The 4 Most Useful Websites I Use

I don’t identify as a nerd, but I will be honest and admit that I am indeed a nerd.

I mean what other words would you describe a person who enjoys keeping track of what movies, TV, books, and music they have listen/watch/read. Well, I guess you could use geek…dork… Whatever the point still stands I am a nerd, I take pleasure in tracking what I watch, read, and listen to. But, how exactly do I do that? No, I don’t track all of them with a Google Spreadsheet, though I do use that method as a backup for my books. But, no I don’t primarily use spreadsheets to track things, instead, I use the following websites to help me to keep track of things for the blog and for my own enjoyment. – Music tracks the music you listen to. Every artist, every album, every song they can keep track of it for you as long as you connect it with whatever app you use to listen to music. I use Spotify, but you can connect it to your YouTube, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc and track what you listen to. I have been using since 2017 and above anything else it provides fun stats about what I listen to and some very good recommendations based on what I listen to.

Letterboxd – Movies

Letterboxd allows me to keep of what movies I have seen and want to watch. It’s all very simple, but the user reviews and wide range of movies discussed have helped me branch outside of the typical movies I would normally watch and my taste in movies has widened considerably and I have only been using Letterboxd since 2018. There’s no telling what my movie taste will be like in a few years if it keeps expanding like it has for the past two years.

Goodreads – Books

Like with Letterboxd, Goodreads is very simple and easy to use. Just add whatever books you have read during your life, add books that you are on the lookout for or just want to read when you get the chance and that’s really it. Goodreads recommends based on what books you read and the ratings you have given the books (but if I’m being honest, the recommendations aren’t very good at least in my experiences). The real reason I like Goodreads is for its yearly Reading Challenge users can participate in. My goal is to read at least 60 books this year and Goodreads’s Reading Challenge is a great motivator in my quest of completing that goal.

TVTime – TV (but…you knew that)

TVTime tracks and notifies what shows I watch, when they are coming back, recommend similar shows that might catch your interest, etc. It also has fan reaction discussions after the latest episodes have aired that you can partake in. I use TVTime though because I can get pretty busy, and I can forget where I am on a show after taking a break from it and TVTime can tell me immediately where I left off and remind me what happened so I’m not totally lost when I began to resume the said show. It can be pretty helpful because I do that far more often than I care to admit.

Think you might join any of the sites above? You can follow me using the links below.


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