Introducing Spooktober

If you didn’t know October begins tomorrow! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably like “finally”. Seriously, I hate summer. But wanna know something I don’t hate? October. What’s there not to like? Fall finally starts to feel like Fall, Fall Break is here, but most importantly Halloween! I don’t need to explain how awesome Halloween is, I assume you already know how amazing this holiday is and this year is about to become even better. Well at least for me anyways.

To celebrate my love of Halloween, there will be a blog post for each day in October. Yes, for all 31 days. Each blog post will center around the topic of Halloween. I won’t spoil everything I have planned for the month, but here are a few things to look forward to.

  • Me finishing The Nightmare On Elm Street Series (not counting that reboot) and reviewing all of them.
  • Me finishing the Halloween series and reviewing all of them (seriously what have I been watching all these years that I’m just now watching these movies for the first time).
  • My favorite spooky DCOMS. I don’t need to explain what DCOMS are, do I? ….Disney Channel Original Movies…just in case I did need to.
  • My Halloween music playlist.
  • And, do I believe in ghosts?

Find out sometime in October, I really don’t have a schedule when each individual post will come out, but it’ll be in October, that much I know. October is going to be a busy month, but I’m excited.

…okay…not that excited, but still pretty excited.


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