Spooktober – Day 7: Fears

I get easily frightened, which makes it ironic that I love horror movies and Halloween, but here we are. Also ironic that I want to have a ghost experience, but jump in fear if something falls on the floor without warning and startles me. Just about anything can scare me, but here are the following things at the top of my list of my worst fears and why they scare me. Don’t worry no internal fears are listest, save that for another time.

  • Spiders – My mother was bitten by a spider once and I believe she passed her fear of spiders over to me. I hate them with a passion.
  • Rats/Mouses – I know they are much smaller than us and they are probably the ones scared of us, but I can’t stop thinking about them possibly crawling all over me and the idea of that sends chills over my body.
  • Snakes – Venomous snakes to be exact, any animal that can bite me and kill me is not an animal I like or ever want to be around.
  • Flying – To be fair, I have never flown on a plane before, but I believe I would hate every minute of it. I’m anxious enough as it is, planes would only my anxiety worse.
  • Drowning – I can’t swim, so drowning is something that could very well happen to me and that is scary.
  • Confined Spaces – The horror movie, The Descent made me claustrophobic. That’s not even a joke. At least, watching The Descent made me realize that I may be claustrophobic. I can’t even possibly think about being in a place so tight that I feel I could not even breathe, that does not work with me.
  • Murders/Burglars/Rapists/Kidnappers – All pretty obvious why, just felt like I should just put them out there any way.

Any fears I’m forgetting? These were the ones that immediately popped into my head and I know I’m probably overlooking something big, so tell me about any fears you may have, we might just share them.


4 responses to “Spooktober – Day 7: Fears”

  1. Clowns. I almost feel like that’s a cliche answer when it comes to fears these days. I’ve hated clowns since I was a kid. The most terrifying thing to me would be to drive somewhere and come across a clown just standing on the side of the road. Maybe he’s not even doing anything particularly scary or harmful to anyone. He could just be watching intently as I drive by… even waving… that’d be enough to make me punch the gas pedal and get as far away as fast as I could. Just creepy…

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  2. I have luckily never experienced any situation like that or any clowns in general. If I did though, I would also be terrified of clowns.


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