Saying Something Bad About Characters I Love

This week I did a sequel post to my Narrowing Down The Television Shows I Watch, but for movies this time. I figured that I might as well do another sequel blog post this week and what’s better one than my Saying Something Nice About Things About Characters I Hate, but this time the opposite. I will be saying something bad about characters I love. Not just like, but love. This might just be harder for me than my original post, which was really hard. Just like the first post, I’m not including characters from the show I’m watching or just started. I’m also not including my problematic favorites. You see…I have problematic favorites. What that means is I have characters that I love, but I know they have their issues and can see why they are deemed problematic. Maybe one day I’ll make a list of my problematic favorites, but either way they’ll not be on this list.

Cordelia Chase (Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

….I already can’t do this! Cordelia Chase is one of my top two favorite characters of all time. I can’t even say anything about S4 of Angel, because it wasn’t even her. Ugh. Okay…Cordelia was pretty selfish at the start of Buffy, there I say it. Still love ya, Cordy.

Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

You know how I said that Cordelia Chase is one of my top two favorite characters of all time? Well Brooke Davis is the other one. I love this character so much, but I can say this without hesitation that Brooke could be a bit too stubborn for her own good. I recognize that fault of hers, because I share it alongside. That’s not the only thing I share with her because I also share the last name of one of my favorite characters of all time. How cool is that?

Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

Is it bad that the only negative thoughts I think about Nathan come from the first season of One Tree Hill, which went on to have 8 more seasons! Nathan was a d*ck at first, but really only for the first eight episodes. Then he’s pretty much an angel, with a few hip-cups every now and again.

Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

Okay this one is easy, I love Cristina…however, her being brutal honesty leads to her being quite mean sometimes. I also see this because I also share this trait with her.

Amelia Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

Okay, there’s a lot wrong with Amelia and this is coming from a fan of hers. If I’m just saying one though, it will be pretty much she lost herself in a particular relationship (if you watch the show, you know what relationship) and it brought out the worst of her. I’m not including her run on Private Practice as I’m just now watching for the first time and also why Addison isn’t on this list.

Paris Geller (Gilmore Girls)

Paris, much like Cristina Yang can be too honest. To the point that she can get pretty brutal to whoever she’s talking to.

Taylor Townsend (The O.C.)

Oh how I love Taylor, I wish we had more time with her character. We had two seasons with her and one of the two seasons she was in, she was pretty annoying to put it nicely. Ignoring that, a flaw of Taylor would be that she could be a little overbearing for her own good. Then again, that might be one of the reasons I like her so much.

Maze (Lucifer)

Maze is amazing, what is there not to love about Maze! She’s amazing, yes that pun was so nice I had to say it twice. So coming up with a fault for Maze is hard. Um…Maze doesn’t explain how feelings well I guess. I don’t know, I love her.

Coach Eric Taylor & Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

How can I say something bad about the best television couple ever! But that’s literally the point of this post so I have to. Coach Taylor could be somewhat controlling over other people’s lives, but that’s also what coaches do. Tami could maybe judge other people, but that’s not without reason.

That’s it, I’m done. That was torture, criticizing characters I love. I will probably do another one of these posts when I have finished enough shows to warrant another one of these posts. Until then, that’s it.


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