Season In Review: Dexter (S1)

1×01 – Dexter

Dexter takes part in the investigation of a serial killer who drains his victims of blood. He also kills two criminals, and his romantic relationship may be going to the next level.

  • I love that Dexter’s nickname is Everybody’s favorite serial killer because it true. You just cannot like the guy even though he is a sociopathic serial killer.
  • I really do think this was a really well done pilot. It introduced the characters and their motivations and the season long arc.
  • Pilots are tricky because you have to get viewers invested into the characters along with intriguing them with the arc for the rest of the season. It’s hard thing to get right, but I think Dexter did it perfectly.
  • I do find it funny that only one person suspects that there’s something off about Dexter which Dexter acknowledges.
  • It was fascinating switching between Dexter and Six Feet Under because of how different and alike Michael C. Hall’s characters are in their respective shows. One’s a introvert gay funeral director and the other is a sociopathic serial killer. The lines could get very blurry on which is which.
  • It’s nice to see Julie Benz play a character that’s the opposite of her other most well known role aka Darla in Angel & Buffy. Playing a victim instead of a villain.

1×02 – Crocodile

While preparing for his next victim, Dexter finds out that the Ice Truck Killer is aware of Dexter’s dirty little secret.

  • I love the intro, it’s so up close and personal. It feels creepy, but everything Dexter does is apart of a everyday routine. Nothing wrong with it but in the eyes of a serial killer it feels rather wrong.
  • Dexter being oblivious to everyone’s emotions does bring some much needed humor to the show.
  • I bet Dexter holding his breath under water inspired plenty of gifs.

1×03 – Popping Cherry

After the discovery of another victim of the Ice Truck Killer at an ice rink, the missing guard, Tony Tucci, becomes a potential suspect.

  • Don’t think I didn’t notice that possible Six Feet Under reference aka when Deb says the following to Dexter “I’m proud of you for coming bro, I know how you hate funerals.” You’re not that sneaky Dexter.
  • Dexter’s haircut in the flashbacks killed me. I had to pause just so I could laugh without missing something.
  • Speaking of the flashbacks, the flashbacks to Dexter first kill were better than I could have ever asked for.
  • I like Dexter and Rita’s relationship as much as you could like a serial killer relationship with his unknowing girlfriend.

1×04 – Let’s Give the Boy a Hand

The mysterious Ice Truck Killer escalates his killing spree by leaving body parts of his latest victim at sites that relate to memories from Dexter’s childhood, leading Dexter to confront his dark personal history.

  • If you were wondering where the title of the episode comes from it’s from a lyric in Deniece Williams’ 1984 song “Let’s Hear It For The Boy.”
  • A song I had never heard of before doing this post, but apparently it’s from Footloose and was a number one pop hit in 1984. What that has in common with Dexter I have no idea.
  • This was a Halloween episode and I liked the Halloween elements in it. Dexter is already a pretty f*cked up show, don’t really need to overdo it.
  • I liked Rita in her Lara Croft costume.
  • This episode also shows us a lot more of Dexter’s childhood which I enjoyed because Dexter is just such a fascinating character.
  • Also this episode makes a lot more sense once you’ve seen the rest of the season in how The Ice Truck knows all this stuff about Dexter.

1×05 – Love American Style

Debra and the rest of the squad start to make headway when one of the Ice Truck Killer victims is found alive. Meanwhile, Dexter gets in over-his-head trouble when he begins stalking a murderous human-trafficker.

  • I once again really enjoyed how the show has explored Dexter’s character and how he wants to be normal, but doesn’t know how.
  • When he asked the couple he’s about to killed how do they love each other is a great character moment.
  • Interesting that The Ice Truck Killer left a person alive, wonder what’s that all about…..
  • This is also the first time we see Dexter making a mistake that could cost him his serect identity as a serial killer.

1×06 – Return to Slender

The Ice Truck Killer leaves a surprise dead body for Dexter at one of the crime scenes of Dexter’s most recent kill, which puts him in the crosshairs of his own Homicide Division of the Miami Metro Police.

  • The alias that Dexter uses to abtain the tranquilizers that he needs, to subdue his victims with is Patrick Bateman (see photo below), which is the name of the serial killer from the movie American Pyscho starring Christian Bale as the fictional serial killer. I love that little tidbit.
  • This episode was stressful though I didn’t think they would find out about Dexter, but that scene near the end with everyone huddled around was pretty intense.
  • I thought Dexter was leaving on the boat when he was dumping his stuff ha ha ha because he would never do something like that…. (wink wink)
  • I know Dexter was trying to be safe, but I’m kinda sad all his stuff is now at the bottom of the ocean.
  • I liked seeing Maria as sorta a surrogate mother, it was nice seeing another side of her.

1×07 – Circle of Friends

The Ice Truck Killer is supposedly identified, but Dexter is skeptical. Meanwhile, Rita must deal with the return of her menacing, recently paroled ex-husband.

  • Although this episode did a good job at trying to make it seem like Perry is the killer, I was with Dexter 100% in being skeptical and boy did that pay off.
  • Also this was definitely the episode where I knew the doctor had to be The Ice Truck Killer. Try as he might, he just looked like a serial killer.
  • This was one of the only things I would guess right though because I did not see that other big reveal coming that we learn in the finale.
  • Oh and this is the episode that introduces Paul….how wonderful.
  • Dexter’s smile at the end is the reason why Michael C. Hall was born to play this role.

1×08 – Shrink Wrap

An unexplained suicide of a wealthy and powerful woman leads Dexter to suspect that her psychologist, Dr. Emmett Meridian, may have killed her.

  • I felt very validated for guessing that the doctor was the serial killer.
  • It just lined up too perfectly for it not to be him.
  • I’m glad the show didn’t wait for the finale for this reveal because I think it would of been a letdown because the reveal felt pretty obvious.
  • And just poor Debra, the men in her life are two serial killers. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never trusted any guy again.
  • Dexter revealing he’s a serial killer to his shrink before killing him was my favorite part of the episode.
  • The alias Dexter gives the shrink is Sean Ellis, the first name of Patrick Bateman’s younger brother as mentioned in American Psycho and main character of The Rules of Attraction. – I’m just gonna guess Dexter’s favorite movie is American Pyscho because he seems to be obsessed it. It probably spoke to him.

1×09 – Father Knows Best

Dexter learns that his biological father, Joe Driscoll, who he thought had been long dead, has only recently died and has left all of his belongings to Dexter, including his house.

  • When Dexter and Rudy are packing up the house, they are each packing in the way they dispose of bodies. Dexter is putting items in plastic bags and duct taping them, Rudy is wrapping things nicely with string. – I didn’t even notice this, but I love the little hints this show throws to us the audience.
  • This episode even more interesting to watch again especially after the twist at the end of the season.
  • It’s also make a lot more sense why Rudy wanted to go so badly to the house, not just to see Dexter again.
  • The morgue scene in this episode really reminded me of Six Feet Under.
  • This episode proposes a few questions on why did Harry lie to Dexter about his biological father being dead, I’m sure we’ll find out more about it in the seasons to come.
  • I wonder why Dexter didn’t just kill Paul after this episode, but I guess what he ends up doing later was better.
  • I feel like rewatching this episode would make me appreciate it more because going over it again, I really noticed a lot of good stuff I didn’t notice the first time.

1×10 – Seeing Red

When the Ice Truck Killer leaves a horribly bloody crime scene at a hotel, Dexter digs deeper into his past.

  • That episode title triggers me, and if you have seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you know why.
  • Episode was my favorite of the first 10. I just enjoyed everything about this one.
  • The flashbacks with Dexter and his mother…just wow. It’s not a wonder why he is the way he is now.
  • It also makes sense why Harry was okay with Dexter killing as long as it was controlled. He knew what Dexter had been through as a child and how that could f*ck a child up.
  • This person who did this will definitely be apart of a season of the show. Not sure when, but it will be interesting to see what they do with that storyline.
  • The bloodbath in Hotel room, I’m not a queasy person scene nearly got me. So good on you show.
  • What Dexter did to Paul was better than what I was expecting and it was nice to see him stick to his code.
  • This episode is a testament to Michael C. Hall’s acting that he makes us sympathizes with a serial killer. He’s just incredible, i can’t rave enough about him.
  • Well I do rave more about him but that will be in the Six Feet Under S1 review.

1×11 – Truth Be Told

The Ice Truck Killer strikes again, leaving a bloody scene before Christmas at a holiday-themed park.

  • These last 3 episodes are amazing, just a perfect commutation of this entire season.
  • Seeing Dexter put all the information and evidence together was so satisfying.
  • The final minutes of this episode are brilliant. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, simply brilliant.
  • I really didn’t understand Rudy’s plan here with kidnapping Debra, but the finale clears that up.
  • Fun little tidbit when Angel’s wife Nina expresses her disgust at Angel when she finds him about to eat “two Doublemeat” hamburgers. The Doublemeat Palace is the fictitious fast-food restaurant suspected of serving ground-up human murder victims in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Drew Z. Greenberg, who wrote this episode also worked as a staff writer. – I did not notice that, but man I really love the subtle references to Buffy in other TV shows.

1×12 – Born Free

Dexter races against the clock to find Debra when she is abducted by Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer, which leads the two psychopathic killers to have a fateful showdown, and who finally reveals his connection to Dexter.

  • WOW, just wow.
  • The twist with Rudy being Dexter’s biological brother was not what I was expecting at all.
  • I had chalk up his obsession with Dexter to be just that an obsession because he admired his way of killing, but nope.
  • I loved the twist, I had thought the twist with Rudy being The Ice Truck killer was a little underwhelming, but this more than made up for it.
  • Besides I don’t think the show wanted Rudy being the serial killer being a big thing, just to distract us from his motivation of why he’s doing what he’s doing.
  • Not sure why he thought Dexter would kill Debra. Dexter may not understand people, but Debra is closest thing to ever being normal. Her and maybe Rita.
  • I don’t think Dexter would ever kill her even if she’s not biologically his sister. So I never thought he would choose Rudy over her.
  • However it was sad seeing Dexter have to kill Rudy, his only last link to his life before being take in by Harry.
  • It would have been nice seeing more of Dexter and Rudy together as brothers, but this had to be done.
  • Paul really proves in this episode Dexter should of just killed him.
  • This episode also births the great gif and meme seen below.
  • Rudy/Brian is supposed to be four years older than Dexter. In real life, Christian Camargo (Rudy) is actually four months younger than Michael C. Hall. – Yeah Dexter seems like he would be the older brother, but hey I don’t look too far into these things. A great twist is a great twist.
  • This finale perfectly closes the door on this season arc and shows what to look forward to in the S2 and man aren’t I looking forward to watching it.


I think this is a fantastic first season of a television show. I think this is a season other show should model after on how to structure their first season. I enjoyed every episode, but my favorites were the last 3 which kinda felt a trilogy in tv episode form. Favorite character? Um…Dexter is fascinating, but I really liked Rita. I want to delve more deeply into their relationship next season. Overall, a really amazing first season of a new show.

Pros: Dexter himself, perfect length, last three episodes, great twists, and Michael C Hall’s acting.

Cons: The supporting cast felt a bit underdeveloped, oh and Dexter’s hair in the flashbacks.

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