Season In Review: 24 (S2)

2×01 – Day 2: 8:00AM – 9:00AM

Retired federal agent Jack Bauer is pulled back into field work after CTU learns of an impending nuclear attack in Los Angeles, while Kim’s new job as a nanny takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

  • Originally, Joel Surnow wanted to change the show’s format for the second season, so that each episode would comprise twenty-four hours, rather than one hour in real time. The show, however, ended up retaining the same format as Season 1. – 24 hours in one episode, yeah no….
  • I was already intrigued by this season because I wanted to see what happened to everyone after the season one finale.
  • This episode did not let me down is what I’m happy to say.
  • I like the overall plot with the nuclear bomb more than the plot in the first season.
  • I find it crazy that 24 wanted to do this storyline so soon after 9/11, but their pilot did air soon after 9/11 and in their pilot a plane exploded, so I guess this was nothing to them.
  • Kim being a nanny is such a weird turn for her character, I know it’s been a year, but I never would of saw that direction for her character.
  • Megan’s mom is Tina from the pilot episode of Angel.
  • Jack was exactly as I pictured he would be, like exactly. Mourning his wife, living alone, looking like a homeless person, and potentially wanting to kill himself.
  • Also he doesn’t have a good relationship with Kim, which I also saw coming after Teri’s death.
  • Palmer is President….who would’ve guessed?
  • CTU is run by Mason, which I figured.
  • Tony is CTU right hand guy after being like fourth in command with Jack’s gone and Nina is…well Nina.
  • Best moment in the episode is “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.”
  • Fox executives predicted that the “Hacksaw” line would be removed from the final cut. It obviously stayed, and became one of the series’ most memorable quotes. – Great now I will have to start quoting it now.
  • We have new characters, it’s just all so exciting.
  • Speaking of new characters the actress who plays Michelle, Reiko Aylesworth, said her character and Paula Shaeffer were going to be one character. The production decided to split them after they realized that someone had to die in the CTU explosion later on.
  • Reiko also stated that she had originally auditioned for the role of Nina Myers, as well as that of Kate Warner, before landing her role as Michelle Dessler. – I like her as Michelle, so I’m glad she got the role.
  • George Mason mentions in this episode that he “should be in Washington by now”. This is in reference to a deal he made with David Palmer in season one to trade a kidnapped Jack Bauer for Alexis Drazen and in return Palmer would give him a job in his administration. Why Palmer has not made good on his end of the deal is never made clear. – I don’t know why Palmer wouldn’t keep his word that’s unlike him.
  • Either way this is a good reset/opener for the new season.

2×02 – Day 2: 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Jack goes undercover to find Joseph Wald, where he learns that CTU is going to be bombed. While Kim tries to save Meghan from her abusive father, Gary. Kate Warner becomes suspicious of sister’s Middle-Eastern fiancé Reza.

  • During the majority of this season, the 24 on-screen ticking clock appeared during various commercial breaks with an announcer voice saying, “It’s a whole new day. Jack will be right back.” The clock served to remind viewers that, even though they were watching commercials, time in the 24 universe still continued to tick. The clock was dropped near the end of Season 2 and was not used again. – I obviously didn’t see these, but I’m glad they were dropped because that sounds so cheesy.
  • It’s nice to see Jack undercover as a different person because we get to see a totally new side of him.
  • Nice to see the payoff of that hacksaw line.
  • This Kim storyline is not good…
  • It’s just so insane that Kim keeps getting herself into all this trouble and it only gets worse as the season goes on.
  • By this episode I already wanted to see how the Warners storyline connected to the rest of the overall plot.
  • Because otherwise their storyline seemed so unrelated to the others that it had to had been a reason it’s there.

2×03 – Day 2: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Jack sends out a warning that CTU is the target of a terrorist attack. Director Mason leaves CTU to personally check up on a lead on the nuclear bomb’s location.

  • This is one of the more suspenseful episodes of the season because Jack can’t save the day like he usually does.
  • With Jack undercover and not wanting to jeopardize the job, the bad guys actually win this round.
  • Because of this we actually have a explosion in the third hour of the season.
  • It’s not a random plane this time though, it’s the CTU headquarters.
  • The CTU headquarters being damaged is there for the rest of the season.
  • Poor Mason in this episode. I wasn’t much a fan of his in season one, but man did he get the short end of the stick here.
  • That’s just a horrible way to die, slowly and painfully for hours to even days.
  • It’s ironic that Mason narrowly avoided death because he getting out of town to avoid the bomb, but got stopped.
  • He could have avoided all of this if he hadn’t went to that warehouse.
  • Megan and Kim…you can just tell this is the writers trying to force Kim into the season and it only gets worse as the season goes on.

2×04 – Day 2: 11:00AM – 12:00PM

CTU is attacked and faces serious casualties. Jack discovers who gave Joseph Wald the schematics for CTU. President Palmer fires Rayburn after Lynne Kresge tells him about the 30-minute gap between Jack’s warning and the bomb explosion.

  • I’m glad Jack being uncover didn’t last as long as I thought it would.
  • Don’t get me wrong I liked seeing Jack undercover, but I didn’t want to see half the season being that.
  • Besides we have a lot more interesting things that need to happen to Jack before we get to the finale and we can’t have him undercover in order to do that.
  • As much as Jack tried his best, many people in CTU got hurt/died including Paula. Goodbye Paula, we hardly knew ya.
  • I’m glad that Palmer stands up for himself by firing Eric. Shows he’s learned from the Sherry situation in season one.
  • Kim is such an idiot why didn’t she stand up for herself and tell the doctors why she took Megan.
  • This is the episode I knew for a fact that Reza wasn’t the terrorist, but I guessed the terrorist was instead Bob. We’ll see how wrong or right I am.
  • Wasn’t surprised that Wald’s collaborator was Nina. It only could’ve been a handful of people. That isn’t to say I wasn’t happy to see Nina because I am. She’s such a fascinating character and having her back into the fold was what I was looking forward to seeing when I first started this season.

2×05 – Day 2: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Mason and Jack make preparations to interrogate an old enemy who gave the terrorists access to CTU. Tony goes to the Warner household to check up on Reza’s possible connection to Syed Ali.

  • Nina’s back and man is it great to see her. Nina was such a instrumental part of season one that just seeing her for a few episodes gives this season a boost. As if it needed one.
  • Nina demands pardon from Palmer and because of what she’s knows, she gets it. She’s just that good, or evil however you choose to see it.
  • Tony interviews Reza, which means this storyline is actually does a purpose. It was hard to tell at first.
  • Don’t get me wrong I was sure it did because of the terrorist angle, but I was waiting for it to connect to the other storylines because all of them had nicely been snitched together… well other than Kim’s.
  • Either way I’m glad it’s finally connecting to the other storylines this season.
  • But speaking of Kim…so Kim has a boyfriend named Miguel and only a few minutes after her dad tells her there’s a nuclear bomb in the city she tells her boyfriend. Kim is a literal pain.
  • Kim’s bright eyed plan is to ACTUAL kidnap (for real this time) Megan from the hospital to save her from being kidnap by her abusive father. What would make her think that was a good idea?
  • Not only is Kim a pain, she’s also an idiot.
  • I think the reason I’m ragging on the Kim storyline so much is because it’s significantly worse than anything else on the show by far. It like the show dips in quality every time Kim is on screen. It’s frustrating because this show is very good, that it having one bad storyline drags everything else down.

2×06 – Day 2: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Jack takes charge of the Nina Meyers interrogation. Sherry returns with information on the conspiracy against President Palmer.

  • Who told me Sherry wasn’t coming back?????????????? I read that Sherry wasn’t coming back, why would someone lie to me like that? People can be so mean sometimes.
  • I had many people tell me that Jack’s interrogations are stuff of legends at least that’s how I think of it when they talk about it. So I’m expecting great things from Jack’s interrogations for the rest of the show.
  • I did loved his interrogation with Nina this episode. It was a satisfying confrontation after waiting to see what would happen to them after season one’s finale.
  • I didn’t get why Jack drugged that other agent. That decision left me confused, but in retrospect I guessed he just wanted Nina to himself.
  • I felt so vindicated when Reza said that Bob was the one in contract with Syed Ali. I am rarely ever right about something, so when I have a chance to bask in the glow of my brilliance, I do (not really).
  • Kim executes her plan and gets Megan away from her father…yay…?

2×07 – Day 2: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Jack and Nina fly to Visalia, Calif., where they plan to raid a key building; President Palmer suspects there is a conspiracy against him; Mason tries to reach out to his son before it is too late; more trouble follows Kim and her boyfriend Miguel.

  • The conversation between Mason and his son was actually heartbreaking, not gonna lie I definitely got teary eyed while watching it. The first time that’s actually happened to me while watching the show so far.
  • This Reza and Kate storyline is actually getting somewhere now, I’m glad. It didn’t seem to have a purpose at the beginning of the season. Now it actually feels like it belongs.
  • It belongs in the show more than this Kim storyline at least. That’s how low the bar is for me.
  • Jack and Nina working together has to be worse for him than her. Yeah he has the power, but she took something away from him that he can never come close to taking from her.
  • What are the chances that the day where this nuclear bomb is supposed to go off is the day Kim’s boss would snap and show he’s abusive and then kill his wife. WTF?
  • Kim at this point may even have worse luck than her own father. She gets into all these crazy situations and unlike Jack she’s not smart enough to handle them. She’s so frustrating…

2×08 – Day 2: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Jack and Nina try to get more information out of her contact on the way back to LA. Tony learns of Bob Warner’s status as a CIA contractor. Stanton expresses concerns about Sherry’s presence as she tries to make a deal with a detained reporter.

  • So Kim and Miguel are arrested and how does Kim try to save herself? By revealing to a cop about the nuclear bomb even though her father told her not to! Kim is beyond frustrating. Someone needs to create a word how beyond frustrating Kim is!
  • While that’s going on Jack is trying to get information out of Nina. That obviously does not go well.
  • Nina kills someone on the plane. Which all in all is not a real surprise, because that was going to happen sooner than later.
  • The real surprise though is that the plane is shot down by a missile. I probably shouldn’t have been susprised about that, but I was.
  • At CTU, we learn that Bob Warner is actually a CIA agent. Which immediately threw out my theory that he was the terrorist.

2×09 – Day 2: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

The plane carrying Jack and Nina is shot down and together they must fight off a group of soldiers. Mason plays Bob Warner against Reza to find out which one working with the terrorists. Kate Warner is captured and interrogated by Syed Ali. Mason reveals the truth of his condition to Tony.

  • Kiefer Sutherland injured his leg while leaving his trailer. The writers had him pull a piece of wood from his leg after the plane crash so they could explain the limp. The limp disappears after this episode. – You would think he would maybe get injured doing a stunt or something that happens on the show. Not his trailer…
  • Conveniently Jack and Nina are the only ones that survive the plane crash.
  • Jack is either the luckiest guy in the world or the most unluckiest. It’s insane how much he endures.
  • Though Nina is presumed dead at first, so Jack had to give her CPR. The moment where Jack has to decide to save his worst enemy because of the job not because he wants to is a telling moment for Jack’s character.
  • Jack and Nina also fight side by side because of terrorists after them. Which I knew the moment Jack decided for Nina to get into the action that it would end badly.
  • You don’t give your worst enemy a gun or ammo Jack. I guess I can forgive him because it was a dire situation, but come on….
  • The scene where Nina requests immunity for killing Jack from Palmer was very well-acted even though I did not get emotional because I knew Jack wouldn’t die nine episodes into a 9 season show. This would also happen in a later episode this season.
  • But still fantastic acting from all the actors involved.
  • I’ll give one postive about the Kim storyline which is I did like the last scene with Megan and Kim.
  • Sherry was behind the release of information. Shocker, I know right? She’s got Palmer wrapped around her finger.
  • This episode really convinced me that neither Bob or Reza were involved with the terrorists.

2×10 – Day 2: 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Jack is captured by Nina Meyers and used as leverage in an attempt to get a presidential pardon. President Palmer learns the identity of one of the conspirators in his administration. After being set free, Reza learns the identity of the person who set him up when he goes to get incriminating evidence on Bob. Jack begins to suspect the soldiers who shot him down were with the NSA as he heads to capture Syed Ali.

  • Originally the writers planned to have Bob Warner be the dirty member of the Warner family. They were inspired to make it Marie after the story of “American Taliban” member John Walker Lindh. – So I wasn’t that far off? The writing did make it seem like it was Bob when you’re first watching the season.
  • Bob wasn’t the bad guy in the end, it was Marie. Kate’s sister, who I didn’t really have an opinion on before this episode. She wasn’t featured that often, but when she was nothing pointed to her being the terrorist.
  • As the episode went on I realize she was the only member of the family who hadn’t been questioned. Kate got questioned when Jack saved her, Reza and Bob got questioned at CTU.
  • When she showed up where Reza was, l was suspicious. She told him off the last episode and now she wants him back? I didn’t call she was the terrorist, but I was definitely suspicious of her as the episode went on.
  • Going back, Kate was kidnapped by Ali so he could see how much information she knew. I don’t understand why he didn’t just kill her himself after he was done with her.
  • Sherry and Stanton were working together all along, who wouldn’t thought?
  • Miguel starting a fire in the police car has to be the dumbest decision that has been made on this show so far. Who wrote that??? And who thought that was a smart idea???? Then Kim went along with it? This storyline is too stupid to even comprehend…
  • Aside from the Kim storyline, I thought this episode is where the season starts firing on all cylinders.

2×11 – Day 2: 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Kate Warner leads Jack on mission to locate and identify Syed Ali. President Palmer places Stanton under arrest and makes an out of character decision on how to handle the interrogation. CTU discovers that Marie killed Reza and the two agents trailing him.

  • This was the only episode of 24 in which a mountain lion appears. – THANKS for that information IMDB, that fact was MUCH NEEDED.
  • Elisha Cuthbert was bitten on the hand by the cougar that appeared in this episode. She was hospitalized for a short time, but was able to film her scenes. – WHY was that scene necessary??? Kim being chased by a cougar is so laughably bad. It wasn’t good, it served no purpose, and it got the actress hurt. Just so stupid all around.
  • Moving away from the stupid cougar moment, this episode is otherwise very good. Jack teams up with Kate to help identify Ali. This causes some great moments of tension, particularly when Kate goes inside the church and sees Ali.
  • The scene was so good that when Kate finally got out of church and is ambushed by Jack, I jumped in fear. The first time I have had that reaction while watching the show.
  • When we saw a person burning, I didn’t even assume that Ali has set him up for Jack and the other agents would think it was him. It was a smart move, but as always Jack is right behind him.
  • Back to the cougar, in the years since this episode aired, many of the cast and crew of 24 have all jokingly referred to the cougar as a metaphor for the outlandish plot developments, particularly in regards to Kim Bauer. – I will now also do the same, though I don’t know how to do that correctly…we’ll see how this goes.

2×12 – Day 2: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Jack tries to get information out of Syed Ali. Mason gets Bob Warner to reveal some previously classified history on Marie that paints Reza’s murder in a new light. Lynne Kresge becomes suspicious of Sherry.

  • This is the episode where I feel the show truly features the harshness of Jack’s interrogations.
  • Jack goes all out in this episode in order to get information about the bomb, even as far as to order the execution of a child..or so the show would like us to believe.
  • Jack has been through a lot of horrible times, that would harden him to maybe the point of killing a child, but I knew he didn’t do it because the whole reason he’s even interrogating Ali about a nuclear bomb is because he saw a child with his mother and wanted to save them both and that was just hours ago.
  • I don’t think Jack has reached the breaking point in order he would need to be to kill a kid. I’m not sure what would the breaking point be, but I have 7 more seasons (and a movie) to find out if Jack ever does reach that point.
  • But even Palmer believed Jack would kill a kid, don’t know what that says about their relationship.
  • Kim is saved by a creep because she’s Kim and she’s a danger magnet. This storyline is such a cougar.
  • The episode ends with Maire installing the bomb trigger… tick tock.

2×13 – Day 2: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

Jack discovers the bodies of six additional Coral Snake Commandos as a Tactical Team gets closer to the bomb’s location. Division sends in Brad Hammond to look into CTU LA’s situation. Stanton finally reveals that he has known about the bomb all along and allowed it be smuggled into the country.

  • This episode felt like a bit of a letdown after the fantastic last three episodes. Still a good episode though.
  • The whole episode is Jack chasing after the bomb that’s on a plane, but we find out that the bomb is just a decoy.
  • Kim is still with her rescuer who is so suspicious. The fact that’s she is still there and not running for the hills is just another reason as to why Kim is a f*cking idiot.
  • Her rescuer lies to her and says that the bomb went off so he can spend time with her because he’s lonely and she’s Kim….so f*cing ridiculous.
  • Palmer lets Stanton get tortured to get the information for the bomb, I believe Palmer would do that, but only because he’s in this situation where he doesn’t have a choice.

2×14 – Day 2: 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jack and Kate try to get Marie to reveal the exact location of the bomb in the airfield. Mason steps down as Director after his condition worsens. President Palmer confronts Sherry.

  • Lourdes Benedicto, who begins her role as Carrie in this episode, got lost on her way to the studio on her first day and ended up hitting a police car. She was let off with no charge. The cast nicknamed her “Cop Car Killer”. – The cast has a funny sense of humor that I can appreciate.
  • Mason finally steps down as CTU director and assigns Tony as CTU director. Good for Tony, he went from fourth in command to the actual director of CTU.
  • We see Mason leave CTU for the last time and it’s sad because we know it’s the end.
  • Kim finally leaves her rescuer after she learns that he lied to her about the bomb. Kim for once this season goes out on her own.
  • I’m just glad that dumb useless subplot is over.
  • Palmer stands up to Sherry and tells her to leave. F*CK YES!
  • Kate goes after Marie by herself. It’s stupid, but at least she tell someone to go find Jack, which saves her life. That makes it better than any of Kim’s stunts.
  • Maire comes very close to killing her own sister, but Jack saves Kate before Marie has the chance to kill her.
  • Jack is so good at his job that even when he’s done interrogating Marie, and she gives him an answer as to where the bomb is, he doesn’t accept it because he suspects something is off.
  • I would of taken Marie for her word, but that’s why I’m not agent and Jack is.
  • Jack does find the real bomb though and we’re finally at what we’ve been wanting for since the beginning of the season.

2×15 – Day 2: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

Jack must deal with the nuclear bomb at the airport. CTU discovers a recording implicating that Syed Ali is supported by three presidents of Middle-Eastern countries.

  • This episode won a Creative Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Underscore. It was also nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing and Outstanding Sound Editing, but lost to The West Wing’s 25, ER’s Chaos Theory and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s Fight Night respectively. – I’ll make note of that particularly episode of The West Wing to see if it deserved that Emmy or not.
  • The episode we’ve been waiting for or well I’ve been waiting for and man did it live up to my expectations.
  • We find out the bomb is tamper proof and the only way to stop the bomb would be to drop in a isolated spot in the desert. The pilot would be sacrificed in the process.
  • Jack being Jack volunteers to drop the bomb himself. I’m not surprised that he would do this, he did seem suicidal at the beginning of the season.
  • Once again though I knew something would happen to stop that from happening because Jack is not dying unless it’s the last episode of the show which this is not.
  • After we saw Mason appeared at the airport, I knew he would be the volunteer even when Jack voted against it.
  • I actually guessed that Mason got on the plane and was hiding. That was one of the few things that I actually guessed right about this season.
  • Palmer actually believes that Jack dies in the plane, the second time this season that Palmer thinks Jack dies when he really doesn’t.
  • I liked that the plot of the second half of this season is already starting in this episode. Makes it feel important and not tact on.
  • All of the scenes on the plane, were beautifully acted and incredibly well written.
  • Jack saying goodbye to Kim, may have been worth all of the bad Kim moments/storylines this season.
  • If only I had believed Jack was going to die, if I had I may have gotten emotional.
  • The scene with Mason and Jack was SO GOOD. I was so happy that Mason asked if Jack wanted to die because I was wondering the same thing myself.
  • The Mason sendoff was so well done. I may have gotten emotional from that. I had secretly been hoping that a cure would be found for Mason, but I was only kidding myself.
  • Him dying by sacrificing himself after running away from the nuclear bomb is a great completion of Mason’s arc this season.
  • I think this one of best episodes of the series so far and it’s well deserved.

2×16 – Day 2: 11:00PM – 12:00PM

Jack gets back to CTU after the bomb exploded. The situation there is tense since Tony became head of the Unit, especially when a key witness is assassinated. President Palmer and his staff prepare a retaliation on the three countries involved with Ali.

  • The writers put in Tony’s ankle injury during the fight with Jack because in real life Carlos Bernard injured his ankle. If you look carefully you can see Bernard limping slightly in earlier scenes before the on-screen fight gets his character’s injury matched with the actor’s injury. Bernard stated in an interview that the writers planned for the fight between Jack and Tony to be more elaborate and longer, but they had to cut it down when he was injured.
  • This episode continues to advance the second half of the season.
  • Michelle and Jack think the recording of three countries involved in planning the nuclear strike made in Cyprus is a forgery.
  • While Palmer on the other hand is setting off to start a war against the countries.
  • I really starting to warm up to Michelle in this episode. She was kinda just there before, but I really like her in this episode. She believes that Ali telling the truth and though she likes Tony, she voices her concerns to him and then Jack when Tony doesn’t give it much thought.
  • Kim gets involved in a convenience store robbery, because….it’s not like she’s not already been in enough danger as it is.
  • Dean Norris (Hank from Breaking Bad) shows up in this episode.
  • Ali is killed during the transfer to Guantanamo. So that makes one of our big bads from the first half of the season dead, and the other Marie in jail.
  • Truly showing that the second half of the season is going to different from the first half of the season.

2×17 – Day 2: 12:00AM – 1:00AM

Jack and Kate leave CTU to meet with the lone surviving member of the Coral Snake Commandos who says he has evidence that the tape is fake. President Palmer wants to wait and see what Jack finds out before launching a retaliatory strike.

  • Yusuf, Kate, and Jack team up to get the information about the chip that can prove the recording is a fake.
  • However, Kate is unaware that in order to get the chip she would need to be traded for it.
  • When trade does happen, it doesn’t end without a hitch because of this is 24 and nothing on here ends with a hitch.
  • Kate, Yusuf, Jack, and Wallace are shot at by assassins wanting to kill them.
  • Kim does mange to escape the convenience store after a lot of BS happens, the robber kills the store manger and almost Kim…it’s all just so very stupid.
  • I guess I should be happy this Kim storyline didn’t drag on any longer than it did, but man this was really dumb.
  • Tony becomes suspicious of Michelle and sets Carrie to monitor her which is not a good way to get a girl to go out with you Tony.
  • We get introduce to the Vice President who is played by Alan Dale who I know well from The OC.
  • He is not happy that Palmer is postponing the retaliatory strike…wonder if that’s gonna cause a problem? I hope that came off as sarcastic as I intended it to be.

2×18 – Day 2: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Jack, Kate, and Yusef try to get Wallace to a hospital after he gets shot by unknown assailants. President Palmer tries to deal with civil unrest as Muslim communities across the country are targeted.

  • Wallace dies once they arrive to the hospital, but not before he tells Jack enough of where the chip is.
  • Wallace says it’s inside of something and because Jack thinks beyond the human mind he figures out that the chip was inside of Wallace and processes to cut inside of him.
  • If Jack wasn’t a badass before this (which he was), he would’ve after this moment. Jack is the hero we don’t deserve, but the one we need.
  • Palmer tries his best to hold off the strikes, so Jack can prove the recording is fake, but he only causing more of his staff getting upset at him for trusting Jack over everyone else.
  • I so don’t envy Palmer here, he’s doing his best of not trying to start a war if it’s not necessary.
  • All the charges are dropped for Kim, so there is at least one good thing that happen to her this season.
  • But with one good thing comes another bad as Miguel breaks up with her because he lost a leg because of her. Really sucks that Kim dragged him into all of this, just another victim left behind of the Bauer’s storm.

2×19 – Day 2: 2:00AM – 3:00AM

Jack is captured by a group of men working for an oil magnate named Peter Kingsley who’s looking to capitalize on the coming war. Lynne Kresge discovers that Vice-President Prescott is planning on seizing the presidency by way of the 25th Amendment. President Palmer deals with some increasingly impatient Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kate and Yusef are attacked by angry American citizens when they try to get the chip behind the Ali recording back to CTU.

  • This episode received minor controversy (mostly due to Jack’s torture scene) from the Parents Television Council (an anti-violence/sex/language organization), being named the least family-friendly program on television that week. – All I’m going to say is that Parents Television Council is a joke and that’s just the truth.
  • But Jack does get captured and tortured, this is the first time this has happened on the show.
  • It’s strange seeing Jack not being in control of a situation because we haven’t see him do anything else, but being in control so this was a nice change of pace.
  • Also shows Jack isn’t Superman because he’s human. He has a breaking point, a breaking point that leads him to actually dying at the end of the episode.
  • Vice President and other members of the cabinet help organize a mutiny to remove Palmer because Palmer wants to call off the strikes so Jack can give him proof the recording was fake.
  • That wasn’t a surprise, the surprise was that Mike Novick, Palmer’s right hand man is apart of it. To keep the mutiny a secret, locks Lynne in a closet and has someone to guard it until the meeting is over.
  • Kate and Yussef are attacked by racists, therefore putting a stop to them delivering the chip to CTU.
  • Things are officially have went from bad to worse, well at least Kim isn’t in any trouble. That’s a plus.

2×20 – Day 2: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

Jack tries to escape from the Kingsley’s men after being tortured. Lynn Kresge tries to warn President Palmer about VP Prescott. Regional Director Ryan Chappelle returns to CTU and exerts his authority. Kate tries to retrieve the stolen computer chip. President Palmer begins to suspect something is wrong when Prescott won’t return his phone calls.

  • So Jack died for a few minutes there, but was relieved. So no need to worry, Jack is fine.
  • The writers planned to kill Dr. Spire in the previous hour, but realized that they would need him to aid in Jack’s escape. The deleted scene in which Stark’s men kill him can be viewed on the season two DVD.
  • Lynne escapes to warn Palmer, but falls down the stairs after being pursued. Which sucks because I liked Lynne and she was only trying to help Palmer which why her being seriously injured is so horrible.
  • We never learn if Lynne survives or not, if I’m remembering correctly which also in fact sucks.
  • Speaking of horrible, Yusuf dies from the attack from the racists in the previous episode. Another victim in the path of trying to help the Bauers.
  • Two of the racists are familiar faces including Nick Offerman and Tuco from Breaking Bad.
  • Palmer knows something is wrong because Palmer is smart, I don’t know how Mike, the VP, or the cabinet could think they could keep this meeting a serect.

2×21 – Day 2: 4:00AM – 5:00AM

After saving Kate from her attackers Jack heads to meet Alex Hewitt who may be the person who designed the computer chip. President Palmer’s ability to the run the country is questioned when the Vice-President and members of the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment.

  • Palmer steps down as President as The Cabinet thinks he’s unfit which is BS. Palmer help save thousands of lives. You would think he would get some credit for that.
  • This means Prescott is official POTUS, well until Jack prove the recording is a fake and get Palmer reinstated.
  • The chip is f*cked, CTU were able to collect data from it that leads Jack to the chip’s creator.
  • When he gets there, he finds someone, just not the creator. He finds Sherry!!!!! It was a good twist I didn’t see her having a part in this, so I was genuinely surprised when I saw her face as the episode ended.
  • Sherry isn’t the only back, because Gary, Meghan’s abusive father is back to stalk Kim. Yay!
  • Seriously though, why isn’t he gone to Mexico or something already? Why did it take him hours to go back to his house to get his stuff. He’s wanted for murder! He should been gone hours ago!

2×22 – Day 2: 5:00AM – 6:00AM

Jack discovers that Sherry Palmer is somehow involved in the conspiracy when he tries to talk to Alex Hewitt. Tony and Michelle make a critical decision on how to handle the Chappelle situation.

  • This episode won a Creative Arts Emmy for Best Editing.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Jack put Sherry in her place. No one has done that to her so far, David has tried to stand up her, but he’s not on a equal level with her. Jack, however is so it was fun to see Sherry actually not be the one holding the power in a situation.
  • I may not like Sherry, but she does add some interest into the story. She’s a compelling character to watch.
  • I think Chappelle may actually be worse than Sherry (and I thought that was impossible). I was pretty happy when Tony and Michelle drugged him.
  • Kim actually does something this season when she kills Gary. Putting an end to this dreadful storyline for once and for all.
  • I really hope the writers actually write something good or at least somewhat decent storyline for Kim next season.
  • Sherry gets stabbed after Alex gets cold feet, this puts Jack in a actual predicament as he has to decide to help Sherry or go after Alex. Jack knowing he’s got to go after the job does exactly that.
  • It’s actually a nice predicament to see where Jack’s loyalties lie when it comes down to the finishing the job or saving someone. Wonder if that will come back?
  • We’re down to the final hours, how exciting!

2×23 – Day 2: 6:00AM – 7:00AM

Jack has Sherry contact Peter Kingsley who turns out to be the mastermind behind the tape. Mike Novick realizes that he has made a huge error in judgment in supporting Prescott. Deputy Regional Director Brad Hammond places Tony and Michelle under arrest.

  • Nina Landey (Eve, the woman stabbed by Kingsley) played a different character (Amanda) in season 1’s 2:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.
  • The Season 2 DVD set contains a two-part documentary that details the making of the final two episodes of the season. – This is stuff I would love to watch for fun.
  • Alex unfortunately dies, and Sherry survives. Jack comes up with a new plan that can prove the recording is a fake by having Sherry confront the man behind all of this Kinsley while wearing a wire.
  • Jack is so resourceful, everything that could have gone wrong on this day has gone wrong and he is still finding new ways of getting the truth out there.
  • Heck, Jack even died and his heart is still a problem, but he’s pushing through it because if he doesn’t they’ll be a war and that he won’t be able to stop.
  • Jack like I said, is having complications with his heart from flatlining a few hours ago. This happens as he is driving Sherry to meet Kingsley. Ending the penultimate episode of the season.

2×24 – Day 2: 7:00AM – 8:00AM

Jack and Sherry head to LA Coliseum to meet Peter Kingsley. Upon hearing evidence via the live audio feed, President Prescott aborts the air strike. David Palmer is reinstated as President, and speaks to the nation about the nuclear bomb.

  • What an season! Truly that season was a journey and felt like one (in a good way).
  • So much has happened in this season. Many have been hurt, killed, turned, and more. It’s insane to think this is the same season that had Nina Myers in it for a few episodes or that Marie and Reza were supposed to get married at the start of it. It’s just fascinating seeing how this season started to where it has ended.
  • This season surprisingly ties everything up nicely in my opinion. So much happened this season that it’s hard to believe that there are no loose ends left.
  • No war was caused, Palmer reinstated as President, Mike Novick is fired, Kingsley is dead, Tony is rehired as Director of CTU, Jack and Kim are finally reunited, Kate is good aside from one last terrifying encounter with her sister (brilliantly acted), and Sherry arrested!!!
  • All’s well that ends well…well actually nope!
  • This season despite tying everything back together nicely, has quite a cliffhanger which is Palmer is attacked by Mandy (a villain from S1) and we end the season with Palmer possibly dying right in front of our eyes.
  • What a cliffhanger, they got me good I’ll admit. I didn’t see Palmer ever dying like Jack, but now it’s an actual possibility. That I won’t know until next season.
  • I will say I’m glad they brought Mandy back, I didn’t know if we would ever see her again, but I’m glad we did because she’s a good villain for sure.
  • An additional scene was filmed, but never really intended to air. It is additional footage of Max after Mandy’s call. A woman places her bandaged hand on Max’s shoulder. He whispers something to her, then she bends down to kiss him. It is then we realize the woman is Nina, who has been behind it all along. They cut it because they realized they couldn’t possibly explain it given the show’s time frame. – NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The resolutions to many of the storylines from the finale of Season 2 were never fully wrapped up on the show. However, the 2006 release of 24: The Game (2006) for the PlayStation 2 did in fact answer many questions, including who was behind the attack on Palmer’s life. – May have to play that video game.
  • As an April Fool’s joke on the crew, producer/director Jon Cassar revealed this fake ending to this episode. Palmer’s press conference ends and he goes down to his limo. He gets in successfully and rides off. After a while, we find out that someone is sitting next to him. That someone is Nina Myers. We realize that Palmer was in on the whole thing. We then shift to a scene in the desert. We close in on a parachute, then pan over to reveal George Mason, who jumped out of the plane before the bomb exploded. The end. – LOL!!!!
  • The scene in the LA Coliseum was originally going to take place at the Hollywood Bowl, but they could not get permission.
  • While doing the location shooting at the LA Coliseum, the crew played football on the field during their lunch breaks. – Aww.
  • Because of all the extras used in this episode, the crew had to shoot an extended scene where Palmer collapses and then stands back up to stop all of the extras going off and revealing the finale.

This season was pretty great, it has it’s flaws aka anything involving Kim, but despite that it had a lot more highs than anything else and that’s all that matters. Sure it had some slower moments in the middle, but it’s still a killer season. My favorite episode? I would have to go with 2×15, probably an episode of television I would describe as perfect (or at least as close to it). Favorite character? Jack is always amazing, but I gotta give it to the hero aka George Mason. He went from being a jerk in S1 to an hero. I love character growth and Mason exemplified that to a tea.

Pros: The overarching storyline, the characters, the acting, Kieffer Sutherland, great twists, and the cliffhanger.

Cons: Everything involving Kim outside of the scene of with Jack on the plane in 2×15, no resolution on Lynne (come on, I liked her!), a little slow in the middle.

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