Spooktober – Day 14: Twitches

Yesterday, I talked about the Disney Channel Original movies, the Halloweentown series and I wanted to continue that today by talking about another DCOM franchise that I love by talking about Twitches! Twitches stars Tia and Tamera Mowry who I was obsessed with at this time because I loved their show Sister, Sister and so I course had to watch their DCOM. I love DCOMS and I was obsessed with Tia and Tamera so I was bound to love Twitches and surprise, surprise I did. Just like Halloweentown, I watch Twitches and it’s sequel every year, so much so that it has become a tradition. If you haven’t seen Twitches for yourself, here is the premise for the first one.

Twitches (2005)

Twins who were separated at birth in a magical kingdom called Coventry are sent to Earth to escape the dangers of an evil force that’s after them. Unaware of each other’s existence, the girls are adopted by two different families. Alex adopted by a working-class mother, who passed away months ago, while Camryn was adopted by wealthy, but loving parents. When Camryn and Alex meet by chance for the first time on their 21st birthday their powers start to form and their birth mother, who thought her daughters were dead, senses they are alive. Alex and Camryn struggle to accept the truth about their past and the extent of their magic, but they set out to find their birth mother to get the answers they have been looking for.

Is it terrible that I never noticed that my favorite Halloween movies to watch as a child were both franchises about witches? I knew I liked witches because of these movies and Charmed, but it’s possible I may have loved them and never really noticed. Anyhow, I think is one of the few DCOMs that holds up pretty well. Tia and Tamera chemistry as sisters is always a beautiful thing to watch, no mater what they are in. The story is predictable, but at least it’s fun and has a twist to the formula with the heroines being twin sisters. As far as I know, that pretty uncommon. It also has a nice message that about sisterly love and I love that Disney shows adoptive families in a positive light. With movies like Cinderella, Disney doesn’t really show makeshift families in the best light, but Twitches is different and shows that both girls loved their families and aren’t eager to meet their birth mother because they had a horrible childhood or they hate their respective families, they just want to meet her even if they already have a family that loves them. The soundtrack is also great might I just add, Aly & AJ (sisters who I was and still kinda am obsessed with) are featured on the soundtrack with their song, Rush which was a song I loved as a child and still do. I will say that even though, I loved this movie as a child, I remember being particularly scared at the near of the movie with the final showdown. Oh, fond memories.

Twitches Too (2007)

After using their powers to battle the forces of darkness, the sisters settle down to lead normal lives. Camryn wants to embrace the royal lifestyle in the enchanting land of Coventry, while Alex just wants to start her college life. Still, while trying to adjust to each other and their differences, a familiar enemy lurks close by and evidence surfaces that their missing biological father, Aron, may still be alive.

I will be honest here when I say that I don’t like the sequel nearly as much as the original. It feels like it kinda just repeating some of the story bits from the first movie, but not as good. I do like the story of sisters finding out that their biological father may not be dead as originally thought, but trapped in another dimension, a dimension where they trapped the villain from the first movie, their uncle. They fear if they release their father, they would also release their uncle. It’s a good premise, but I don’t feel like the movie does much with that. That’s the movie overall goal is to find out if their father is really alive and if so bringing him back, but the movie goes into different directions by having Camryn wanting to be a princess and Alex focusing on her studies. They also have this useless plot point of Camryn’s ex-boyfriend is interested in Alex that goes nowhere. It’s not even a real love triangle, and I’m glad it’s not, because the last thing I want is these two sisters fighting over a useless guy. But still, it’s a thread the movie thought was worth exploring. I say all of this as if I hate this movie and I don’t. It’s entertaining, Tia and Tamera’s chemistry is still great of course, all the characters from the first movie returns. It does explore some good tension between the sisters, as Alex moves in with Camryn’s family and begins to bond with them making Camryn a little jealous fearing her parents like Alex more than her. Now that’s good tension, if you want the sisters to have conflict not over a stupid boy. So I don’t hate this movie, it has a good story, and some nice moments between the sisters. However, it’s not up to the quality of the first movie and what is with that spelling. Seriously, why is it called Twitches Too?! That’s just dumb marketing, not cute.

Still, I love the first movie and I like the sequel enough to watch it alongside the first one. My ranking would go like this from worst to best.

  • Twitches Too (2007)
  • Twitches (2005)

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