Binged: High Fidelity (2020)

High Fidelity (2020) is a romantic-comedy TV series based on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby and the 2000’s movie also of the same name starring John Cusack. High Fidelity premiered on Hulu on Valentine’s Day 2020 and stars Zoë Kravitz in the leading role of Rob Brooks, music store owner who’s has been unlucky in love and sets out to understand exactly why.

If you have read my Movies Watched in January, you will know that I watched the 2000 film in preparation for the TV series. I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would have. I didn’t connect with it like I would have hoped to. It ended just being an okay movie, nothing terrible, but nothing special either. But, I still had high hopes that I would enjoy the TV series and I’m happy to say I got what I wanted from the series that I didn’t get from the movie.

I know many people love the movie and it’s one of their all time favorites, but the movie wasn’t quite right for me. However, the series was much more to my liking. It’s not without it’s faults, but for a 10 episode series clocking in at a quick 30-35 minutes, a kickass soundtrack, and a flawed, but wanting to be better lead makes High Fidelity a pleasant show to watch.

Favorite Episode: Fun Rob (1×09)

This is the culmination of Rob’s journey since the first episode and what an episode it is. Truly the episode Zoë Kravitz shines and reminds the audience exactly why she was made to star in this role with her performance in this particular episode. Rob in both the movie and series, is a flawed and terrible person. One of the reasons I didn’t connect with the movie was Rob’s character, but then I enjoyed what the show did with Rob in the show. Rob is still a terrible person (at least the beginning), but as the show goes on we see Rob want to become a better person and that’s more than the movie Rob ever did. In this episode, we see just how terrible Rob could be and that she still has a long way to go as a person. Best episode of the show in my opinion.

Honorable Mentions:

Track 2 (1×02)

Long Weekend (1×06)

Me Time (1×07)

Once More, For Old Time’s Sake (1×10)

Favorite Character: Clyde

Okay, I seriously did like pretty much every character. Despite how flawed they all are, I still liked them, but Clyde was my favorite out of the bunch. He was great, funny and nice. Not your normal nice guy trope depiction. Felt more real and genuine than any other depictions of the trope I have seen. He felt like a real person and that’s why I felt bad whenever Rob kinda leads him on. If we get a season two, I look forward to seeing what may happen with the two of them.

5 Favorite Songs From The Soundtrack:

Ah, so many to choose from, but if I had to just choose five songs that the show played. These are my five favorite songs I heard be used on the show.

I Get Lonely by Janet Jackson

Modern Love by David Bowie

Electrical Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest

Nothing Compares To You by Sinéad O’Connor

Lovin’ You by Minnie Riperton

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, I think it’s a great show. It doesn’t rely too much on the movie or book and starts to become its own thing halfway through and becomes even better for it. So if you enjoyed the movie and or book I see no reason why you wouldn’t like the show. It doesn’t do anything that could damage the beloved movie and book and it soon becomes its own thing. Something unique from the film, just different enough not to be a rehash and entertaining on its own. So if you liked the movie, maybe give it a chance.


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