Movies/TV Watched In October 2019

October was a unique month for the blog because I seemly reviewed almost every movie I watched in October at some point on the blog. See, I watched The Evil Dead franchise and you can read about it here. I finished watching the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises and you can read about that here and here. According to Letterboxd, I only saw two movies in October that haven’t reviewed yet. Hence why this wrap up will be different from my previous ones, because I’m including what television I watched during October as well to make up for the films I already reviewed in October. Sound good?

Cat People (1942)

I wanted to watch Cat People because it is seemingly the first horror to contain a jump scare in it and I knew I had to watch it for Spooktober. The movie itself is pretty wild even for today’s standards. Man meets woman. Man gives the woman a cat on their second date. Cat hates woman. Woman claims man cannot touch her without her turning into a cat. The man proceeds to marry the woman anyways. This all happens within a month, maybe even weeks mind you. That’s not even the end of it either, because man proceeds to fall in love with coworker/friend when his arraignment is on the rocks. It’s a crazy film, but it is directed beautifully. Particularly the scene where the jump scare occurs is delightfully creepy that even when the jump scare occurred I was taken aback by despite the fact I was expecting it. This movie is not for everyone, but any of this interests you at all I recommend it.

Hereditary (2018)

I finally watched Hereditary, one of the most talked about horror movies in recent memory for a good reason too. This has to be the most f*cked up movie I have ever watched and that truly says something. I was luckily not spoiled about anything about this movie which made my viewing experience all the much better. Hereditary started slow which I didn’t mind, but when a certain event happens about 30 minutes in, I knew I was in for a movie that I had never quite seen anywhere before. Seriously, my mouth was left open for about 10 minutes after that certain event happened because I couldn’t proceed what had just happened and that feeling never went away for the rest of the movie. I never had that type of experience with a movie before. Hereditary is seriously a one of kind horror movie and I recommend it to everyone.

And that was all the movies I saw in October that I didn’t cover on the blog already, moving on to the little bit of television I managed to watch in October

The Hook-Up Plan (2018-)

I did a Binged for the first season of this French Netflix series and I quite enjoyed it. It’s an easy show to get into. Less than 10 episodes for each season (eight in season one and six in season 2) that are less than 30 minutes long. Season two managed to keep everything great and season one but was also much more frustrating. With such a small amount of episodes, some storylines felt rushed and tension that created felt convoluted. This also made the resolutions of these storylines feel unearned. Still, season two was a lot of fun to watch, though I’m not sure if it needs a third season since it ended very nicely for all of the characters.

Russian Doll (2018-)

I finally got around to binging Russian Doll after hearing so much praise for it and it’s well deserved. Russian Doll is brilliant in how it combines comedy along with mystery, intrigue, and heart-wrenching emotions. Natasha Lyonne carries the show with a phenomenal leading performance. I can’t wait for season two which is coming soon. I guess there are some benefits to watching a show later than everyone else.

Glow (S3) (2017-)

I love Glow! Glow is one of my favorite show airing today and it’s not just because I’m a huge wrestling fan though that plays a part in it. The characters and the female friendships are what I truly love about the show, then add in the wrestling and my love is taken to another level. In season three, wrestling took a step back to the other storylines this season, but those storylines explored the characters to a deeper level and their relationships so I wasn’t too upset about that. The new location also brought a new direction to the show that I didn’t know it needed, but was a great decision that paid off nicely. I can’t wait for season four, which unfortunately is the last, but knowing Netflix I’m glad we are even getting that.

October was a busy month, but I will say that November will be busy with a lot more movies because I’m trying to cramp in a lot of movies that I think could be considered the best movies of the decade. I have 40 movies I want to watch before New Year’s! It’s a good thing I’m always up for a challenge.

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