Music Stats For August 2019

For August I listened to a total of 1,002 songs and an average of 32 songs each day.

Top Artists

1. Taylor Swift (92 plays)

2. Banks (63 plays)

3. Lana Del Rey (49 plays)

4. Natasha Bedingfield (38 plays)

5. Kim Petras (29 plays)

Top Songs

1. The Man – Taylor Swift (10 plays)

2. Stroke – Banks (8 plays)

3. I Forgot That You Exist – Taylor Swift (8 plays)

4. Lover – Taylor Swift (8 plays)

5. Tonight – Alice Chater (6 plays)

Top Albums

1. Lover – Taylor Swift (73 plays)

2. III – Banks (39 plays)

3. Norman Fucking Rowell – Lana Del Rey (38 plays)

4. Roll With Me – Natasha Bedingfield (24 plays)

5. Clarity – Kim Petras (23 plays)

Things Not Mentioned

Normani released Motivation in August making me even more hyped for debut album which I hope is coming soon.

Charli XCX continues to build toward her newest album with two singles featuring Sky Ferreira and HAIM respectively.

And finally, Bebe Rexha has released a new single celebrating turning 30 this month and it’s wonderful.

Here is my 50 most played songs from the month of August.


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