Season In Review: 24 (S3)

3×01 – Day 3: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Three years later; CTU receives a threat that Mexican drug lord Hector Salazar is planning on releasing a deadly contagious virus in LA unless Jack gets his brother Ramone Salazar out of prison. President Palmer prepares for a presidential debate with Senator John Keeler.

  • This is the first season premiere that doesn’t start in another country. – I never noticed that before.
  • 3 years later and I thought the 1-year jump in season 2 was a shock.
  • Before I actually start giving my opinion on the actual episode, I should start by saying that I found the gameplay of the 24 video game on YouTube and checked it out.
  • It took place between season 2 and season 3, so I wasn’t spoiled about anything. It was really cool knowing a little bit more about the characters before jumping back into a new season and knowing where the show was heading.
  • So Palmer’s alive and his brother Mr. Sherry-lite is working for him. I wasn’t surprised that Palmer was alive, I feel he’s one of those characters on the show you can’t kill off. At least not yet, this show has 6 more seasons and a movie for that.
  • Also, he was alive and recovering in the video game, so that just confirmed it.
  • Kim is working at CTU which was something I think I knew prior before starting the show that she would eventually work for CTU.
  • Kim working for CTU is probably the best thing the show could’ve done for her character. At least now she won’t constantly be in danger. CTU isn’t the safest place to work, but still. This is SO much better.
  • Kim is dating Jack’s partner Chase…what could possibly go wrong there?
  • But who cares about them? Tony and Michelle are married!!! Yay!! I actually screamed out of joy. I love a good power couple.
  • The threat this season is a deadly virus. I was wondering how they would top a nuclear bomb, not sure this threat does, but this season has a good chance of topping season 2.
  • We also have new members, Adam and Chloe. I knew eventually a Chloe would show up on the show because I just have a memory of people really loving this character whenever I heard people talking about the show, so I’m looking forward to liking her. Adam is played by pre-Heroes and pre-Spock, Zachary Quinto, which is really weird. I guessed I shouldn’t be surprised his character, Skylar, on Heroes was psycho and in the Star Trek movies he plays the calm, well-mattered Spock…so he plays really different roles.
  • And finally our beloved hero, Jack Bauer is going through a breakup with Kate (I hope we learn more about what happens). And we know he spent time undercover for a year which leads to his…. drug addiction.
  • I was not expecting that like at all. I thought Jack’s problems earlier were because of his heart and him flatlining in season two, not him going through withdrawal.
  • This is a very interesting turn to take his character, I’m excited to see where this all leads.
  • The tattoo Kiefer Sutherland has on his wrist during the final scene is real. Sutherland opted to get it permanently instead of reapplying make-up every day. – I loved how passionate he was about doing things for the show.
  • D.B. Woodside (Wayne Palmer) and Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce) both appeared in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer a year earlier called “Help”, although they didn’t share any scenes together. – I remember D.B. arc in the last season of Buffy, but I don’t remember that particularly episode off the top of my head, will need to rewatch it.
  • Ford, the primary sponsor of the premiere, incorporated 24 and the character of Jack Bauer into the two-part commercial that aired before and after this episode. Although Kiefer Sutherland did not appear, nor did any other 24 actors, the commercial featured a Jack Bauer look-alike, foreign spies, a secret tracker, money and a car chase that involved the Ford F-150. Jack Bauer was not mentioned by name, but the commercial was clearly meant to compliment 24 without stepping on any toes. – Oh, I have to find that. I have to see that.

3×02 – Day 3: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

After Goss’s infected body is dropped at the hospital Jack and Chase begin to trace his last known locations while CTU tries to figure out how the virus is gonna be unleashed to the public at large. Once they figure out it’s gonna be spread through cocaine shipments CTU begins to track down drug dealers in East LA. President Palmer considers canceling the debate.

  • Beginning with Season 3, Fox decided to stop airing repeats of each week’s episode on its cable outlet, F-X. The decision was made after several local Fox affiliates complained that the repeats were hurting their ratings.
  • In a deleted scene for this episode, it is revealed that Season 3 takes place on a Wednesday-Thursday. – I wouldn’t have pegged the day to be a Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Lots of things happening in this episode. Jack is dealing with his drug addiction, Kim tells him about Chase and her (great timing there Kim)!
  • Palmer’s brother isn’t playing by his rules. Terrorists are watching Kyle, the kid who’s unknowingly carrying around the virus. Lots of good stuff here.
  • Did I mention that Palmer has a girlfriend? He does, I’m happy for him, but I’m not sure if I can trust her.
  • Now Wayne is saying David’s opponent may have something on her…I just don’t know…
  • Wayne, by the way, is really just a replacement for Sherry which I was not what I was not prepared for.
  • The most important thing about the episode, however, is at the end when we realize that Salazar is being updated by Gael, who works at CTU.
  • CTU has got to have the worst hiring process ever. This is the third mole that has worked in CTU unless I’m forgetting someone. It’s just insane how careless CTU can be!

3×03 – Day 3: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Tony and one of Salazar’s cronies close in on a young drug trafficker who may be unknowingly carrying the virus. Jack informs Kyle Singer’s parents that he may be infected. Wayne becomes concerned over David’s latest affair when he learns the woman’s ex-husband will perjure himself over sworn testimony he gave years earlier unless the President pays him not to.

  • In Canada, during the original Global broadcast of this episode, an unscheduled commercial break took place right after Tony was shot and the end split-screens. This behavior continued during the broadcast of “Day 3: 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.”. After the break appeared in Hour 4, fans disgusted with the extra commercial wrote Global saying, “Taking a break in the middle of this show destroys its real-time concept,” and “Why are you tampering with a successful formula?” After these letters were mailed in, Global put a stop to the extra commercial. – 24 fans were a dedicated little group weren’t they?
  • If you thought that Kim telling Jack about her and Chase was a dumb move before, this episode proves it was even dumber than what we thought.
  • Kim telling Jack about her and Chase inadvertently got Tony shot in the neck because Jack was being petty and not allowing Chase to do his job.
  • Kim never realizes that these situations are serious and no one has time to put up with her antics.
  • It’s possible that I’m venting about Kim because Tony got shot. Something I did not see coming, which is probably my own fault, but still.
  • Unlike Palmer, I can actually see 24 killing Tony off just to ripped our hearts out.
  • It’s crazy that Tony went so quickly as a character I didn’t like to one that I can’t see the show possibly losing.
  • Another surprise from the episode is that the powder is clean of the virus. Jack is so smart because I wouldn’t have guessed the virus was in Kyle that quickly.
  • He did come up with that pretty fast, I guessed after you’ve been doing the job as long as he has doing then you can figure things out that fast.

3×04 – Day 3: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

In order to get Ramon out of prison Jack asks for President Palmer’s permission to instigate a prison riot. Michelle takes over command of CTU after Tony is injured. Chase disobeys orders and fiercely interrogates Ramon as Jack puts his plan into motion. President Palmer has Wayne call off the meeting with Anne’s ex-husband. Drug dealer Kyle Singer is captured by Salazar’s men.

  • This episode was full of tension that the show has become an expert at.
  • I knew the whole Jack breaking Ramon out of prison plan was going to go badly wrong from the moment Jack proposed it to Palmer.
  • I know why Jack went for it, but man I didn’t want this season to became Jack fighting and working outside of CTU for the right reasons. We got that enough last season, but it looks like we are indeed going in that direction.
  • I will say that Jack knocking out Chase was a fun twist, we knew he would have to do it, but he did without any hesitation. Just proving that Jack will do anything to save the operation including possibly ruining his own career.
  • I’m glad Palmer decided against giving his girlfriend’s ex-husband the money. He would have gone outside of his own principles, so I’m glad he didn’t.
  • Michelle is in charge of CTU now that Tony’s out, instead of being with her husband which is probably not something she thought would ever happen, but she’s second in command and she has a job to do.
  • Her first job is to get Kyle back before the virus spreads, but little do they know that Kyle and his poor girlfriend is kidnapped by Salazar’s men.
  • Hence why Jack is giving Salazar what he wants aka his brother as he doesn’t think they can get Kyle back in time before the virus spreads.
  • We’ll see how good of an idea that was in the next episode.

3×05 – Day 3: 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Jack and Ramon are captured by dangerous prison inmates after trying to escape. President Palmer begins his debate with Senator Keeler. At CTU, Chloe O’Brian discovers evidence of Jack’s heroin addiction.

  • The original FOX broadcast included a couple of viewer discretion warnings for violence, along with a promo at the end of the episode by Kiefer Sutherland for an organization called The Americans For Gun Safety Foundation. – Well, it’s Fox, so of course, they did.
  • I think I may be the only one who thought the prison break felt like filler. The show has 24 episodes, it’s always going to have filler episodes, this just felt it was trying to waste an hour/episode of the show. Especially when Jack and Ramon are captured by fellow prison inmates.
  • I have seen the prison break episodes of shows done better, particularly on the show Prison Break for example.
  • I did love that Michelle explains that Jack was using Kim for information because even he, her own father knows she’s dumb. That gave me a good laugh.
  • While all of this is happening, Kyle and his girlfriend are left alone by the terrorists because…of reasons. Kyle decides to just kill himself to stop the spread of the virus. Which is very noble, but it’s not the way to go. It would’ve been pretty sad if he killed himself then CTU finds them…
  • But luckily that didn’t happen as his girlfriend save him. And luckily CTU does rescue them both.
  • Unfortunately for Jack, he doesn’t get that message before he gets in a helicopter with Ramon leaving the prison and probably going to Mexico.
  • I will say I liked that Chase is like a little mini-me of Jack. He’s what I imagine Jack as a young 20 CTU agent. I thought Chase really shined in this episode in particular.
  • Palmer’s opponent did do a number on him in their debate.
  • I wouldn’t know what to think about Palmer then if I was a voter. I mean a President has never called off a debate, but if she/he did, it would not make them look good at all.

3×06 – Day 3: 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Jack and Ramon try evade military helicopters when they make a run for a plane scheduled to leave for Mexico. Palmer cancels the debate. Kyle Singer learns that he is not infected with the virus. Kim discovers that Gael Ortega might be working with the Salazars.

  • Ryan Chappelle is back taking control over CTU because we were all clattering for Chappelle to come back.
  • CTU is working to get Jack notified about Salazar’s escape being pointless, but Jack doesn’t get the message in time.
  • Jack gets the tables turned on him as he and Ramon get to the airport. How did Jack not see this coming?
  • Ramon just needed him to get out of jail which Jack put him in. It wasn’t like Jack and he were going to get on the plane and spark up a conversation.
  • Of course, Ramon was going to turn on Jack. The question is how did Jack not see that coming.
  • The most surprising thing about this episode is that Kyle Singer is not infected with the virus-like previously thought.
  • I’m glad that he wasn’t infected, the scene with Kyle and his family was really well done in terms of making me feel for them. So I’m glad Kyle can be with his family again, but what the f*ck is going on with this virus?
  • First, it was in a powder form, but then it wasn’t. Then Kyle was infected with the virus but now isn’t. So where is this virus?
  • Kim figures out that Garl is the mole within CTU that’s helping the Salazars, but she’s too late.
  • That’s where we end the episode, but it’s not much of a cliffhanger because we know that Kim is the master of being in danger. We don’t have anything to worry about in terms of her.
  • If the show ever did kill Kim, I truly think Jack would fall apart. He wouldn’t even be Jack anymore, which would be a very different show.

3×07 – Day 3: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Ramon holds Jack hostage as they fly down to Mexico. Regional Director Chappelle interrogates Gael; Tony returns prematurely to CTU to reveal Gael’s true allegiance. Chase disobeys orders and heads for Mexico to rescue Jack.

  • The show deceived US. US, as in us the audience. I’m can’t believe they just tricked me like that. I feel duped. Absolutely duped, I’m actually impressed with how much the show just pulled that over my head. They got me good, got me real good. Holy sh!t, that was such a good twist.
  • I didn’t even fully get the twist at first, I intentionally thought that Hector was an agent working with Jack while being undercover to bring his brother to jail in Mexico, but nope. There was an even smarter twist in play.
  • The whole plotline with Kyle was meaningless. It meant nothing. All 6 episodes of that meant absolutely nothing. I should be mad about that, but I’m not. I’m just in awe of that twist the show pulled off on me nevertheless.
  • The twist has to be the show’s best twist yet. Yes, even better than the Marie twist in season two and the Nina twist in season one. It’s a brilliant twist, that I can confidently say that I have never seen before on a television show.
  • So Gael and Jack were working undercover this entire time, and Tony was working with them as well. He helped them keep it a secret from the rest of CTU, even Michelle. That definitely going to cause some problems between them.
  • I glad that this means that CTU doesn’t have another mole in this season. We have seen enough of that in the first season with Nina and Jamey (wow that seems so long ago now).
  • This episode won the Writer’s Guild of America award for Best Drama Writing for a TV Show, beating out such contenders as Law & Order. – Well deserved.
  • The original FOX broadcast began approximately one minute late. – It’s like they wanted to get angry letters sent to them.
  • Okay now, what actually happened in this episode?
  • I was relieved to see that Tony was okay. Losing him would’ve been a hit for the show.
  • I didn’t know what to make of Tony asking to go back to CTU so quickly after being shot and being in surgery. I honestly had no clue what he wasn’t telling Michelle, obviously, now I do.
  • Now that the twist has happened it makes sense why Gael didn’t kill Michelle or any of the guards while he was in pursue, which was something I noticed while watching.
  • Actually, a lot of things make sense now that might have previously bugged me before.
  • That twist was just incredible, I love it even though I was duped.

3×08 – Day 3: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

Jack tries to regain the Salazars’ trust when they make it to Mexico. President Palmer is angry with Tony over being left out of a secret operation. Chase is captured by Salazar’s men.

  • This sort of feels like the second half of the season that usually comes after the 12 or 13 episode of the season. Instead, it happens in episode 8, relatively early for the show. I like it.
  • Palmer is upset about the elaborate sting operation Tony, Gael, and Jack pulled off without him knowing about it. Which I get, but it’s obvious why they didn’t tell him. They were saving him from needing to get involved.
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m siding with Wayne here. Jack was protecting Palmer, it was for his own good that he didn’t know about the sting operation.
  • Speaking of Palmer, it looks like his relationship with Anne is already over. She couldn’t handle being with him, which I can believe especially after this scandal.
  • Looks like Anne was not shady, just an actual love interest for Palmer that unfortunately didn’t work out.
  • I’m honestly surprised that Hector was so quick to believe that Jack was no longer working with CTU anymore and had essentially become a terrorist. Jack already betrayed them once. Do you really want to believe he won’t again?
  • Ramon has every right to be suspicious of Jack he is the one that put him in jail after being undercover investigating them.
  • I think Hector is going with his heart because he wants to believe that Jack can help him make 15 million dollars but Ramon is thinking with his head because Jack already betrayed them once there’s no telling he won’t do it again. It’s actually more likely that he will betray them again.
  • We find out that Jack had a thing with Claudia and I wonder if that had anything to do with his break up with Kate? Probably not, but the timing of the two relationships may have coincided.
  • The most suspenseful moment of the episode comes at the end of the episode when Chase arrives in Mexico and is taken hostage by Salazar’s men and in order to prove his loyalty Jack has to kill Chase (as far as he knows)
  • Guess what? Jack did it, the gun was empty, but he didn’t know that. At least I don’t think he knew that.
  • I believe that Jack would do anything to save the mission and to complete it and I do think he would have killed Chase if the gun was loaded because that’s what Jack does.
  • He’ll ruin his own career as long as the mission is completed is all that really matters to Jack. That’s what makes him a complex and fascinating character to root for, but we do root for him because he’s awesome.
  • Chase is obviously pissed because he came to Mexico to save Jack but almost ended up being killed by him instead. Talk about a turn of an events.
  • Chase lunges at Jack and causes him to break his transporter, and that’s where we end off.

3×09 – Day 3: 9:00PM – 10:00PM

A snag in the sale of the virus leads the Salazars to question Jack’s motivations and as a result they put his allegiances to the test. Claudia works to help Chase escape after Jack informs her of his real priorities. Tony’s ability to run CTU is called into question. Palmer is put into a difficult position regarding his brother.

  • Palmer puts the Anne scandal to bed and gears up for another one. No one on this show can ever catch a break.
  • So this powerful player in politics that helped Palmer get elected just found out that Wayne had an affair with his wife (GINA TORRES!!!) and wants David to fire him.
  • I understand why David won’t do it, but man wouldn’t it be so much easier if he just did? I honestly think I would prefer that he would just go the easy route.
  • Kim and Michelle are worried about Tony which is fair he was shot in the neck a few hours ago!
  • It’s unbelievable that Tony is actually working despite almost dying a few hours ago.
  • I know it turns out Tony’s fine and Kim’s just an idiot, but he didn’t mention that he had passed out on the floor a little after coming back to CTU. So he isn’t completely fine as he wants Ryan and Michelle to think.
  • Jack and Claudia team up in order for her, her family, and Chase to get out of Mexico.
  • The scene where Claudia has to try to get the phone for Jack was so tense for just a scene where a person is grabbing a phone.
  • The most important moment of the episode was the unexpected return of NINA MEYERS!
  • Nina is such a b*tch, she is apart of everything essentially when it involves screwing over Jack (which she knows a lot about).
  • When I saw there was another potential buyer I thought it was Mandy, but no it was the evil queen herself, Nina.
  • Love her or hate her, Nina is so entertaining to watch especially when around Jack.
  • Nina wins the audition, and inadvertently almost gets Jack killed (something she also knows something about).
  • But Jack being Jack is able to talk himself out of being killed. I honestly think that was the closest we’ve got to Jack almost getting killed.
  • What Ramon said about Jack having nine lives was so f*cking true. He really does, or he maybe has more. We’ll have to wait and see.

3×10 – Day 3: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

In order to get closer to the virus, Jack tries to make Nina believe he still has feelings for her. Wayne tries to gain the trust of Julia Milliken when Alan Milliken starts making demands. Chase convinces Claudia to help him escape.

  • Vanessa Ferlito stated in an interview that Claudia and Jack were supposed to have a future together, but the writers had to kill her off when she chose to sign on to the Tommy Lee Jones comedy Cheer Up (released in theaters as Man of the House). She felt this was a golden opportunity since the producers at 24 never signed her to a long term contract. – I would’ve liked to see more of their relationship…or just her in general.
  • I like Claudia so I was sad to see she had died. Especially as to all she did to save her and her family only for not see the benefit of it.
  • She saved her family and Chase, just sad that she not going to be free like Jack said she would.
  • Palmer brings in Sherry to help dig dirt over Alan. While I’m glad that David is standing up for himself, bringing Sherry back will not end well.
  • One thing I know for sure about Sherry is that she’s always in for herself. She puts herself first and will throw anyone under the bus to save herself.
  • I will admit it’s nice to see Sherry, like Nina, she is so fun to watch and their returns reminds me of season one which reminds of how far has come already in three seasons.
  • Know how I said earlier that Jack would do anything for the mission. Him having to make out with the woman who killed his wife is just proof of what I was saying before.
  • Jack no matter what will do whatever he can to solve the mission he’s apart of. This just proves that.
  • That last scene actually made me scream in disbelief that Nina and Jack kissing was a real thing. Yet another thing I didn’t see coming about this season.
  • Towards the end of the episode when Nina’s passport is flashed onto the screen and Kim reacts to it you can see that it shows an alias. The name on the passport is Sarah Berkeley, Sarah Clarke’s married name now that she is with 24 alum Xander Berkeley. – I did actually notice that. I was like isn’t that her name in real life?

3×11 – Day 3: 11:00PM – 12:00AM

Jack and Nina prepare to meet with Amador, the man selling the virus; CTU organizes an ambush. Ramon and Hector have a falling out. President Palmer asks his ex wife Sherry to help with the Milliken situation.

  • A 15-minute webcast called 24Inside aired after this episode, featuring a live interview with Penny Johnson Jerald. Fans seemed enthusiastic but later complained because of its shortness and lack of fan questions. It went on hiatus and returned near the end of the season with a new format. – Sounds like what we have today with after shows talking about well the show, like The Talking Dead aftershow.
  • I died of laughter when Kim said that her father WOULD NEVER work with Nina. *Cuts to Jack making out with Nina.*
  • This show doesn’t have a lot of humor, but that might have been their best non-joke yet. That was hilarious.
  • Speaking of humor, Chloe’s baby storyline is pretty funny. It’s ridiculous and feels out of place, but it’s funny so I can’t hate on it.
  • I’m glad to see Wayne and Sherry interact because he’s basically a mirror of her. Maybe a bit less manipulative…
  • Kim apparently doesn’t know her father that well because he does work with Nina in order to finish the mission.
  • Like I said before, Jack will do anything for a mission, even working with the woman that killed his pregnant wife…
  • The twist that happens in this episode feels like it’s been building for a few episodes now, so I wasn’t surprised when Ramon killed Hector, but I was surprised in the way he did it.
  • He shot his own brother in the back. That is something out of Shakespeare.

3×12 – Day 3: 12:00AM – 1:00AM

Jack and Nina are double-crossed when Ramon steals the virus during the exchange with Amador. Sherry gains a short-lived advantage in dealing with Alan Milliken.

  • You know what I said about the Chloe baby storyline being funny. Well, Kim just had to ruin that.
  • She says that Chloe is possibly insane for taking the baby away from her neglectful mother and abusive boyfriend, but isn’t that what Kim did last season with Meghan?
  • I realize that was just another lie by Chloe, but it got on my nerves that Kim didn’t realize she was in the same situation that Chloe was telling her about.
  • The most frustrating part about this though is Kim bringing it up to Tony in the middle of a crisis. She really does choose the worst times to talk about this stuff.
  • Also, why did no one in the office expect Adam realize that Chloe wasn’t pregnant for nine months? I assume she’s been there for a while so why didn’t anybody notice that she wasn’t at any time pregnant before Adam did.
  • And whose baby is this? And also why should I care?
  • Sherry does her job and finds dirt on Allan, that dirt being he killed a woman in a drunk driving accident. Which is probably the exact dirt David was hoping for.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like he may have been killed before Sherry could get him to come forward against Allan. I did like the scene where Sherry is worried she’s about to get ran over, but it turns out it’s just an elderly couple driving.
  • We get to the final showdown with Ramon, Jack, and Nina getting the virus only to be double-crossed by the seller, Micheal.
  • Ramon dies (I presume) after getting an explosion duplicate of the virus…because bad guys are inventive like that.
  • Jack and Chase’s last hope is to find the virus is to find Nina. It’s just like with the nuclear bomb in season two all over again.

3×13 – Day 3: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Nina releases a deadly computer virus into CTU’s systems after getting captured by Jack and Chase. Sherry runs out of options and decides to directly confront Alan Milliken but things go too far. Chloe and the rest of the tech crew work overtime to combat the virus.

  • Chloe really proves in this episode why she isn’t expendable like some people *cough* Kim.
  • It was nice to see Nina not get what she wanted for a change. She wanted immunity this time around and a pardon for killing Jack in season two.
  • I thought for sure they would have to give in to her demands, but Chloe saved the day. So yay and not a sarcastic one.
  • We do find out the baby was Chase’s and for some reason the idea the baby was Chase’s never crossed my mind. I do wonder why he apparently kept her a secret from CTU and Kim alike.
  • About the Sherry-Allan storyline, I just wanna make it known that Sherry killed a man with her voice by talking to him until he died. I just found that completely hilarious, that was almost as good as the Kim line about Jack would never work with Nina and then cut to him making out with her.
  • The actual situation is pretty evil, but it’s Sherry, so are we really surprised?
  • Sherry is manipulative and will do anything for herself, so I’m sure we’ll see what she has to gain from letting Allan die other than eliminating a threat for David.

3×14 – Day 3: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Regional Director Chappelle forces Jack to undergo a medical evaluation for his heroin addiction. Tony interrogates Nina Meyers. Julia Milliken confronts Sherry after Alan dies while Wayne and President Palmer prepare for the fallout. Nina tries to escape custody after collapsing during the interrogation.

  • From this point on, every episode in the series is preceded by the Viewer Discretion Warning for graphic violence. Fox added the notice regularly as a precautionary measure after the FCC began cracking down on television indecency due to the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show. – Oh…
  • Greg Ellis stated in an interview that Amador was supposed to get his throat slit in this episode, but the writers liked him and decided to keep him around a while longer, opting to kill off another villain instead.
  • “You don’t have any more useful information, do you?” – Have you ever heard so many words become that iconic that quickly?
  • The room where Jack shoots Nina is the same room where she killed Teri Bauer in the season 1 finale. – Believe me, I noticed!
  • According to Elisha Cuthbert on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kim was originally going to be the one to kill Nina Myers until they changed it to have Jack take her out. – Thank goodness they did.
  • It wouldn’t have been bad if Kim shot her in shoulder or knee, but killed her? That would’ve been a waste.
  • I always thought if Nina did die it would have to and only be Jack. Anyone else would have been nothing, but disappointing.
  • They’re the ones that had the complicated relationship and both nearly killed each other, if Kim or just a random jump in and killed Nina it would’ve been underserved. So I’m glad the writers didn’t make that mistake.
  • It was unavoidable that Jack would kill Nina, it was meant to be. It was poetic justice in it’s finest form.
  • I don’t know if I even truly appreciated the scene of Jack killing Nina until after I was done watching it. Those last words between the two of them will be forever burned into my brain. Just phenomenal writing and acting all around. That was a character’s death done right. I couldn’t be more happy with how it was done.
  • I guess I do wish that we had learned more about why Nina did the things she did. She’s such a fascinating character that it would’ve been interesting to see what made her who she ultimately became, but I’ll take what we got from the little scene with Tony. I have no complaints about this episode, the ending made me forget anything negative I thought about the episode before it. Just wow…
  • There were other great moments in this episode, nothing comes close to ending.
  • The death of Nina Meyers exceeds everything that came before it. It’s the classic 24 moment that will be a hard one to top.

3×15 – Day 3: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

Amador and his people receive orders from their client to release the virus in the Chandler Plaza Hotel. Jack closes in on Amador but it’s too late. Michelle and Gael alert the Chandler’s Chief of Security to the dangers of the threat.

  • Does anyone else notice that Ryan/CTU doesn’t even bat an eye at all the agents Nina killed, but instead is upset with Jack for killing her?
  • They aren’t angry or are upset at all with Nina having murdered plenty of their employees, but they’re upset with Jack for killing her? That makes no sense. I know she was their last lead, but Ryan should know Jack wouldn’t have killed Nina unprovoked.
  • He didn’t kill her when he first found out she was a traitor and had betrayed him. He didn’t kill her when she killed his wife and unborn child. He didn’t kill her when she almost killed him. Jack didn’t kill Nina in any of those situations, why would he kill her now for no reason?
  • We meet our mastermind villain, and man has Captain Lance has fallen. If you don’t get that reference you haven’t seen Arrow, which is okay, but just be aware that I’m familiar with Paul Blackthorne because of that role. So it’s funny to see him play a terrorist after watching him play a police captain for so long.
  • We learn that he has sent the virus to a hotel and Michelle, Gael, and their team is sent to contain it. The tension between Tony and Michelle has been building since the reveal of the twist finally comes to this.
  • It was kinda like Michelle did it out of rebellion against Tony, we’ll see what happens with them as Michelle’s life is in danger.
  • I predict they’ll forget their petty bickering and focus on one another. At least that’s what I hope happens, but you can never be sure with this show.

3×16 – Day 3: 4:00AM – 5:00AM

After the interrogation goes nowhere, Jack and Chase let Amador escape hoping he will lead them to his client’s location. Michelle places the hotel under quarantine and must make a difficult decision in how to handle the ensuing panic. President Palmer is put into a awkward position when handling the Milliken situation.

  • This was the first of three episodes submitted for Emmy consideration.
  • For all the talk about how bad this virus is, I don’t think I grasp how deadly and horrible it was until this episode.
  • Gael quickly becoming infected with the virus and all the blood coming out of his nose was horrifying.
  • Then realizing this is going to happen to most of the people in the hotel is truly tragic. It’s even possible for our girl, Michelle might die too. It’s a scary situation all around.
  • I was right that the bickering between Tony and Michelle has been put on hold as her life is in danger. Wise choice.
  • There are apparently 11 more vitals of the virus waiting to be released as if the one in the hotel wasn’t scary enough.
  • Palmer helps cover up Sherry’s crimes, which I was a little surprised about, but then he immediately blew up on Sherry afterward showing us he’s still the David we know and love.
  • Once again though this all could’ve been avoided if he had just fired Wayne. Never of this would have happened.
  • As we move forward with Stephen as our big bad, we gotta get rid of the old one. Which in 24 tradition means killing the other off, so goodbye Michael.
  • Just like in season one, it turns out that Jack somehow knows the villain… How? We- I don’t know yet, but I will find out very soon.

3×17 – Day 3: 5:00AM – 6:00AM

President Palmer gives into Stephen Saunders’s strange demand of placing an seemingly nondescript phrase into a speech in the hopes of delaying another viral outbreak. Michelle takes control of the situation inside the hotel. Jack and Chase bring a suspect to the local branch of MI-6 as Saunders launches an attack on the building.

  • This was the second of three episodes submitted for Emmy consideration.
  • We found out Stephen knows Jack from the Drazen mission in Kosovo that happened before season one and impacted the second half of season one.
  • Jack thought he was the sole survivor of that entire mission, yet two men from other than Jack show back up alive and well. Jack should not have assumed so easily that he was the sole survivor.
  • It’s possible then, maybe the events of season one and season three may have had a different outcome. Or just different altogether.
  • I love all the stuff happening at the hotel. It’s probably my favorite side plot (if you want to call it that) of the entire series so far.
  • It’s just so fascinating seeing people panic and dealing with this crisis. It also may get a bonus for having Michelle take charge and be all the different types of a badass she is.
  • The most shocking moment happens at the end of the episode when Stephen tells Palmer he wants Ryan Chappelle executed.
  • “Oh sh!t” – Me, while watching the episode.

3×18 – Day 3: 6:00AM – 7:00AM

Jack has to comply with another one of Saunders’ demands: the death of Regional Director Ryan Chappelle. Michelle discovers that one of the infected hotel patrons got out before the quarantine was enforced.

  • This episode was the third and final submission by the producers for Emmy consideration.
  • This episode marks the fourth time the ticking clock is not heard on the series. Instead, the sound of a distant train whistle is used to close the episode.
  • Ryan Chappelle is killed off in this episode. Paul Schulze the actor who plays the role has said in interviews that his death was supposed to be faked. But the writers changed the scene around when it appeared on a spoiler website called Ryan’s Report.
  • This is the second episode this season where the ending overshadows everything that came before it and for good reason too.
  • This is a huge 24 moment and I don’t even need anyone to tell me that. I just had this feeling that this was a defining moment for the show.
  • Ryan, as much as we hated him and oh did I. He was a huge part of the first three seasons of 24 that losing him is a significant moment for the show as a whole.
  • I knew with the ending of the last episode that Ryan would die in this episode. They tried to give us false hope, but when I saw him hug Jack with joy that he might live. I knew it was over and that he was a goner.
  • The moment is so impactful not just because we know Ryan, but also because of the man who is pulling the trigger. Jack. Jack being forced into an impossible position by Palmer is forced to kill an innocent person. Jack is our protagonist, has been since day one. Ryan, more of an antagonist type of role has always been a thorn on Jack’s side. Now we come to the end of one of their’s story’s, Ryan and we don’t feel happy. We feel sad, for Ryan because he doesn’t deserve this. For Jack, because he shouldn’t be forced to do this. That’s great storytelling because if I had said that Jack killed Ryan during season two, everyone would’ve been ecstatic. Much like with Jack killing Nina, the only difference being Nina deserved it, Ryan doesn’t.
  • I didn’t even like Ryan, but him saying he didn’t have anyone to say goodbye to at the end, tugged at my heartstrings. Everyone should have someone that would want to say goodbye to in that situation. Good on you 24, for making me feel sorry for a character I didn’t even like.
  • Fantastic ending making an all-time best 24 moments for sure.

3×19 – Day 3: 7:00AM – 8:00AM

When CTU learns that Saunders has a daughter attending an LA university they must inform Jack the only match for a bait and switch operation is Kim Bauer. Chase tracks down the man who escaped the hotel quarantine. Palmer informs his cabinet on the dangers of the threat.

  • A scene was cut from the final print of this episode, featuring Jack alone in a helicopter, weeping over the death of Chappelle. It bears a striking similarity to the last scene in the first season finale. Presumably, the writers liked the idea of Jack breaking down alone and saved the idea for the final dramatic moment.
  •, the website Saunders gives to Palmer, is owned by 24 director Rodney Charters. There is only simple text, which reads: A Big Thank-you from the crew of 24. Thanks for watching, we love making it for you, and yes, we did get picked up for Season 4. – Aww, that’s sweet. Wouldn’t it be nice if some shows today did that?
  • Was I the only one who screamed NoOOooOo when Chloe revealed Kim would need to be the one going undercover.
  • You cannot send Kim outside, she is a magnet to danger and to creepy older men. Ew…just had flashbacks back to season two.
  • That being said this was definitely my favorite episode for Kim’s character yet. I know the bar is pretty low…
  • Kim actually did something and something useful at that. I know! What a novel concept? The scene with Jack was her best yet. She actually feels like a real person and I can get behind a girl trying to help her country like her father. More this, less nagging or complaining about other people Kim.
  • Kim does get taken, but he’s soon taken out by either her or Jack..I couldn’t quite tell how that worked.
  • Either way they get Jane in order to interrogate her for information for her father.

3×20 – Day 3: 8:00AM – 9:00AM

Jack works on using Saunders’ daughter in an attempt to gain control of the virus. Michelle waits to find out if she’s infected. Palmer navigates around a angry and confused press. Saunders starts making demands on Tony.

  • Michelle’s not infected!!! YES! I did not want her dying anytime soon. Or at all. Though I am prepared for it if it happens.
  • I say that because after finding out she’s not dying from a deadly virus, she gets kidnapped by Sanders. What a day Michelle has been having and it’s not over yet…
  • Sanders is using Michelle as leverage over Tony, as CTU is using Jane as leverage over him. It’s a very complicated situation.
  • In order for Michelle not to get killed, he allows Sanders to escape CTU’s clutches.
  • Tony is now in the position Jack knows all too well. It’s going to be interesting to see how to handle it compared to the times Jack has done it.
  • As much as I love Tony, he really can’t do this alone. He’s not Jack, in the way he can’t handle this by himself. He needs Jack’s help or anyone’s really to save Michelle from Sanders.
  • He’s not going to get anywhere without using somebody for help, or at least not anywhere too far.

3×21 – Day 3: 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Tony works covertly to find a way to get Jane Saunders out of CTU and deliver her to Saunders before Jack and Chase find him. Senator Keeler receives some damaging information on President Palmer from a surprising source.

  • Nevermind, he got pretty far without anybody’s help.
  • I was literally screaming at my television several times at Jack to figure out what was going on with Tony because he has gone through the same thing more than once might I just add.
  • Jack should’ve noticed the warning signs that Tony left behind. It’s not like Tony was hiding it very well.
  • It’s just infuriating that smart characters miss things that are obvious like that was.
  • One of the moments from the episode that was overshadowed was Jack becoming head of CTU, which seems like it should seem like a big deal, but it’s not. To be fair, CTU has a lot more things to worry about at the moment.
  • Sherry returns in this episode as manipulate as ever.
  • She will stomp on anyone in order to get what she wants. She wants to work in the White House? To the White House she goes.
  • I wasn’t even angry when it was revealed that Sherry was telling Keeler about David covering up her assistance in Alan Milliken’s murder, so she could get revenge over him.
  • I have come to expect this from her, this is Sherry after all. What was David thinking bringing her back into the fold? Now, look at what has happened.
  • She inadvertently got someone possibly killed, killed someone, and sent someone to jail in a matter of hours and now she’s planning in getting into the White House.
  • David should have never called her and should’ve just fired Wayne. Two people would still be alive, and someone not in jail. Now, look at the mess he’s in now just because he didn’t want someone threatening him. What a mess.

3×22 – Day 3: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Jack and Tony clash as they wait for the time of hostage exchange with Saunders. Senator Keeler confronts President Palmer about the Milliken cover-up while Wayne initiates a secret operation against Sherry.

  • Kiefer Sutherland filmed this episode with a broken toe.
  • The F-18 fighter jets used in this episode were real and were piloted by actual Marines. A documentary detailing the filming of this sequence can be seen on the Season Three DVD set. – No wonder they looked so good.
  • Paul Blackthorne originally auditioned to play the role of Michael Amador. – Glad he got Sanders instead.
  • Chase was originally planned to be killed off in this episode. James Badge Dale revealed it to one of the staff members from Ryan’s Report website weeks before that particular episode was aired. To counter this, the writers had to re-write the story and re-shoot so that Chase wouldn’t get killed, but extended the on-screen time to the final episode. – I don’t even know how he could’ve gotten killed here, but I’m glad he didn’t. He’s been one of my favorites from this season along with Michelle.
  • All the scenes with Tony and Jack were really well done. They were full of tension and showed how complex their relationship really is.
  • I particularly loved when Tony brought up that Jack hasn’t learned anything from Teri dying and Jack’s reaction. Yeesh, that hit a soft spot and it was supposed to.
  • Tony knows what Jack went through with the passing of Teri, and now he’s in a similar situation with his own job vs. saving the woman he loves. It’s a tough job to try to get both justices.
  • Jack asking Michelle to get captured again might have been the most outrageous thing he has asked someone yet and that’s truly saying something. I mean I get why, but wow I couldn’t believe he asked her when he first said that.
  • We do eventually get the trade between Jane and Michelle with Jack and CTU nearby.
  • I will admit that I was so nervous during the exchange because I really thought Sanders was going to shoot Michelle no matter what.
  • So I was very relieved that no one died during the exchange other than a few bad guys.
  • I wonder where this storyline is going to go now that Sanders is in custody and how they’re going to tie everything up.
  • We still have the Sherry and Palmer storyline unresolved and Palmer being asked to resign from the Presidency or the him covering up a murder will come to light.
  • It’s a lot to address, but we got two episodes left, so let’s see how this ends.

3×23 – Day 3: 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Jack and Chase try to track down the location of vials containing the virus. Wayne breaks into Sherry’s house to get incriminating evidence as a paranoid Julia Milliken confronts Sherry.

  • This season has truly been an end of an era for 24. First Nina was killed by Jack, Ryan was killed by…Jack, and now Sherry has been killed, and not by Jack.
  • I appreciate that this has been closing on all three of their’s stories. 24 was 24 because of them and 24 can stand on their own without the three original antagonists. How exciting.
  • I am going to miss Nina and Sherry because they were the villains I wanted to see get what’s coming to them and now they have in the way of being killed, but I’m excited to see how the future villains measure up in comparison to them.
  • After killing Sherry, Julia turns the gun on herself. All with Wayne watching that would’ve to be traumatizing even if it was a woman you were in love with.
  • Though Sanders is in custody, one vital isn’t and Jack and Chase have to stop it from releasing.
  • So that’s my answer to my previous question on where are they going next with this storyline.
  • And the vital just so happens to be in Los Angeles, how convenient that is for Jack lol.
  • Tony Almeida is taken into custody at CTU for treason and it does not look good at all for him.
  • I thought they would find a way out of this for Tony, but I guess I didn’t realize how serious his actions were until this episode. I don’t if Tony can escape this.
  • We are down to the final hour, the finish line. I’m excited to see how 24 ends this terrific third season.

3×24 – Day 3: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Jack and Chase corner Saunders’ henchman Arthur Rabens in an active public school. Tony faces losing command of CTU and treason charges for saving Michelle. An emotionally broken President Palmer decides to drop out of the race for reelection.

  • Several scenes were deleted from the final print of this episode. In one scene, Saunders explains to Jack that Rabens’ objective is to get out of the country with the remaining vial so he can replicate the virus and plan another attack. In another scene, a chopper radios Rabens for a pick-up after he fights with Chase.
  • In the original ending to the season, Chase was to die of complications of surgery. This was kept in the script until almost the day before the show was to air. It was pulled at the last minute. – Wow, they really tried their best to kill Chase. I glad they didn’t, I liked him, and it would have been even sadder considering Jack would’ve been the one to kill him.
  • Speaking of, Chase getting his arm cut off by an axe in a middle school (as if they weren’t traumatized enough with Jack pointing a gun at them) was sick. I know they couldn’t show it, but the sounds of it were enough for me. I had to hold my arm for the rest of the episode.
  • Also, what’s with Kim’s boyfriends having limbs cut off? I remember you, Miguel.
  • Let’s talk about someone who does die, Sanders. It was f*cking stupid that he was killed in the office by Gael’s wife. CTU should’ve waited to bring her in, goodness CTU can be pretty stupid and this has to be one of their worst mistakes yet.
  • Tony’s going to jail! So I assume he won’t be in the next season which sucks, but I hope we see him again. Tony was one of my favorites.
  • Someone else not returning to his job is Palmer himself. I don’t know if I agree with his decision, but I trust that’s he doing the right thing.
  • I’m just going to miss him as President.
  • We come to the last scene…with Jack breaking down over everything that has happened to him and people he cares about over the day.
  • I thought it was really well done and showed Jack is human despite we (I) sometimes thinking otherwise. Also, can we give a round of applause to Kiefer Sutherland? This show wouldn’t be worth watching if it was lead by a capable leading man and Sutherland is much more than just capable.
  • Sutherland is, in fact, Jack Bauer, and I couldn’t see anyone else playing him because Jack is so intertwined with Sutherland.
  • Finale was worthy of everything that came before it. A great finale to end my favorite season of 24 yet.

Pros: Acting, the plot, the plot twists, classic 24 moments, Kim wasn’t that bad this season, always interesting, never dull or boring, great finale, and of course our leading man Kiefer Sutherland.

Cons: ?…even the ridiculous baby storyline I found funny, so…I don’t know if I had any flaws this season. Okay I’ll say the people at CTU are still idiots, there.

Favorite Character: Always love Jack obviously, and I liked Chase quite a bit. But the award for favorite character this season has to go to Michelle. I loved her and her story this season. She got to shined a lot.

Like I alluded to before this is my favorite season of 24 yet. It has the best twists, great moments, fantastic acting. I just can’t rave enough about this season, I loved it. It fixed the flaws or problems I had with season 2 (Kim to be more exact) and actually made them go away. This was a terrific season, I really loved it, and I am so excited to see how season five (may?) tops this.

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