Spooktober – Day 1: How Halloween Became My Favorite Holiday

I always have liked Halloween. What’s there not to like? Candy, costumes, and horror movies are all great on their own, but together for one holiday make them magically dare I say. So even as a kid, I liked Halloween, but I didn’t love it and I can’t say why.

I loved the candy but was never obsessed with it like other the children (which is why I never had cavities and most of them did). I liked dressing up when I was younger, but I always hated the process of trying on costumes until my mother and I finally decided on one. Horror movies, well I always loved horror movies, but I stuck with the Halloween DCOMS because I was a child and was afraid of everything else. Heck, I was even afraid of the DCOMS!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is I liked Halloween as a child, but only to a extend. Then something changed. Me, I was that something that changed. And by changed, I mean growing up. I still like candy but it’s rare that I ever eat it. Costumes…haven’t wore one in probably a decade. Okay, I still love horror movies that haven’t changed. I would argue that, that has only grown the last few years. Yet, somehow the biggest change would have to be that I love Halloween now. I know, what a shocker.

Seriously though, I love it so much now that I would go as far to say that it is my favorite holiday now. Before I would’ve said Christmas, but in the last few years I only have cared about the music, movies, the decorations, and more so the feelings Christmas evokes than caring about the actual day. Which leaves Halloween as my favorite holiday. So what do I love so much about Halloween that I didn’t back then?

Well, I think it’s kinda like how I just described Christmas, but instead of having a lackluster conclusion that Christmas has, Halloween sticks the landing. It has the movies, music, decorations, and candy instead of food. Halloween manages to outdo Christmas in every way. Halloween is what everyone loves about Christmas, the actual day nothing, but watching scary movies and eating candy.

Halloween is the best buildup in a great movie that concludes in the best way possible. It’s fun without any effort being put into it. There’s nothing to stress over or be anxious about (leave a bowl of candy outside and be done with it). Doesn’t make you feel terrible about yourself or lonely if you’re by yourself. No family interactions or any social interactions for that matter is required, and as someone who hates socializing, that’s a huge plus for me. Halloween is the one holiday where it’s fun to be apart of. Makes me kinda wish that all holidays could be like Halloween.


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