Spooktober – Day 6: What A Scream (Ranking The Screams)

One of my favorite franchises I love to rewatch every year for Halloween is the Scream franchise. It’s always as entertaining as the first time I watched it no matter how many times I seen them. I do however like some of the movies more than the others and I decided why not rank them by from my least favorite to my favorite.

4. Scream 3

I think we can all agree that Scream 3 is by far the weakest of the franchise. It feels all over the place in terms of writing. It loses the sharpness of the first two movies and replaces it with something sillier with the movie plot. Gale and Dewey’s banter is not fun nor funny anymore here. The killer feels forced and thin compared to the first two. Scream 3 is still entertaining and is a good-turn-off-your-mind and enjoy the movie type of film. Just no where near the quality of the other films in the franchise.

3. Scream 4

Scream 4 was unnecessary, Scream 3 may have not been great, but it did end on a satisfying conclusion for herione. So, Scream 4 was not needed, but Scream 4 is truly a great sequel to the other three films in the series. It actually feels like it was helped from having some time apart from the last sequel. It’s a return to form after Scream 3 and it stands well on it’s on without relying too much on the films that came before it. It has a nice cast, particularly Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere are standouts in my opinion. The story is better than the previous sequel and actually makes sense which is nice. What makes the movie really good though is a great plot twist and a great killer. Scream 4 is a massive improvement from Scream 3, but in my opinion doesn’t beat the first two.

2. Scream 2

I really love Scream 2. Sure I have a few nitpicks with it, there were too many red herrings for my liking and I believe there was a mistake in killing one of the characters, so it’s not perfect. But overall I believe this is a really great sequel and doesn’t diminish the original. The killer makes sense and the story is very well crafted. It’s almost as good as the original in my opinion. Almost.

1. Scream

Was there any doubt that this wasn’t going to be number one? Scream isn’t just one of my favorite horror movies, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a classic. It reinvented the horror genre and made it fresh again. There were tons of copycats, but nothing matched Scream or was even on the same level. Scream was just too smart, like promoting Drew Barrymore instead of Neve Campbell as the vocal point of the movie and killing her in the first scene. I know you all have heard this before, there is nothing new to say about Scream that hasn’t already been said, but Scream is just great in every aspect. I love this movie ever since I first watched it. I always come back to Scream for Halloween and I will continue to do so for the rest of time.


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