Spooktober – Day 2: My Last Bloody Halloween

I have a terrible memory.

I don’t remember anything as a baby, I don’t have any memories until I was around the age of 5/6 and those are very vague to say the least. So when I say that this was my last Halloween, I really mean the last Halloween that I remember.

I want to say I was probably 7 or 8, but once again I’m not sure at all. Either way this was my last official Halloween as a kid. I have gone trunk-or-treating, those were fun. If you don’t know what trunk-or-treating is, it’s basically trick-or-treating, but with people’s car trunks. It’s really not as creepy as it sounds. I have also taken my nieces trick-or-treating. But I would say that this was my last Halloween for myself and I never even gotten to go trick-or-treating.

I don’t get injured like ever.

I can count on my hand, the number of times I been injured. An iron apparently fell on my leg and burned me when I was a baby, but due to the whole bad memory thing, I don’t remember any of this. I do have a mark of it on my leg more than a decade later, that’s the only reason why I am even aware that this even took place. I cut my toe once walking outside, bad enough that I started to cry as it started bleed.

Oh, and I gave myself a black eye once, running into a pole. I can laugh about that now, but wow I looked terribly stupid back then explaining to my parents and other people just how I had gave myself a black eye. Aside from these experiences, I don’t get seriously injured, which is what makes me getting injured on my last Halloween even more the weirder.

I don’t remember much about the actual day, I may have been dressed as Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and The Beast. My mother took my cousin and I trick-or-treating by driving us around different neighborhoods, that was the norm for Halloween. We were both around the same age, makes the most sense to just take both the children in the family out trick-or-treating together. I should probably mention here that my mother isn’t the best driver. I love her, but she just isn’t. In the past few years, she has had two fender blenders within a span of a year. She just not known as a great driver, though she claims this little Halloween incident “was not her fault”.

The incident itself is very standard and basic, all drivers have had this happen to them. They’re driving and the driver ahead of them abruptly stops for no reason, sometimes if you’re not quick enough you hit them and it’s not really your fault. That’s actually what happened with one of my mother’s fender blenders a few years ago. However, on this faithfully Halloween, my mother was quick enough to stop. No one was hurt, well other than me. But just how did I get injured during all of this?

I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Remember, I was child here. My parents never stressed the importance of wearing a seatbelt. I wear them all the times now, but back then not so much. So I flew forward into my mother’s seat and I can’t tell you just what I landed on, but whatever I landed on was bad enough that I scratch my knee pretty badly, that some skin was cut off. It looked pretty bad and felt worse. Cue to waterworks, I was in so much pain that my mother took us back home. My mother is a nurse, so we didn’t need to go to hospital or anything like that. Everything that I needed could be found back home.

Well expect stitches, which my mother believed I didn’t need. Explains why I still have a scar of this incident on my knee. We didn’t end up going to trick-or-treating that night, even though my mother asked if I still wanted after she fixed me up, but I was still in pain and didn’t feel like it. In hindsight, knowing that would be my last real Halloween I probably would’ve sucked it up and went anyways. We are only children for so long, it’s such a small portion of our lives, that wasting a Halloween like that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth now that I think about it. Halloween wasn’t ruined forever for me obviously, as I mentioned I went truck-or-treating after this particular Halloween and that was pretty fun. But it does make a little sad that I will never go trick-or-treating for myself ever again. Then, I remember I can just go to store and buy whatever candy I like and get more than just one of it, now that makes me feel better.


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