Season In Review: 30 Rock (S1)

1×01 – Pilot

Liz Lemon is called upstairs to meet the new network exec, Jack Donaghy, who instructs her to hire movie star Tracy Jordan to draw a young male audience to ‘The Girlie Show’.

  • A good pilot, I liked that the show has a kinda autobiographical feel to it.
  • Pilots are always usually just okay because they have to set up the characters and what the show is about, but what the show I think is already great at is in fact the characters.
  • The show introduces all the characters well and manages to be entertaining.
  • Although, the pilot doesn’t really a plot other than there’s a new exec Jack who wants Liz to get Tracy Morgan who’s insane.
  • We also meet Jenna and Kenneth (who only gets featured more prominent as the season goes on) in this episode.
  • So there isn’t much of a plot, but I didn’t have a problem with it as I really enjoying watching these characters interact.
  • The actors already feel like they are these characters which makes their interactions all the more better.
  • Rachel Dratch was originally supposed to play the role of Jenna DeCarlo. However after creative revisions producers decided to do recast the role and instead have Dratch play different recurring roles throughout the season. – I’m glad that happened because Jane Krakowski is perfect for the role of Jenna.
  • Jenna comments on guest-starring on an episode of Law & Order. Jane Krakowski did indeed guest star on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) episode “Bound”.
  • From the first days of the show, executives at GE (which owned NBC at the time) were angry at the many jokes Tina Fey and her writers would make about various corporate actions, and they tried to intercede to either force her to stop doing that or to cancel the show. However, after then-NBC Chairman Jeffrey Zucker was informed of these plans, he let them know two things: the show was to be left alone because the humor “was just jokes” and that he would be angry if he had to deal with the matter again. From that point on, the network ownership left Fey alone to make the show as she wanted to. – Heck yeah! I loved that Tina Fey has full control over the show without any executives breathing over her shoulders.

1×02 – The Aftermath

The crew of The Girlie Show is skeptical of having Tracy Jordan join the cast, especially when the show is retitled ‘TGS Tracy Jordan’. Feeling everybody blames them, Liz and Tracy decide to throw a party on a yacht.

  • This one has a much better plot than the pilot and the plot has brings a lot of laughs.
  • The cast and crew are skeptical about Tracy joining the show and thus chaos ensues.
  • Liz ends up badmouthing the everyone and Tracy is being Tracy, so what do they do? Party on a yacht, duh.
  • A lot of good stuff happens on the yacht particularly Jenna making a fool of herself.
  • But my favorite moment is at the end when Liz realizes that it’s not Tracy’s yacht, because I realize it the same time Liz did.
  • Another moment I love from this episode is Jack looking at photos of celebrities to memorize them. He recognizes Hedi Klum, but he can’t remember Seal. It’s pretty funny.

1×03 – Blind Date

Jack convinces Liz to go on a date with his friend Thomas. When her date turns out to be a woman, Liz is quite confused about how other people see her. Meanwhile the writing staff have a poker night with Tracy and Jack. The only one, who gives Jack a hard time winning is Kenneth.

  • Ah the episode where Jack assumes that Liz is a lesbian and sets her up on a date with a friend of his who is indeed a lesbian.
  • I have seen this plot before on other shows like Sex and The City, but I did think it worked better here because I can believe that Jack would think that Liz is a lesbian.
  • This blind date also coincides with Liz almost dying in her apartment and believing that she would die alone which put a interesting twist on the blind date itself because even though Liz isn’t a lesbian she wants to hang out with Thomas again.
  • The friendship doesn’t last unfortunately because Thomas is put off with Liz (who can blame her).
  • “What an adorable little lesbian.”
  • The others are playing Poker in this episode which reminds me of one of the early Friends episode where the gang plays poker.
  • I guess it’s a good way for the audience to get know the the characters a bit better probably why it’s so common in sitcoms.
  • Kenneth was amazing in the poker game against Jack, definitely has potential to be my favorite character.
  • In her 2011 autobiography “Bossypants”, Tina Fey names this her favorite script written by John Riggi. – I can see that it’s a pretty perfectly structured episode, not my favorite, but enjoyable.

1×04 – Jack the Writer

Jack joins the writing staff during a meeting as an observer. He joins the group day after day and gets more and more involved in their work. It is up to Liz to tell Jack that he is no longer welcome at the meetings. Liz also has to deal with Cerie and the way she dresses, which distracts the male workers from their work. Tracy uses Kenneth for “missions”.

  • This is a pretty typical episode where Jack oversteps and tries to control the writers and Liz has to put him in his place.
  • I did find it funny that Jack is so good at some many things, but he can’t write jokes. Well he does write jokes just not very good ones.
  • I already like Liz and Jack’s friendship, I don’t know if it ever leads to something more, but I think I would prefer they just stay friends.
  • At least so far I like them just as friends, maybe that will change, but I like them just as friends right now.
  • We also meet the Liz’s assistant who all the men are lusting after which reminds the Hot Girl episode of The Office.
  • It’s such a common trope in sitcoms it’s hard not to point it out.
  • Tracy sends Kenneth to run errands for him and Kenneth is just the best. He’s amazing in this episode.
  • There’s a joke about at the beginning of the episode about Trump being eaten by an lion…and everyone thought Trump was became the butt of all the jokes before the election. Nope.
  • Tracy asks Kenneth, “What’s the frequency, Ken?” as a greeting. “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” was a question asked repeatedly of Dan Rather. The CBS news anchor was walking down a street in Manhattan in 1986 when a man attacked him from behind. After throwing him to the ground, the man–while kicking Rather–kept asking him, “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” This bizarre crime was a much talked-about event, and was interpreted as a song by REM. – Well that went above my head. That’s so random, and I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this story before.

1×05 – Jack-Tor

Liz suspects that Tracy is not able to read since he never says what’s on the cue-card nor has anyone ever seen him read anything. Frank and Toofer talk Jenna into the idea that an actor is getting fired from the show. Jack’s appearance on the show doesn’t seem to be a good idea, because Jack doesn’t know how to act in front of a camera.

  • Okay I think this episode may have been the funniest episode yet.
  • Jack trying to act and Tracy pretending to illiterate makes for a hilarious episode of 30 Rock.
  • I guess along with Jack can’t write good jokes we can add not good at acting to his list of things he’s not good at.
  • What I find so hilarious about the Jack storyline is that Jack is such a confident person to see him fail so miserably at something tickles me.
  • And then we have the Tracy being illiterate storyline, with any other character on any other show I would probably take some offense, but because it’s Tracy, I don’t.
  • I’m with Liz I would’ve believed that Tracy was illiterate too.
  • He’s not though, but he goes with it anyways to get out work because he’s Tracy.
  • Jack says he’s learning comedy by watching Friends. He was a guest star on Friends as Parker, a boyfriend of Phoebe. – I remember that episode well but forgot about it as I watching this episode.
  • First of three on-screen cameos by Donald Glover, then a member of the writing staff. He appears as the young P.A. who instructs Ron not to eat the food at craft services. – How did I miss him?!?!!?!!??!
  • This episode features the first of several instances of a “30 Rock” character breaking the fourth wall, with Cerie directly telling the camera that she only dates men who drink Snapple. – I wonder what the other times are going to be.

1×06 – Jack Meets Dennis

Liz takes back her sleazy ex-boyfriend Dennis, while Jack takes it upon himself to convince her that she is headed for a life of mediocrity. Meanwhile, Tracy is enraged when a magazine calls him “normal”, and at the same time Jenna becomes worried about her age when Jack asks her how old she is.

  • Oh Dennis….how Liz ever dated someone like that is beyond me.
  • Dennis is the literal definition of a man baby how Liz thought that he wasn’t that bad is also beyond me. She should’ve of just listened to Jenna.
  • She set the bar pretty low for herself, sure he remembered her birthday, but once again the bar is that low.
  • I love Jack’s reaction to him because it was pretty much my own when I saw Dennis, unimpressed.
  • The subplots in this one are pretty good as Tracy hates how the media is portraying him as normal. He would be the only celebrity that would hate that.
  • We also have Jenna thinking she’s too old for her job. Something I think all actors and actresses experience in late in their careers.

1×07 – Tracy Does Conan

Jenna was supposed to be on Conan O’Brien’s show, but got bumped. Instead, Jack wants to send Tracy to the show as a guest. Tracy is worried about not having an interesting story to tell on Conan’s show. He also seems to be behave even more crazy than he usually does. Jenna, meanwhile, is worried that Jack has no respect for her work, since he took her off of Conan’s show. Liz has also to deal with Dennis and the fact that she wants to break up with him.

  • This episode is one of my favorites from season one. Tracy being on the wrong medication brings hilarious consequences.
  • Tracy is already insane so add in the wrong medication, things gets weird for the cast, but great entertainment for us.
  • I like that Conan and Tracy have beef because Tracy tried to stab Conan. That’s a understandable reason as to not liking somebody.
  • Tracy’s reason for doing this? He believed he was stabbing a robot. So Tracy’s one of those conspiracy theorists…
  • We meet Tracy’s doctor, Dr. Spaceman who I believe we will see more of which I’m okay with because he was great.
  • Don’t think I didn’t see that Aubrey Plaza cameo. I nearly screamed when I saw her.
  • This was apparently her first acting credit, Aubrey appears as an NBC page giving a tour outside Conan O’Brien’s studio. In 2005, Plaza interned with the NBC page program at Rockefeller Center, and she was cast in this episode because she still had her page uniform. Plaza revealed that when she was a page, she used to make up “facts” about Conan O’Brien to tourists. – I love this fact so much. I can totally Aubrey being used just because she was wearing her costume and I can also see her making up facts about Conan.
  • Tina Fey was nominated for an Emmy for this episode and I can see why it’s a witty and amusing episode.

1×08 – The Break-Up

Jenna takes Liz out on the town after she breaks up with Dennis, Jack is having problems with his new relationship, and Tracy and Toofer clash over negative African American stereotypes.

  • Liz in this episode finally breaks up with Dennis (thank goodness). Took her long enough.
  • But in Liz Lemon fashion she makes a pros and cons list on reasons why she should and should not stay with him.
  • And lucky for us we can decipher all the pros and cons she made for Dennis.
  • CONS: not super smart, listens to Winger, dental hygiene, wears acid wash denim, always wants foot rubs, not much money, Catholic, doesn’t like his mother, I don’t like his mother, his mother doesn’t like me, loves Family Guy, reads the Post, insists on spending holidays with his mother, has already seen me throw up, attempted threeway, racist, wears Italian horn even though Irish Jack likes him. – Not to quote Owen Wilson, but wow….
  • PROS: basically nice, takes good care of his feet, makes good chili, remembers my birthday, rarely wants to do it, is funny when he goofs on his friends, doesn’t care about money, loyal, too lazy to cheat, would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kid, loves The Simpsons, has good hair, has already seen me throw up two times, fixed TV, Jack likes him. – Liz Lemon, my asexual hero.
  • Toofer and Tracy storyline was pretty funny as they stayed true to their characters.
  • The day this episode aired Alec Baldwin was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, which he won. – Deserved I do believe so.

1×09 – The Baby Show

Tracy wants Josh to be fired, because he doesn’t like Josh’s impression of him. Cerie is engaged to a guy whom she only has known for 3 months and After talking to Cerie about marriage and kids, Liz can hear her biological clock ticking.

  • Liz juggles the thought of becoming being a mother while balancing her career.
  • This leads to her stealing a baby. Which does not sound funny, but it is indeed funny.
  • Especially as we see her with the baby at the studio and then suddenly at her home.
  • During all of this Jack is dealing with problems with his own mother.
  • Dr. Spaceman returns!
  • All around a pretty funny episode from top to bottom.
  • For the first time, Rachel Dratch reprises a role: Greta the Cat Wrangler from the Pilot episode. – I love all her cameos.

1×10 – The Rural Juror

Jenna is mad at Liz because she thinks her new movie is terrible, and Jack helps Tracy create and market a new cooking machine.

  • Finally a Jenna centric episode. Jenna is a constant entertaining character, but she always seems to be in the background.
  • I’m glad the running joke from one of the last episodes about Jenna’s movie came back because it would have been disappointing if we didn’t get a follow up to it.
  • So I’m glad we put the focus on her for a change with this episode.
  • Jenna has a new movie, The Rural Juror that everyone, but Liz likes. We eventually find out it’s because she’s jealous.
  • I understand why Liz is jealous, but I’m glad that it didn’t hurt Liz and Jenna’s friendship.
  • Their friendship is a good portion of the show. Not the heart of the show that would be Liz and Jack’s friendship, but still a good portion of the show.
  • The Tracy and Jack storyline was funny, but not as memorable as some of the other subplots in other episodes.

1×11 – The Head and the Hair

Jenna and Liz meet two people working at NBC whom they call the head and the hair, because they don’t know their names. Jenny sends Liz to ask the head for a date, but Liz ends up with the hair. Just for one day, Jack works for Kenneth and gets to know some of the uncomfortable work Kenneth has to go trough. Tracy realizes that his autobiography is due the next day and involves a main part of the staff in the writing process.

  • Definitely a favorite of the season, I just really liked the overall plot and subplots as well.
  • Everything works well in this episode as Liz goes on a date with someone she wouldn’t normally go out (aka a hot guy).
  • I liked that Jenna was perfectly okay with Liz going for the hot guy, I was worried that there would be friction between the two, but nope.
  • We don’t need the two women fighting over a guy they barely even know, so good on you 30 Rock.
  • Loved the Heroes reference.
  • The hot guy is a guy I recognize aka Peter Hermann from Younger.
  • I liked him and Liz together, but alas things aren’t meant to be because they’re related.
  • I was not expecting that, I was expecting something to go wrong, but not that level of wrong.
  • We also have Tracy writing an autobiography that’s not really happening…oh Tracy…
  • And…Jack switching places with Kenneth. All around very funny stuff.

1×12 – Black Tie

Jack asks Liz to accompany him to a very classy event, which leads to the assumption that this will be a date. Jack first tells her it is not a date until they meet his ex-wife at the party and Jack introduces Liz as his girlfriend. Jenna sneaks herself into the party, because she wants to meet the Austrian Highness. Tracy uses the NBC office as a party spot and invites some female dancers over. One of the dancers tries to seduce Pete into cheating on his wife and he even thinks about doing so.

  • Tina Fey, who was fearful the show would be canceled throughout the first season, called this episode “Goodbye America” during production, as she thought the plotline of a severely inbred Hapsburg prince having a birthday party would be so over the top that it would finally do the show in. – It did not.
  • Jack informs Liz that he has dated pilates instructors and acrobats. Actor Alec Baldwin later married yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, whom in met in 2011. She got him to try an “acro yoga” class.
  • It’s revealed that Jack previously dated Beyoncé. – Of course, he has.
  • When I realized that this was a Jack focused episode, I knew it would be great and spoiler alert it is.
  • The plot of him taking Liz to a ball where they confront his ex-wife highlights the great humor the show possesses.
  • Loved Pretty Woman joke/reference between Jack and Liz.
  • Kenneth doesn’t like the kids in Footloose that’s surprising…..
  • Especially as Liz and Jack’s ex-wife get into an actual fight.
  • Jenna hooking with a Prince is probably the most interesting storyline for her in awhile as she doesn’t care about his looks.
  • She can get over the looks for the fame and the money. That’s our girl.
  • I was so relieved that Pete didn’t cheat on his wife. Cheating on a sitcom is still cheating (ignore Tracy), I mean just look at Friends.
  • So I’m glad they didn’t go there because I would want that to be handle with seriousness that wasn’t apart of this episode.
  • One thing I didn’t like about this episode was probably the ending once again, I don’t think Liz or Jack should be a couple. I rather they stay friends, so I did not appreciate the old bait and switch they pulled at the end. But whatever.

1×13 – Up All Night

Liz makes the staff work on Valentine’s Day all night long. While Liz gets flowers and she doesn’t know who send them to her, Pete forgets about the Valentine’s Day, which is also his wife’s birthday. Jack meets with Bianca to make their divorce final. Jenna has got the feeling that Frank doesn’t like her, which turns out to be true when he tells her so. Meanwhile, the staff tries to talk Kenneth into hooking up with Cerie.

  • This episode was used for Emmy submission for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Tina Fey in 2007. – Tina Fey is great in this episode, but I can say the same about all the episodes this season.
  • I feel like it mandated that all the sitcoms have to have an episode where all the characters have to stay up all night.
  • Because this episode reminded me of the Friends episode where they stay up all night.
  • I would rather be by myself on Valentine’s Day than working, so I can see why the crew is upset.
  • I would especially not spend Valentine’s Day working all night.
  • The Kill/Boff/Marry was fun.
  • I’m actually surprised that Tracy is still married. I would think that she would have been divorced him.
  • I was actually hoping that Liz didn’t have a serect admirer. But then I realized it would be Jason Sudeikis and I was alright with it

1×14 – The C Word

Liz decides to be a nicer boss when she overhears one of the writers calling her an offensive name.

  • Liz being called the “C-word” was based on the same event happening to Tina Fey during her days as the head writer of Saturday Night Live.
  • In December 2015, Tina Fey revealed on Howard Stern’s radio show that it was Colin Quinn, the “Weekend Update” anchor from 1998-2000, who called her the C word when they were at Saturday Night Live. She explained that the circumstances were similar to the Liz and Lutz storyline, in that she had literally no idea why he would call her that. She said he apologized and they have since made up. However, he turned down three invitations to appear on 30 Rock.
  • I hate the C word, I think it one of the worst things you call someone.
  • Liz was pretty mean in this episode, but not deserving of being called the C word.
  • Then again I don’t think you should call anyone that for any reason.
  • Some fat shaming at the beginning of episode…
  • Everyone should watch Mamma Mia.
  • I love a good Jerry Maguire reference.
  • Happy to see Liz stand up for herself at the end of the episode.
  • Rip Torn makes an appearance in this episode. RIP, Rip.
  • My favorite part of the episode Tracy’s fake speech and then Jack realizing he needs to get him more roles.

1×15 – Hard Ball

Kenneth becomes part of Tracy’s entourage. Jenna is voted as one of the funniest women by a magazine and when giving an interview for the magazine gets mis-quoted about the American army troops. This gives her a bad public image. Jack wants to go into contract negotiations with Josh and while Jack loves it, Liz, who also gets involved in it, hates it.

  • This episode was used for Emmy submission for Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress for Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski respectively in 2007.
  • It was also used for Emmy submission for Best Comedy Series in 2007.
  • This might be my favorite episode of season one and that’s all because of Jenna.
  • Every time Jenna was on screen I was crying with laughter.
  • So I see why this episode was so popular because I was immediately enjoying it because of the beginning scene.
  • Watching them talk about Obama and politics before 2008 is so interesting. Feels like a time capsule.
  • Jenna seemed possessed by Trump in her interview lol.
  • The Jack, Josh, and Liz storyline was also pretty funny. Liz bossing Josh around was great.
  • Same goes for the Kenneth joining Tracy’s ecoutrage.
  • However the obvious star was the Jenna storyline because Jane Krakowski does some of her best work in this particular episode.

1×16 – The Source Awards

Liz dates an African American man called Steven and when they don’t hit it off, he accuses her of racism. Jack tries to mend a feud between Tracy Jordan and rap producer Ridikolus by having the former present the Source awards and the latter endorse his Donaghy wine.

  • I was waiting for a episode where they were at a award show and it did not disappoint.
  • Though I wish we saw more of the actual award show.
  • When Jack is listing the names of people Tracy will be sharing the stage with at The Source Awards, he says “MC Skat Kat”, who is a cartoon cat from Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” video.
  • Unusual for “30 Rock” (which had its own original music), the song that plays throughout the episode and during the closing credits is “Oh My (I Roll My Eyes at You)” by The Gray Kid.
  • Liz trying to convince her date (Wayne Brady), she isn’t racist was probably my favorite storyline from the episode.
  • We also have a funny storyline with Tracy being in trouble with a rapper (LL Cool J).
  • I just like how the episode talked about race. It didn’t take everything too serious which I appreciated.
  • There was a Dan Cook reference, which just confirms this episode is from 2007.
  • That Tupac mention was PERFECT, in fact that whole last scene was hilariously perfect. That’s how you do comedy.

1×17 – The Fighting Irish

Eddie, Jack’s brother, comes for a visit, who tells him that their father died. Liz is supposed to fire 10% of her staff and, as everyone finds out, the staff tries to please her as much as they can to not get fired. During aerobics Liz meets the guy who accidentally send her flowers on Valentine’s Day and his girlfriend. Tracy is on the search for a church and asks everyone for advice.

  • Nathan Lane stars as Jack’s brother Eddie Donaghy. At various times, Jack mentions Disney, associating it with Eddie. This is a reference to Lane role as Timon in The Lion King.
  • Nathan Lane was a great choice to play Jack’s brother.
  • Liz’s repeat proclamation “I am the decider!” is a reference to George W. Bush, who infamously proclaimed the same thing in 2006 in his defense of Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Quite honestly not my favorite episode, I love Jack. I just not a fan of his family which I think we both have in common.
  • When Jack was fighting, I was wondering if that’s how Alec Baldwin actually fights lol, though I doubt it.
  • I just knew his brother and father were going to screw him so I couldn’t get into their storyline.
  • Still there’s some great things in this episode like Liz firing someone out of jealousy.
  • Liz was being unreasonable, but Jack giving the girl a better job so Liz can pursue her ex was very sweet.
  • Moments like this is why I don’t want Liz and Jack’s friendship to be anything more than that.

1×18 – Fireworks

Jack uses Kenneth to scout a young gay competitor, Liz poses as an alcoholic to impress a guy she has a crush on, and Dr. Spaceman tells Tracy that he is a descendant of Thomas Jefferson.

  • Another good episode, not my favorite but that’s a testament to how good this season has been.
  • Liz says that in the next election she will vote for McCain but tell her friends she voted for Obama. The episode aired over a year before either man accepted their party’s nomination for the Presidential Candidate.
  • I’m glad Kenneth took a main focus in this episode, he’s one of the show’s best characters and deserves to be featured more.
  • Will Arnett guest stars as a perfect foil to Jack and (maybe) lover for Kenneth.
  • Don’t think I didn’t notice that Alias reference 30 Rock, because I did and I loved it.
  • Liz is still flirting with Floyd and I think they are very cute together.
  • Though I think Liz lying about being a alcoholic to bond with him was one of the worst things she has done.
  • She did make things a bit better when she listed terrible/embarrassing things she done.
  • Kenneth’s idea for a show sounded very interesting, but yeah it does not work outside of the theory.
  • Tracy learns that he is a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and mostly white, while Toofer’s grandpa fought for the South.
  • Both very silly on paper, but are really funny which is all that really matters.
  • The footage of fireworks going off around the GE Building was recycled from NBC’s 75th anniversary celebration.

1×19 – Corporate Crush

After the “Salute to Fireworks” disaster, Jack is taken away the microwave department by Don Geiss. Geiss also talks to Tracy, who tells him about his movie project “Jefferson” in which Tracy wants to play Thomas Jefferson, one of his ancestors. When Geiss turns the ideas down, Tracy plans to shoot an own “Jefferson” promotion on his own to convince Geiss that the movie is a great idea. Liz is very happy with Floyd and Jack wants to meet him. Floyd and Jack suddenly hit it off and become friends. Jack also meets Phoebe, a British woman who works at an art gallery.

  • Alec Baldwin really truly shines in this episode.
  • He’s been amazing this season, but this might be my favorite episode of his yet.
  • That’s because Jack meeting and starting to like Floyd was amusing.
  • Liz becoming increasingly more annoyed at him for it only added to it.
  • I especially loved Jack showing up to Liz’s home to see them.
  • How it was filmed like a horror movie only made the interaction more ridiculous and therefore better.
  • Tracy’s subplot with Jefferson movie was also ridiculous, but in a good way. I wish we saw more of it even.
  • I also wish we saw more of Jenna, felt like forever since we last saw her.

1×20 – Cleveland

Liz considers moving to Cleveland with her new boyfriend, Tracy thinks the “Black Crusaders” are after him for playing negative black stereotypes, and Jack has sexual problems with his new fiancée.

  • Though this episode is set in Cleveland, the actual scenes were filmed in Battery Park.
  • Just like the last episode, Tracy’s plot is ridiculous, but is funnier for it.
  • I find that Bill Cosby being an important member of The Black Crusaders ironic more than dated.
  • I knew that Floyd and Liz would have a conflict before the season finale, but I’m glad it was just Floyd getting a job in Cleveland than something contrived.
  • That makes sense and doesn’t ruin Liz and Floyd’s relationship, just throws a dagger in it.
  • Liz’s arguement for New York immediately went away when someone spit in her mouth, and man was that gross.
  • Jenna’s back, yay!
  • Tracy running away would be stupid with any other character, but since it’s Tracy then it’s okay in my book.
  • Jack’s fianceè is definitely a gold digger, but she’s an interesting one. I’ll give her that much.

1×21 – Hiatus

Tracy goes AWOL before the final show to avoid the “Black Crusaders,” but Kenneth reveals that he’s actually staying with his cousin. Meanwhile, the pressure of his imminent wedding and a visit by his mother lands Jack in the hospital.

  • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series – Elaine Stritch.
  • Elaine Stritch was amazing as Jack’s mother.
  • I think the most surprising thing about this episode was that Kenneth’s cousin is nothing like him.
  • Kenneth is a sweetheart while his cousin is a kidnapper. Something definitely went wrong when breeding that one.
  • I’m glad Tracy realize his mistake and came back without having to be forced back to TGS.
  • Jack dumps Phoebe after nearly dying because he doesn’t love her which I think we all saw coming, but still it ended to be done.
  • I loved the last scene between Liz and Jack. It’s especially sweet that’s she his emergency contact because his family is untrustworthy.
  • I love their friendship so much. I can’t wait to see more of it in season two.
  • Along with more Jenna (hopefully) and Kenneth! And of course Tracy too.

This was a very funny first season of television. You can tell the show is still finding it’s way but the show is already very funny which it will only expand on. My favorite episode was Hall Ball. My favorite character is Kenneth, though it might’ve been Jenna if we saw more of her. The cast is charming and there were plenty of laugh out loud moments this season, which is all I want from my sitcoms.

Pros: The cast, the characters, guest stars, the dialogue, extremely well written.

Cons: Some episodes are better than others, needs more Jenna, and a little dated.

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