A Song For Every Year I’ve Been Alive

To celebrate turning 17, I thought it would be interesting to do something similar to what I did last year with me picking 16 movies that were important to me. Except for this year with 17 songs, that soon transition into a favorite songs list that expanded pass 17 songs and that’s not what I had intended. So instead of doing that, I decided that I was going to challenge myself by choosing a song for each year I been alive.

You would think choosing 17 songs would be enough, you would be wrong. I almost included an honorable mention for each year but decided against it. I just had to make my pick for each year a really good one since I had many good options. The only restriction I placed on myself was that I couldn’t use the same artist for more than one year, that would be cheating. Without further ado, here are 17 songs I love ranging from 2003 to right now 2020.

2003: Fighter by Christina Aguilera

One of my favorite Christina Aguilera songs. The lyrics and her vocal always manage to give me goosebumps whenever I listen to it.

2004: Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own by U2

I love how it somehow both breaks my heart and rebuilds it every time I listen to it. Some of the most heartfelt and sincere lyrics I have ever heard.

2005: Disintegration by Jimmy Eat World

Responsible for one of my favorite television moments ever. The song still gives me chills years later.

2006: Maneater by Nelly Furtado

A classic pop song with an iconic production. I love the message and how it has only gotten more interesting with time.

2007: Believe Again by Delta Goodrem

Believe Again makes me so hopeful. It fills me with warmth and can always put me in a good mood. Delta’s happiness is simply infectious.

2008: Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield

I could have frankly chosen about any Natasha Bedingfield’s songs, I love them all. But, I went with Soulmate. It’s so honest and relatable I can feel Natasha’s sadness.

2009: You’ve Got The Love by Florence + The Machine

It’s a cover, but it’s one of the best covers I have ever heard. Florence’s vocals are some of the best I have ever heard and You’ve Got The Love showcases just one reason why.

2010: Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue

I love Kylie Minogue and Aphrodite exemplifies why. Aphrodite is happy, bubbly, upbeat fun. I always come back to it in her discography.

2011: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

Skyscraper is a powerful song by itself, it’s even more powerful knowing all the obstacles Demi Lovato has survived. One of her best songs.

2012: All Too Well by Taylor Swift

If any song on this list were to land on my all-time favorite songs list, this would be it. All Too Well is one of the few songs that inspire me. I want something as good as this one day if I’m lucky. It’s a masterpiece of songwriting.

2013: Explosions by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s voice is one of a kind and Explosions is some of her best work. Her voice always gives me chills when I listen to Explosions.

2014: Brain by Banks

The production is unlike anything I have ever heard before. Brain is haunting in the best way possible.

2015: Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

A modern-day classic pop song. It’s everything I want from a pop song. A wonderful production and a great voice to match.

2016: Kiss It Better by Rihanna

How wasn’t this more popular? The moment I heard that guitar for the first time, I was in love. That love has only grown.

2017: Green Light by Lorde

I play Green Light so many times to the point of exhaustion since 2017 and yet I don’t ever get tired of it. I still sing to it like I did the first time I listened to it.

2018: Screwed by Janelle Monàe (ft. Zoë Kravitz)

I love songs that are an 80s throwback and Screwed is one of my favorites. I want to dance to it every time I listen to it.

2019: The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change by Nina Nesbitt

The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change is a lovely song with a hopeful message. I come back to it when I need to be reminded of that message.

2020: Physical by Dua Lipa

I know 2020 is still pretty brand new, but I think my favorite song of the year has already arrived. It will be a tough job for any other song this year to beat Physical. I love everything about it, I can’t praise it enough.


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