ community, still however I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The first is The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, I have wanted to watch this movie for awhile now since I had first heard they were making it. I decided now was the best time considering June was Pride month and why not watch some LGBTQ films. The Miseducation Of Cameron Post was the more serious of the two films I watched and I thought they handle the important issues that surround the LGBT community quite well. The movie did frustrate me, but that was more so putting a focus on the issues LGBT teens have to go through everyday. I recommend The Miseducation Of Cameron Post mainly because it felt more like a documentary about the struggles LGBT teens face today even though the movie is set in the 80s. It’s an important movie I think everyone needs to see.

But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

This is the other movie I watched that is similar to The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, however this one is way more funny and not as serious. But I’m A Cheerleader is just as good if not better than The Miseducation Of Cameron Post in my opinion. I think this because it did show the humor in these situations compared to other movies that only show the seriousness of going to a conversation camp. I think But I’m A Cheerleader balances both very well and it doesn’t feel at any time preachy. I really enjoyed this movie even more that Cameron Post. I think everyone should watch it just to see RuPaul play an “ex-gay”. Although I totally understand not wanting to watch two movies that are essentially the same, except one serious and the other comical. In that case go for Cameron Post if want to know more the struggle LGBT teens are facing, but if you want to see something more lighthearted go for But I’m A Cheerleader.

Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight is once again another movie that I have waited forever to watch and is just now watching for the first time despite it coming out in 2016. I am usually late when it comes to watching trendy movies. However I actually have an excuse this time I have heard all the hype surrounding Moonlight and I guess I was just too afraid that it will fail my expectations so instead I just put it on the backburner. Well Moonlight didn’t fail my expectations it was just as good as everyone has said it is. It was amazing to see black gay men having their story told and it wasn’t made into a joke. People actually took it seriously and watch it and loved it. That just goes to show that we need more movies like this with more stories like this. It’s a beautiful movie I mean that in the way of how the story is told (not even mentioning the cinematography). Moonlight is a masterpiece, it’s just as good as you’ve heard it is, if not better. I recommend watching if you also put it on the back burner like what I did for the past 3 years.

My Private Idaho (1991)

I watched My Private Idaho because I was promised gay Keanu Reeves not to have my heart broken at the end. River Phoenix (RIP) and Keanu Reeves are perfect in their roles, especially River who is someone just trying to find a place where he belongs, but can’t. It’s not a happy movie and Keanu is not gay unfortunately I know I know, how disappointing. I didn’t love this movie like I thought I would, I think that goes back to the Shakespeare dialogue because the movie was based off of a Shakespeare play (loosely). Shakespeare’s dialogue just never did anything for me, but I’m still recommending the movie because I think it is worth watching just for River’s performance alone. His performance makes the entire movie and his performance is what makes it the movie all the more heartbreaking. And the campfire scene….ugh just go watch the movie for yourself.

The Children’s Hour (1961)

The Children’s Hour is by far the most saddest Audrey Hepburn movie I have seen so far while I’ve been marathoning her movies. The Children’s Hour is a movie about two women accused of being lesbians. Mind you this movie was made in 1961, I can’t imagine the controversy in the news surrounding the release of the movie. That’s what makes the movie even more fascinating to me that everyone involved were willing to take part in the movie talking openly about homosexuality. The movie is frustrating and heartbreaking by the end of it, but it’s incredible to watch a moment in time about a topic that is feels so current and modern. Seeing a topic so modern like the LGBT community in film from 1961 feels so strange, but needed. The Children’s Hour is a open and frank movie from 1961 about two women’s sexuality. How they are treated is frustrating, but you become aware how much we have changed for the better in over 50 years. I recommend just be prepared if you’re are anything like me you’ll be angry during a lot of the movie, but it’s important we see how much we as a society have changed for the better because we have.


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  1. Into the Spider-Verse is, in my opinion, the best Spider-Man movie thus far. And I still say that after having seen Far From Home earlier today.

    Shawshank is number 15 on my personal top 100 list. Fantastic film.

    Die Hard is number 52… And is definitely a Christmas movie.

    I agree with you on Happy Death Day 2U… All right, but definitely not as good as the first.

    I really need to see The Descent. I’ve heard so many great things about it.

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