Watching 3 Movies: I Think I Would Hate #1

We all have movies that we think (or know) probably isn’t for us. Whether that be a movie has a plot, tropes, or cliches, that we despise and would rather not ever watch. We all know what we like and dislike in movies. I know what I like and dislike in movies, but I decided to put them to the test. This series is basically exactly what the title says it is, I’m watching 3 movies I think I will hate. Why am I doing this to myself? Two reasons, 1.) to branch out of my comfort zone. If I only watch movies I think I would like that would make my taste in movies quite limited. 2.) To surprise myself, maybe I will actually find a movie I really love by doing this. That’s pretty much it. Now let’s see if I surprise myself with my first selection of movies.

Chasing Amy (1997)

Why Did I Think I Would Hate This: There are three reasons why I believed I would hate this movie. 1.) I have seen only one Kevin Smith movie prior to this that being Mallrats and I strongly disliked it. It wasn’t the type of humor I like and it definitely didn’t make me laugh at all. So, that makes me think I’m maybe not a fan of Kevin Smith’s humor or his movies. 2.) I dislike Ben Affleck. I have disliked him for a long time now and I can’t even really begin to tell you why. It’s something about him that irks me. This hasn’t stopped me from seeing some of his movies like Gone Girl or The Town. The former being one of my favorite movies of all time (Affleck plays the idiot husband well) and The Town was a very good movie with a strong performance by Affleck. So I have liked some of his movies, but overall having Affleck in your movie does nothing for your movie for me unless he has a really good performance. 3.) Obviously, the plot! I am a huge LBGTQ+ ally and having Chasing Amy be pitched to me several times as “guy turns a lesbian straight” makes my blood boil. I’m perfectly fine with a woman who thinks she’s a lesbian exploring her sexuality and discovering maybe she likes guys too, but something tells me that’s not what this movie is going to do.

After Watching The Movie: Chasing Amy has a lot more layers to it than I gave it credit for. I figured the movie would straight man’s fantasy of “curing” a lesbian, but Chasing Amy has a lot more depth to it than that. Alyssa is mostly treated with respect and written well for, exploring her sexuality and what that meant about her place in society in the 90s. She risks losing her friends and damaging her reputation for a relationship with Holden. The movie explores the complexity of this, far more than what I thought they would. Though, the movie never acknowledges out-rightly bisexuality, it’s clear it expressing commentary on bisexuality and how one can be judged for being bisexual. Chasing Amy was much more complex than I thought it would be, I’m glad to report. It’s still with its flaws, but I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I didn’t hate Chasing Amy. It’s an enjoyable down to Earth movie. Still don’t like Ben Affleck though, not sure there’s any movie good enough to change my opinion on him.

I, Tonya (2017)

Why Did I Think I Would Hate This: Okay “hate” is maybe too strong of a word for I, Tonya, but when this movie was announced I didn’t think I would like it. Everyone knows the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding story by now. When the movie was first announced, it just left a bad taste in my mouth that this story would be told through Tonya’s perspective instead of Nancy’s. Tonya isn’t the villain the media has portrayed her over the decades, but she isn’t innocent of what happened to Nancy either. I had also heard troubling things about how abuse was portrayed in the film and that has me very concerned. Still, out of the three, this is the most likely one I believe I could change my mind about once I watch the movie.

After Watching The Movie: My feelings are conflicted with I, Tonya. There’s no doubt that the movie is well made, the performances are great especially Margot Robbie in the leading role, but I can say I never fully connected with the movie. I was taken aback from how abuse was portrayed like I heard many criticized the movie about before and the movie very much felt like it was trying to rewrite history. See, conflicted indeed. It’s not a bad movie by any means and I was never bored, however, I couldn’t help but feel like the movie was trying to believe a certain way about the whole situation. It felt like it had an agenda to get me on Tonya’s side and I thought that was doing a detriment to the movie in my opinion.

Something Borrowed (2011)

Why Did I Think I Would Hate This: I have seen so many romantic comedies, so much so I ranked them all. But, I had never thought of ever watching Something Borrowed despite me watching plenty of terrible romantic comedies. Why is that? Simply put, I hate cheating. I hate it in real life and on screen. On screen, it can be somewhat entertaining or interesting if done right, but even if it is done right I still end up hating all the characters involved. Based on my prior knowledge of Something Borrowed, I instantly knew I probably wouldn’t like it. Not only is it about cheating, but it’s about a woman sleeping with her best friends’ fiancé. That alone was enough for me to think I would hate Something Borrowed.

After Watching The Movie: I may have not hated this movie, (it’s a nice looking movie and the acting isn’t bad) but it did certainly pissed me off just like I thought it would. No surprise, I had a lot of feelings about Something Borrowed and most of them were not positive. Instead of trying to express them all in paragraph form, I simply listed them as I watched the movie, because I figured I would be too heated to actually want to write about this movie the more than I had to. And excuse me for referring to the characters by their actor’s name I couldn’t be bothered to actually remember their names, but I’m not sorry to referring to Kate Hudson’s cheating fiancé as low budget Tom Cruise, because he does in fact, look like a knock off version of Tom Cruise (sorry, not sorry).

  • No romantic comedy should be almost two hours long.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson’s friendship was toxic even before the cheating. The friendship seems pretty one sided with Hudson always wanting to be the center of attention. The added cheating just adds to it toxicity.
  • John Krasinski is the voice of reason in this movie.
  • They shouldn’t be fighting over low budget Tom Cruise over here.
  • The circumstances of how Kate and low budget Tom Cruise get together is so convoluted.
  • Kate Hudson’s character is so self-absorbed, so we can forgive her friend and fiancé for cheating. And Hudson cheating doesn’t excuse them cheating physically and emotionally behind her back.
  • There are two serial sexual harassers in the movie.
  • Maybe don’t date your crush’s best friend if she’s all you ever think about. Low budget Tom Cruise is an idiot. Also don’t get engaged to said best friend if you still are in love with the crush.
  • What I hate most about this cheating situation that they don’t know what they want from each other. They have no plans as to what they want out of this affair. Do they want to settle down once he calls off the wedding? Who knows, because they haven’t talked about it at all.
  • John Krasinski is the best part of this movie. This movie would be worthless without John Krasinski. This movie should thank John Krasinski, because it’s only watchable because of him.
  • It was nice to have a few moments of genuine friendship (Salt & Pepper Dance scene and the talk afterward) between Hudson and Goodwin, because for most of the movie I wondered why are they even friends. The friendship is built on nostalgia, not necessarily anything meaningful in their lives now.
  • John Krasinski started to cry and then I started to cry because John Krasinski was crying. Ugh f*ck this movie!

I enjoyed one movie of the three movies I watched, but it could have been zero. So, I am going to call this round a sucess.

Any movie suggestions for this series? Or are there any movies you won’t watch because you think you will hate it, if so comment below what is it and why?


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