Spooktober – Day 8: A Zombie Apocalypse?

It seems like the question “What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?” has me posed a lot more in recent years. I believe this is because of The Walking Dead and the increase of zombie movies and shows as of late. I have personally never seen The Walking Dead and I don’t watch many zombie movies or shows. I watched the first season of IZombie, but that didn’t go anywhere. I have never even seen Zombieland (it’s on the watchlist), I have just never been into zombies. I don’t hate them or are scared of them, I’m just neutral when it comes to zombies.

I have never given any thought about being apart of a zombie apocalypse. I know it’s probably more likely to happen than me meeting a ghost, but for some reason, I just never thought about it, until now. So what would I do in a zombie apocalypse? Well first let me just state that no matter what I would end up doing, I would probably die. Like I said before I don’t watch many zombie movies or shows, I have no clue what the dos or don’ts are when it comes to zombies. Everyone else would be somewhat prepared for this, I would be going off the dome.

So yeah, no matter what I do I’m going to die. Just keep that in mind. I would immediately go to Costco because going to a grocery store to pack up where there are supplies and food makes the most sense to me. I wouldn’t stay there because zombies would eventually get in because of course, they would. I would probably honestly die there if I stayed no matter how safe I feel there.

I live in a city and I wouldn’t want to stay there during an apocalypse. It wouldn’t make sense to stay in a city, especially if there’s no electricity, no gas, no lights, so I would go to the country. I could grow food there in the middle nowhere and live there until eventually a zombie finds me and eats me because I have no fighting skills and guns are not my thing. That’s why I would die no matter what.

Does anyone have their zombie apocalypse plan just in case, if so what does yours look like?


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