Reccomend: VÈRITÈ

It’s fitting that that Vèritè translates to “truth” in French as much of Vèritè’s music feels very truthful, and vulnerable. Despite her discography being some of the most genuine music I have heard in a long time, Vèritè is one of the most overlooked artists in Indie/Pop/Alternative music today.

Strange Enough

Vèritè has been releasing music since early 2013, the first single she released was Strange Enough which was praised by critics, a great first start for a new artist. However, that was just the beginning as she would release her first EP called Echo which included Strange Enough on October 20, 2014.

Vèritè wasted no time after releasing her first EP because just a year later, she released her second EP Sentiment on June 8, 2015. Critics again praising Vèritè’s vocals. My favorite (at the time) release from her was still coming with her third EP, Living. With the release of Living, I discovered Vèritè for myself and the EP became a instant favorite for me, particularly the song Rest.

Somebody Else

Vèritè’s true breakout moment came on September 9, 2016 when she released a cover of 1975’s song Somebody Else. Her cover was a hit for her own fans and others alike. The song is still one of Vèritè’s more popular songs with it having over 100 million streams on Spotify and 1.4 million views on YouTube as of August 2019.

Somewhere In Between

After three EPs, it was finally time for Vèritè to release an album. She released Phase Me Out as the lead single and even performed it on Today show. She followed Phase Me Out with When You’re Gone as her second single from the album. Then on June 23, 2017, she released Somewhere In Between that featured 13 songs, including the two singles at a running time of 47 minutes.

I love this album and I’m biased because I think you all would too, it’s that good. Somewhere In Between was one of my most streamed albums of 2017 according to and it’s not difficult to see why. With great songs from top to bottom and a little bit of something there for everyone to enjoy, it’s a album you can constantly come back to and I do. I can honestly spend hours gushing over this album, but I will not. I’ll save that for a Favorite Albums blog post, until then though here’s my favorite song (maybe? I don’t know, I love them all) from Somewhere In Between.

New Skin

Vérite never really took a break from music. She released a remix album of Somewhere In Between, full of (can you guess it?) remixes of most of the songs from Somewhere In Between. She released another cover this time of Sufjan Steven’s John My Beloved and finally an orchestral performances EP of a few songs from Somewhere In Between at the end of 2018.

On May 31, 2019, Vérité released the lead single called Gone from her sophomore album, New Skin. It’s only been out for a few months now, but I can guarantee that Gone will go down as one of my favorite songs from the entire year and if it’s not then that will tell you how good this year was in terms on music, but it will be. Gone has a great production, but it’s biggest and best aspect is Vèritè herself. Her vocals are at her best here and it is truly stunning. You know how I said earlier that Vèritè’s music sounds real and relatable, this is the song that most proves my point. Gone feels real in the best way possible just like Vèritè herself.

Hopefully I have convinced you enough by now to dive more deeper into Vèritè’s discography before New Skin comes out. I didn’t even mention her beautiful cover of Childish Gambino’s Sober and all the other amazing songs by this artist. In my opinion, Vèritè deserves a much bigger audience than she has now, but maybe just maybe her next breakout moment is a lot closer than we think.

New Skin is out on October 25, 2019.


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