Spooktober – Day 29: Drag Me To Hell (2009)

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What is Drag Me To Hell?

After denying a woman the extension she needs to keep her home, loan officer Christine Brown sees her once-promising life take a startling turn for the worse. Christine is convinced she’s been cursed by a Gypsy, but her boyfriend is skeptical. Her only hope seems to lie in a psychic who claims he can help her lift the curse and keep her soul from being dragged straight to hell. Drag Me To Hell stars Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver and was directed by Sam Raimi.

Why do I recommend it?

When I watched the first Evil Dead just a few weeks ago, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Turns out, I really should have had some type of idea, because I had seen Sam Raimi’s most recent horror movie Drag Me To Hell a year ago and it was and may still be the grossest horror movie I have ever seen. So, I blame myself for being surprised about the amount of gore in the first Evil Dead, because Raimi had already proven that knew how to go all out with gore to me when I first saw Drag Me To Hell. There’s so much vomit in this movie, it’s crazy. But, it makes sense once you understand what the movie is doing. Drag Me To Hell doesn’t just use a lot of gore for no reason. There’s a reason for everything in the movie. Much of the movie is an allegory for bulimia. It’s subtle, but once you begin to notice it, it becomes immediately obvious. It’s actually amazing how much this movie gets away with considering it’s a PG13 movie, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. And because of that Drag Me To Hell is one of the best PG13 horror movies of the past decade in my opinion. There was a period of time wherein horror we had gotten nothing, but bland PG13 horror movies that had done nothing new and had no stakes. Drag Me To Hell was the expectation.

For a long while, Drag Me To Hell was the shining beacon of hope of the PG13 era of horror movies. It manages to be so much fun to watch, while also being disgusting (you can thank the gross gore for that) I seriously have never been so grossed out with a movie before Drag Me To Hell and that has to be some sort of accomplishment. It’s the perfect combination of being ridiculous campy fun while also being scary. There are jump-scares, but not in the half baked lazy way we have been conditioned to for so long. They’re used effectively and are where most of the scares come from and you don’t actually mind it. Now that I have finally seen the Evil Dead trilogy, Drag Me To Hell feels very much like a spinoff to the series. But, not in a bad way, I remember having a lot of fun watching for the first time and on repeat viewings, there is always something new to pay attention to. Drag Me To Hell feels as though it lives in the shadow of Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy which is really a shame because it has plenty of charm on its own merits that deserve to be seen as it’s own. Drag Me To Hell is an underrated horror movie that deserved much more attention then it ends up having.

7 Extra Great Horror Movies

  • A Bucket of Blood (1959)
  • Peeping Tom (1960)
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)
  • Possession (1981)
  • Dark Waters (1993)
  • The Mist (2007)
  • The Love Witch (2016)

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