Spooktober – Day 9: Favorite Halloween Episodes

Halloween themed episodes of TV shows are some of my favorite episode of TV. The episodes are usually fun and goofy, even if it’s a drama. These episodes tend to let their characters let loose and have fun, so I love these episodes of TV. I thought I would take a look at some of favorites and see what made them so great.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Fear Itself (4×04)

Before I go further, no I do not count Hush as a Halloween episode, put your pitchforks down. Now I also know that everyone loves Buffy’s Halloween (2×06) when it comes to Buffy Halloween episodes, but I prefer Fear Itself. It reveals a lot insight about how the characters and how they’re feeling in season four, while also being a pretty fun Halloween episode. I like all three of the Buffy Halloween episodes, but Fear Itself is the one I always come back to.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Halloveen (5×04)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes are some of the best episodes of the entire show, so it was hard picking just one. But I had to go with Halloveen, because of the emotional stakes this episode holds and the great payoff it delivers. Halloveen is a great Halloween episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it’s a even better regular episode of the show.

Friends – The One With The Halloween Party (8×06)

What can I say Friends knows how to do their holiday episodes. I love their Thanksgiving episodes, but I don’t think this Halloween episode gets enough love. Seeing the friends dressed up in their Halloween costumes throwing a Halloween party causes plenty their usual hijinks makes the whole episode a lot of fun to watch.

Grey’s Anatomy – Haunt You Every Day (4×05)

This is basically a typical episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but with a Halloween backdrop. But, it’s a good Grey’s Anatomy episode with a Halloween backdrop. I actually think that Halloween is nice inclusion in the episode. What’s there not to like about a hospital during Halloween? And no this is episode is not like Halloween 2, now that wouldn’t be fun unless being chased by a killer is your idea of fun.

How I Met Your Mother – The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (7×08)

This episode only works if you have seen the previous Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother which was in their first season. The Slutty Pumpkin Returns is the sequel to The Slutty Pumpkin (1×06), the sequel that came 6 years later where we finally learn the identity of the woman under the pumpkin. Which is Katie Holmes and you would think after searching for the woman for years, Ted and everything would be great. That obviously doesn’t happen and that’s what makes the episode so great.

One Tree Hill – An Attempt To Tip The Scales (3×04)

Do I really need to explain why I love this episode? If you watched the clip above, it tells you everything you need to know. Much like the above mentioned Friends episode, this is a great Halloween episode because we have all our favorite characters dressed up in some crazy costumes having a blast. It’s great.

Charmed – All Halliwell’s Eve (3×04)

There was no way I wasn’t going to include Charmed, a show about witches for great Halloween episodes. Unlike the other shows on the list, the Charmed ladies are not having a great Halloween. With the having to go back into time to save their heritage, losing their powers, and being chased by men who want to kill them. Doesn’t make for a fun Halloween for the witches, but it does make a fun episode for us to watch.


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  1. I’m gonna reach way back in the archives for one of my favorites. Quantum Leap’s Halloween episode from season 3, Boogeyman, saw Sam encounter a young Stephen King. It turned out the whole episode was a dream, right up until the end. But in the dream, Sam also had an encounter with the Devil, disguised as Al. The Devil was pissed that Sam had been leaping around in time, putting right what he had put wrong in all those people’s lives.

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