Spooktober – Day 11: The Halloween Album of 2019

Kim Petras is the Mariah Carey of Halloween. That isn’t a statement I say easily, but it’s true. You may have asked well what about Micheal Jackson? Michael may have done Thriller (without a doubt the best Halloween song and video ever), but he never did an entire Halloween album, now did he?

Kim Petras first released Turn Off The Light Vol. 1 on October 1st 2018. A Halloween themed EP that featured 8 songs, each with their own chilling Halloween theme to them.

Turn Off The Light Vol. 1 was such a success for fans and Kim alike, that Kim released a ablum considering it being a sequel to her EP on October 1, 2019 simply titled Turn Off The Lights, with the 8 songs from the original EP and 9 never before heard songs. Kim released this Halloween album just months after her debut album was released in June.

Now I must say that Kim’s music is not for everyone. She isn’t your typical popstar. She fits more into the electropop music subgenre. Which is understandable not everybody’s cup of tea. But don’t fear, I have picked my absolute favorites from the album that I think everyone should heard even if you’re not into pop music. I mean how often do you see a Halloween song being released, not to mentioned an entire album worth of them? Not often! So let’s appreciate the one we have.


A mostly instrumatal track, but great one. Kim combines the well known special spooky sounds we all aware of with a disco dance beat. It’s quite a journey for only being 2 minutes.

Wrong Turn

This song feels like it belongs in a slasher movie. So much so, that I may be reading too much into it, but I think Kim is alluding to some slasher movies in song itself. The final destination in particular has to be a nod to The Final Destination series and the title itself, Wrong Turn I think is another to the horror movie Wrong Turn starring Eliza Dushku. Either way this is the most slasher movie song of the album.


As someone who loves Christmas and Halloween, this song was made for me. Kim takes a classic Christmas song and makes it the creepiest Halloween song you will ever hear. I love it!

Tell Me It’s A Nightmare

I can’t really explain why I like this one so much. I really like Kim’s vocals here, but I also can say the same about the rest of the songs on the album. I like the production on the the track, but it’s not the best of the bunch. I like the lyrics, but it’s not as creative as some of the others. I say all of this and yet this one of my favorites. It’s just a song that may be the best, but one that’s good in every aspect.

Everybody Dies

My last favorite from the album is a simple, but wonderful closer. It’s probably the least creepiest of the album which is probably a surprise with a title like that, but Everyone Dies is the closest Kim gets to a ballad on this album. Kim’s heavenly vocals are brought front and center and that makes this song a perfect closer.

Is there any Halloween songs/albums that you love, or maybe a song that reminds you of Halloween if so please do share.


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