My Favorite Music Moments In TV

Since I did my favorite My Favorite Music Moments In Movies, I knew I would have to do one for TV. As I have seen more TV shows than and have more memories associated with these songs and moments than I do with movies. May you, I have seen A LOT of TV shows, which means I’m probably forgetting a music moment or two that I really enjoyed which is why it may not be included. Either way, these are just some moments from some TV shows that I believed were made all the more better by the songs chosen to be included in the scenes.

Disintegration in One Tree Hill

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Why Do I Love It: One Tree Hill has too many music moments enough that I could make a list solely on it, but this is a favorite of mines simply by how the song builds on the tension of the scene. It doesn’t matter how many times I seen it, it always gives me the chills.

Dice in The O.C.

Artist: Finley Quaye

Why Do I Love It: It blends with the scene and feeling of New Year’s Eve so well that I always replay the scene in my head when I listen to the song especially as the holiday draws closer.

Goodbye To You in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Artist: Michelle Branch

Why Do I Love It: Another one that gave me goosebumps when I first listened to it. It captures the sadness that everyone is feeling of the episode and it makes the pain oh so much worse. Enough that it has stayed with me ever since I first watched it.

Where Does The Good Go in Grey’s Anatomy

Artist: Tegan & Sara

Why Do I Love It: This scene with this song can always give me a good cry when I need it. It’s a happy, yet bittersweet cry nevertheless. The song was used earlier in the series, that makes the moment it’s brought back for a character’s last episode all the more emotional.

Just My Imagination in Charmed

Artist: The Cranberries

Why Do I Love It: Fair warning if you haven’t seen Charmed, you don’t get a lot of moments like this where the sisters are happy and are able just to be normal. So, it’s a sweet and joyful moment to see their hard work be paid off with some fun which they rarely ever seem to have. Plus it helps that this moment introduced me to The Cranberries which I couldn’t be anymore grateful for. RIP Dolores O’Riordan.

Green Light in New Girl

Artist: Lorde

Why Do I Love It: I love the song Green Light by it’s own merits that come frankly I would almost love any TV music moment if they used it and used it right and New Girl does indeed uses it right.

Dead In The Water in Cloak & Dagger

Artist: Ellie Goulding

Why Do I Love It: Dead in the Water is one of my favorite Ellie Goulding songs and the way Cloak and Dagger uses it in it’s first episode was the way I had always pictured the song in my head. Hauntingly beautiful.

A Place Called Home in Angel

Artist: Kim Richey

Why Do I Love It: You want an easy trick to making me cry? Play this episode, play this song, I am almost guaranteed to start crying on cue every single time. Seriously though, if you didn’t cry watching this, you don’t have a soul. It’s as simple as that.

Do you have a favorite music moment from a TV show? Share in the comments below.


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