15 Pairs of Movies That Work as Double Features

Who doesn’t love some good double features? Watching two movies back to back that share similarities in plots, themes, ideas, etc are usually a fun time for me and I assume it’s the same for others as well. More fun than just watching double features, I have a blast pairing movies with other movies that I think fit perfectly together. That’s what I did here, I found a total of 30 movies (all I have seen) that I believe work quite well watched as double features. Some are more obvious than others of what their connections are, all the movies can be seen as companion pieces to each other.

1. Risky Business & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The two movies that planted the idea of creating a double features post in my head. I watched both of these films in February for the first time, you’ll hear my thoughts about them in my February roundup. Still, I noticed they both share similarities with one another with Risky Business being the older, all over the place (in a good way) brother and Ferris Bueller being the younger and more organized brother. Makes for a good double feature movie night.

2. Baby Driver & Drive

Action movies featuring drivers involved in crime, each movie has it’s own retro 80s vaporwave style and kickass soundtracks! No brainer when it comes to pairing similar movies together.

3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & The Nice Guys

Two of my favorites movies of all time that just so happened to be made by the same director Shane Black, about two mixed matched panthers working together to solve some rather complex cases. Witty dialogue, charismatic leads, make these movies such a blast to watch over and over again.

4. Lady Bird & The Edge of Seventeen

Two coming of age stories about two unique young women who both have complicated relationships with their mothers. Though, their journeys are different, their stories do mirror each other nicely.

5. Heathers & Mean Girls

As a teenage girl, I think that gives me the right to say that to say teenage girls are the worst. No better movies show that in such polar opposite ways.

6. The Stepford Wives (1975) & Get Out

Get Out is known to have been influenced by the original 1975 The Stepford Wives, which is what makes them a great viewing pair together. The two movies do the same thing, but one for African Americans and the other for women.

7. Black Swan & Whiplash

Two talented, hardworking, and goal-oriented people take their passions for their craft way too far with two unbelievable endings you have to see for yourself.

8. Terminator & Looper

Time traveling assassins sent back in time to stop someone from becoming in power when they were a child. Hi-jinx occurs!

9. Before Sunrise & Call Me By Your Name

Two sets of lovers falling in love while traveling to some really beautiful places. Both movies have also made me cry, so there’s that.

10. Halloween & Black Christmas (1974)

Halloween, the slasher movie that (officially) started it all and Black Christmas the horror movie that gave Halloween it’s famous template. Two of the first slasher movies (that so happened to take place on respective holidays) and two of the best ever.

11. Scream & The Cabin in The Woods

Horror movies that flipped the narrative of horror movies and completely changed the genre for the better might I just add.

12. Coyote Ugly & Burlesque

Two singers looking for their big break, but wind up working at a bar until that break can happen. They are both not particularly great movies, but they are guilty pleasures movies because of how fun they are.

13. The Wrestler & Rocky Balboa

Two retirees in their own field of sport looking to reclaim their past glory after difficulties in their personal lives. The story has been told many times, but I think of the movies I have seen these movies have done it the best.

14. The Bodyguard & Beyond the Lights

Beyond the Lights takes The Bodyguard’s template and expands upon the classic story and updates it for a newer generation.

15. Drag Me To Hell & Evil Dead (2013)

Sam Raimi’s produced Evil Dead (2013) and directed Drag Me To Hell has everything Raimi has become known for in the horror genre. Though different stories, the two movie share tropes that has made Raimi such a fantastic creator of horror movies.

I definitely will be doing a sequel to this post eventually, I have many more ideas for movies that could be paired together as a double feature combo. If you have any ideas, share in the comments down below.


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