Spooktober – Day 20: Best 4 Spooky YouTube Channels

There are so many YouTube channels out there and luckily around this time of year we have plenty of options for watching some spooky videos to get you into the Halloween mood and these are some of the channels that I love to watch around this time.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Buzzfeed has been the butt of many jokes, but I will say that Buzzfeed Unsolved is the best thing that Buzzfeed has ever done/put out and for that I will forever be grateful for. Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. They manage to combine their great chemistry along with humor and wit to bring some lightheartedness to otherwise dark cases both true crime and supernatural.

Dead Meat

Host James A. Janisse doesn’t just count kills in horror movies. He is also a huge fan of the horror genre and it shows in his work. Even if you’re not a fan of horror, you can appreciate the insight he brings in his Kill Counts, because he adds information about each film he covers and it makes for a wonderful time for us the viewer.

Ryan Hollinger

Ryan Hollinger’s channel is full of horror video essays. They are all wonderful, I have been introduced to so many horror movies I have never even heard of and makes me understand how and why they may had had an impact on the horror genre as a whole. This is a must watch channel for fellow horror fans.

Something Ghoulish

Something Ghoulish is a pretty new, yet underrated YouTube Channel that surprise surprise talks about horror. So far he has released a variety of horror video essays in a new, but interesting way. Like going into depth about the final girl trope and why it may actually be a problem.

Bonus: NowThis Nerd

NowThis Nerd isn’t a exclusive channel about horror, but when they do make their own horror videos, they are great. They have videos about how to kill horror movie antagonists and in more depth videos like the one I posted above. I recommend the whole channel, but the horror videos are in particularly great.


One response to “Spooktober – Day 20: Best 4 Spooky YouTube Channels”

  1. I freakin’ love Buzzfeed Unsolved. When I first stumbled upon them, it was during some of the true crime stuff. It cracked me up the way they mocked D.B. Cooper. Then I found the supernatural episodes and I was hooked.

    “Hey demons! It’s ya boy, Shane!” Cracks me up…

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