Fairly Professional: Looking Back 1 Year!

Holy moly, I started this blog on the ninth of February 2019. A year ago now. I somehow didn’t realize this, until WordPress told me. So, I guess I have to do a reflection now.

But before that…I should probably explain why I started this blog. It’s a very simple reason, I purely needed an outlet to express my creativity. I had no idea what I wanted this blog to be and still am not completely sure I do. If someone asked me what this blog is about, I wouldn’t be able to give a straight answer. This blog is an opening in to my mind is the best way I can describe it. I post whatever I’m interested in writing or talking about at the moment. Most of the time, it’s movies, TV, music, and other times I want to go more in depth about topics I’m interested in like toxic relationships portrayed in TV or understanding why people watch television shows focusing on horrible people. I know I want to do more posts similar to those, but I need to be inspired and have the time to go as far into depth when creating them. Just like my mind, this blog is all over the place, but I kinda love it because of that.


  • Posts (not including this one): 135 posts. Kinda can’t believe that, but numbers don’t lie. Wow, I’m been more productive than I thought.
  • 369 visitors
  • Most popular day: Friday
  • Most popular hour: 5:00 AM. I’m not even up that early. Guessing this comes from different time zones.
  • Most popular month: October. Not surprised since that was also my most active of last year because of Spooktober.
  • Total words: 16,830
  • Average words: 1,683


Here I will tell what my top 5 most popular posts are along with some of my favorites and surprise surprise there is some crossover. If you want to read them, link are inserted into the photos.

1. The Toxic Relationship Of: Chair (Gossip Girl) & What It Says About The Youth’s Idea Of Love

This is also probably my favorite post, it’s kinda like choosing a favorite child (I’m assuming). You know you have one, but it’s still hard. I wrote this post out of anger and frustration of seeing so many people romanticize a very obvious toxic relationship in the television show Gossip Girl. It made me sick how so many people were wishing for a relationship similar to the one depicted in the show with Chair (Chuck & Blair) because of the obvious emotional abuse and one occurrence of physical abuse. So I wrote this post and it is still the post I am most proud of.

2. The Most Important 16 Movies In My Life

The blog post I released on my birthday to celebrate me turning sixteen. The blog post isn’t necessarily my 16 favorite movies of all time (there is some crossover for sure), just sixteen movies that most influenced in all my sixteen years on Earth. I am going to have to get to my favorite movies of all time…eventually.

3. Movies Watched In August 2019

People must have really wanted to hear my thoughts on When Harry Met Sally…or at least that’s all I have come up with. August wasn’t a huge month in terms of movies. I watched six movies, one a rewatch and one I highly doubt many people have even heard of. So, I guess I should be saying thank you When Harry Met Sally…

4. Why Do Terrible Characters Make For Great Shows

While wasting some time on Reddit (as one does), I came across a post that prompt the question in my head, “why do terrible characters make for great television?”. As I thought more and more about it, I decided this was something that needed to be written in more detail than just a response on Reddit and that is how the above article was born.

5. Narrowing Down The Television Shows I Watch

Over the summer, I looked in depth into every TV show that I was watching along with shows that I wanted to watch. I decided that I should probably cut some of them to get rid of the fat. While I was doing this, I had the bright idea of making it into a blog post and it ended up being one of my most popular. Looking back, I have gotten to some of the shows and some I still haven’t. I also have plugged the plug on some shows on the list or just finished them in their entirety, so maybe I will have to do a sequel again over the summer…

My Favorite Posts

All The Spooktober Posts

By far the most work I have put into the blog so far has been the various Spooktober posts in October. A blog post every day for the entire month of October was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and I believe the effect shows in all the posts. I definitely will be doing some type of version of it again this year. I don’t know yet if I will do an entire month again, or maybe just a week. Either way, it’s happening!

The Pop Masterpiece: Green Light

One of my earlier posts is just me fangirling over the Lorde’s 2017 song Green Light. I explain my first opinions of Lorde and the song itself, Green Light. And how within just two years Green Light becomes one of my favorite songs ever and Lorde one of my favorite artists. I love the post as it captures why I love the song so much and how it single-handily changed my entire opinion of Lorde in the best way possible.

Ranking 17 Movies By How Much I Enjoyed The Books Their Based On

I combined two things I loved, movies and books and made a rather interesting list. I ranked 17 movies, some I have never even seen. I ranked them based solely on how much I enjoyed the books they are based on. It was very interesting and one of my favorite posts because of how unique it is.

Season In Review: The West Wing (S1)

The Season In Reviews is some of my favorite posts to do, although they take a lot of time and effort to get them to where I typically want them to be. Still, I love being able to go back and read my first thoughts on some great television shows. The further and further I get into these shows the more I have to reflect on in the future. It’s nice having Season In Reviews to go back and read my first reactions to characters, moments, twists (*cough* 24 *cough*). My favorite Season In Review so far has to be the one I did for The West Wing season one with 24 season two being a close second.

Binged: Heroes (S1)

My first Binged and still my favorite. That may have to do with me loving Heroes season one so much. Honestly, it is probably the best first season of television I have ever seen. I only wished that the rest of the show was as good as the first season, so I could have continued watching it, but I don’t regret stopping the show after finishing the first season. Nevertheless, I did create this pretty fun post talking about all my favorite things about its amazing first season.

Those are my favorite things about my first year as a blogger. Time for the old cliché saying, but here’s to many more years to come.


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