Season In Review: 24 (S4)

4×01 – Day 4: 7:00AM – 8:00AM

A train collides with a truck filled with explosives. A man is shot. Over the phone, Jack Bauer hears the screams of his kidnapped sweetheart.

  • So I prepared for all the changes that happened this season, but it was still pretty jarring. All of the previous cast members expect Jack are gone, which is a bold move.
  • I’m going to miss David, Michelle, Tony, not so much Kim, but I’m open to change especially if we get plenty of surprises this season, which I believe we will.
  • The Season 3 DVD set contains an exclusive six-minute prequel that sets up events for the beginning of the fourth season. The first scene occurs three months after the conclusion of Day 3 and shows Driscoll firing Jack from CTU because of his drug use. The second scene takes place one year after Jack’s firing and shows a terrorist sneaking across the U.S./Mexican border, and then killing his accomplices. The third and final scene occurs six hours before Day 4 begins and shows Jack and Audrey in a love scene. The prequel is available on the Region One set, but not Region Two. See “Season 4 Prequel.” – I probably should’ve watched that first…
  • Fox decided to deviate from their normal 24 airing schedule and delay the season premiere until January 2005. This gave viewers a longer break in between seasons, but ultimately allowed the show to run without preemption for its fourth season. Fox further decided to move 24 from its usual Tuesday night time slot to Mondays, kicking off the season with a special two-night “miniseries” premiere consisting of the first four episodes airing on Sunday and Monday evenings. – Great because that’s how I watched it. The first four episodes back to back.
  • Watching this episode was like Jack walking into the brand new CTU after a year, in that situation I was very much Jack. Trying to firgued out all the new people and the very new CTU. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was intrigued by the new cast of characters.
  • Of the new faces I like Jack’s new girlfriend Audrey played by Kim Raver who I am very familiar with because of Grey’s Anatomy. I also like her father, though I’m worry that might be changed if there is a sneaky twist done by the show.
  • Of all the new faces we still have good ole Chloe, so far the only person to return from last season. She seems more confident with herself probably because she’s lead of the tech department.
  • I’m looking forward to diving into this season and see how all the players play a role in it.
  • We already have our new bad guys and a kidnapping, this season surely starts off as a close reboot of the show.

4×02 – Day 4: 8:00AM – 9:00AM

Jack is in trouble with his supervisor, and he’s on the trail of a killer.

  • During several commercial breaks throughout the premiere event, loyal 24 fans got a sudden burst of nostalgia when former cast regular Dennis Haysbert appeared on their TV screens. But Haysbert was acting as the official spokesman for Allstate Insurance. Allstate remained as one of the primary sponsors of the show throughout its fourth season. – He’s been doing this All State thing for a while now…
  • This episode did feel more like a part two to the premiere episode which I believe the show was going for.
  • Jack is reinstated to CTU, they try to get rid of him, but he keeps coming back. It’s a novel little twist that Jack was the one to crawl back to CTU instead of the other way around like in season two.
  • It helps that his girlfriend and boss are kidnapped by terrorists and needs to get them back.
  • I want Jack to be happy so bad, but because this is 24, I really do think Audrey is either going to be killed OR…a traitor. I don’t want that to happen, but I can see that happening just to screw Jack over again.
  • I really hope they don’t go that route, as we already had one of Jack’s girlfriends be a traitor (Nina), we don’t need another one to be.
  • Leighton Messer shows up this episode as Behrooz’s girlfriend that his family wants him to break up with so he can do his terrorist duties. Ah, it’s so dumb lol.
  • Ronnie sure didn’t last long, I thought he would, but I guess they wanted Jack to catch the terrorist himself this time around.
  • Speaking of the terrorists, they are putting Heller on trial for war crimes, and if found guilty, they will execute him. That means Jack has to find him and Audrey and fast.

4×03 – Day 3 – 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Jack trails a suspect while his supervisor has ordered C.T.U. to bring both of them in.

  • Shohreh Aghdashloo stated in many interviews that she had previously refused to take on the role of a terrorist because it was too stereotypical. However, the producers wanted her for the part of Dina Araz so badly that they held several meetings with her and persuaded her to sign on as a cast member. Aghdashloo made an exception because she felt Dina was, “a woman with many faces.” As the season unfolded, many fans happily agreed with her. – I am excited to see what other faces she possesses.
  • But, I’m also betting she poisoned that tea she gave to Debbie.
  • My favorite thing about this episode is Chloe and Jack working together. I hear they have a great relationship, and I think we see the beginning of it start to form here.
  • I’m excited to see how it progresses, I hope Chloe becomes sort of a surrogate daughter to Jack. He deserves a better one than the one he’s got in Kim.
  • I definitely think that Richard is hiding something about his father’s and sister’s kidnapping, but I don’t think he was directly involved with it.
  • He seems like he cares about his father and sister despite their hardships. I don’t think he would directly hurt them. He probably said something to someone he wasn’t supposed to that impacted their kidnapping.
  • This Marianne is going to be nothing, but trouble and I am not looking forward to it.
  • Jack does one of his more outrageous moves by posing to rob a convenience store in order to hold Kalil until the satellite coverage can be provided.
  • Couldn’t Jack just slash his tires or something? And why does he have a ski mask in his car waiting to pretend to rob a convenience store?
  • I guess this will work too, but I thought Jack was better at thinking on his feet in situations like these.

4×04 – Day 4: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Jack creates a faux-hostage crisis in a convenience store trapping Kalil and several innocent bystanders to buy Chloe more time to get the surveillance satellite working properly. Dina murders Behrooz’s girlfriend after she becomes suspicious. Audrey and Secretary Heller try to escape.

  • This is the first episode this season that has truly captured the great tension this show has always have to offer.
  • The tension mostly comes from Jack needing help to keep his cover intact as he tracks down Kalil.
  • His way of doing that is by pretending to be a robber so he can get upperhand on Kalil.
  • While he’s doing that, Chloe is helping him, but the people at CTU are actually doing their jobs for once and actually notice that Chloe is helping Jack and takes her to be under arrest?
  • Driscoll is not messing around with Jack and anyone helping him. I really don’t know how to feel about her yet. She’s another antagonist to Jack, which I don’t like, but she also just doing her job.
  • I also think the show is trying to make us not hate her too much as she has a daughter with a disability. So I’m undecided with her.
  • I also don’t want to say I hate her either because of the Ryan situation. There I didn’t like him, but he came around in his final episode and I can them doing the same with Driscoll.
  • Or maybe not and I’m way off the mark, we’ll see as the season goes on.
  • I called it! I called that Dina poisoned the tea that she gave to Debbie. I wasn’t sure when she asked Behrooz to do it, but she apparently knew her son wouldn’t have been able to do it, so she did it for him.
  • I thought it was pretty unnecessary, Debbie didn’t know anything so killing really wasn’t necessary. And what about her parents? Did Dina even consider them? Guessed not.
  • I just think the storyline was pretty stupid.
  • Episode ends with Jack being stopped by police, we’ll see how Jack gets out this pickle.

4×05 – Day 4: 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Jack and Director Driscoll agree to a truce and work together after the police make a mistake in handling the Kalil situation, which means that Jack also has to find a new lead. The terrorists begin to threaten Audrey unless Heller confesses to “war crimes” on camera in an hour.

  • A valid California phone number can clearly be seen on Debbie’s cell phone caller ID (310-597-3781.) Many fans called this number, which turned out to be a live line to a prop phone on the set of the show. Some fans got a voice mail message telling them that they called the 24 prop phone and to leave a message. Others talked to live people, including Production Designer Joseph A. Hodges. Still others claimed that they spoke to stars Kim Raver and Carlos Bernard.
  • Hodges later admitted in an interview that director Jon Cassar came up with the idea for the “fan phone” because the two of them often got bored scouting new shooting locations and wanted a chance to interact with the audience. Hodges further stated that they received around 80,000 calls on the line during the first week alone. – It’s the little things in the show like this, that make me like even more than I already do.
  • I’m glad that Driscoll and Jack put their differences aside and worked together on saving Audrey and Heller.
  • It would have been extremely boring just seeing Driscoll going after Jack and him getting away. We already have seen that before in the show, and we don’t need an entire season dedicated to it.
  • I think I already see 24 giving Driscoll a more human like character than her being a cartoonish antagonist, which is for the best in my opinion.
  • Like seeing her interact with her daughter makes her feel like a real person instead of antagonist for Jack to argue with.
  • I will say that so far the terrorists this season aren’t complete idiots. I say this because Hassan wisely realizes Jack’s plan and then kills himself to stop Jack from stopping the execution. We’ll see if the terrorists stay smart this season or not.
  • However, the family of terrorists don’t seem that bright because like I mentioned before they didn’t even consider the fact that Debbie’s parents would come looking for their daughter? Even if they didn’t know where Debbie was, the most logical place to go would be her boyfriend’s place.
  • I feel like the main terrorists may think wisely while the family terrorists won’t and I don’t know how I would feel about that.
  • I really don’t like this Marianne character and she hasn’t been there that long. Hopefully she just leaves or better yet, dies.
  • Especially don’t like her as it seems like we’ll be seeing more of her this season than Chloe which an automatically NOPE from me. I want more Chloe season, I hope she isn’t gone for too long…
  • Audrey and Heller tried to kill themselves to stop the televised execution. Just like I said with Kyle Singer’s suicide attempt in season three, it’s really noble, but I’m glad it didn’t actually end up happening. There’s so much more to do with Heller and more so Audrey in the show.
  • I really want to give President Keeler a chance, but he’s not making it easy for me. I am willing to forget the stuff with David and Sherry, but I’m not sure about this. Then again Palmer did ask Jack to kill Ryan, so it wouldn’t be the first time the President has ordered someone to be killed..on this show…I mean.

4×06 – Day 4: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Jack initiates a fierce gun battle with the terrorists as he races to rescue Audrey and Secretary Heller before the military strike. Dina is shocked to learn that Navi and Marwan plan to have Behrooz killed. Secretary Heller learns his son is a suspect and allows the interrogation to continue. Curtis Manning learns that the briefcase stolen from the train bombing contains a Dobson Override that could potentially give terrorists control of America’s 104 nuclear plants.

  • So far this is my favorite episode of the season. It genuinely felt like a 24 episode with Jack being a badass, nice plot twists, intrigue, and the classic mole trope 24 is very familiar with now.
  • The mole this season is none other than Marianne, a character we just met a few episodes ago and one I had already disliked. So no real loss there.
  • CTU really does need a new hiring process at this point. This is their third mole unless they’re duping us again which I doubt. It’s ridiculous how stupid the show makes CTU out to be sometimes.
  • I really hope the show does something interesting with Marianne being the mole plot because otherwise this was a pretty predictable and uninteresting twist. I know the show can do better with this, so I’ll wait to hold any judgement for this so long that it has a good payoff.
  • A plot twist I actually did enjoy was Navi being the one to order that his son be killed. I’m looking forward to finding out the reason why for this. Is it just because he’s a liability or is it something more? It’s probably the latter, so I’m curious as to explanation he’ll give.
  • I’m also curious as to what exactly Navi’s plan is, CTU seems to believe it has something to do with the power plants, but I want to know why target that exactly? There’s obviously something more to this, I just don’t know what it is yet.
  • Jack going full Rambo to save Aubrey and Heller was everything I have ever wanted to see in life.
  • Even after he’s been out of the field for year, Jack is as big of a badass as he has ever been, if not more.
  • I don’t know if it’s just a red herring, but Paul rubs me the wrong way. He may just be jealous, but I’m not sure what to make of him.
  • He gives off a creepy vibe, this might just be a red herring, but I think 24 definitely has plans for his character for this season. It could be him inferring with Audrey and Jack or something more…
  • Either way I hope the show doesn’t kill Audrey off (I have a sick feeling they will) more so for Jack than anything else. Is it bad that I want Jack to find happiness and love? He deserves it okay! And he deserves it not being taken away from him again like it was with Teri.

4×07 – Day 4: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Jack takes Audrey into the field in order to ID a suspect she recognizes from the compound, but the terrorists learn where they are and pin them down. Jack calls on an old friend to escape. Dina tries to get to Behrooz before Navi does. Edgar Stiles works overtime to get back control of 87 to 98 nuclear plants by taking their systems offline before the Override gets to them.

  • My biggest takeaway from this episode was TONY!!!! Man, I didn’t even realize how much I missed him. Like I knew I missed him, but I didn’t realize how much I did until we saw his return.
  • Also just the little growth between him and Jack that’s he the only person in their line of work that Jack can trust in this situation.
  • It’s crazy to think about the early days of season one when they really didn’t like each other. Seems so long ago, can’t imagine how it felt like watching while it was airing live.
  • So far Marianne is a pretty basic mole, but hey she got us to get Tony back, and I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me so I am grateful.
  • Wow, I’m so happy Tony’s back even if it’s just a couple of episodes. His presence brings back a sense of familiarity. Also how is he not in jail anymore? Did he get pardoned or something? Guess my answers will be answered in the next episode.
  • Let’s get the bad subplot out the way now aka the Driscoll’s daughter storyline. It belongs on a soap opera not 24. It reminds of the Kim’s storylines in season two because it’s so bad that it sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other storylines. Hopefully we won’t get too much of it.
  • To be fair though, I feel like the Jack, Audrey, and Paul storyline (don’t want to say love triangle) might also be a little soapy, but it’s not as noticeably bad as Driscoll’s daughter storyline.
  • I have come around onto the Behrooz, Dina, and Navi storyline. Navi vs Behrooz and Dina is way more interesting and compelling to watch than watching them argue over Behrooz dating an American girl and then killing her for no real reason.
  • I do think Navi would’ve realized earlier that his wife and son wouldn’t have been able to handle the assignment sooner than on the day it’s supposed to happen if this were real life, but it’s not. It’s a tv show and tv show gotta tv show. Still I’m entertained and that’s good enough for me.
  • The big overarching problem this season is a nuclear holocaust. You know the usual fun stuff (that was sarcasm by the way).
  • Good on Edgar for overriding most of them, but I still miss Chloe. Can Chloe come back soon please?

4×08 – Day 4: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

As six nuclear power plants prepare to meltdown, Jack gets help from Tony in the search for the man who Audrey recognized from the terrorist compound where she and her father were being held. Meanwhile, Heller attempts a ruse that would hopefully flush the mole at CTU out, and Navi continues his search for Dina and Behrooz, while the both of them check into a hospital.

  • So many things to talk about, that’s how you know it was a great episode when there are endless things to talk about from it.
  • Let’s start with Tony, he’s a bit different since the last time we saw him. He’s his less composed self. My guess about him being pardoned by Palmer before he left office was correct.
  • Something I didn’t predict though was Michelle leaving him. I won’t lie, my heart may have broke a little bit hearing that and then hearing the reasons why it’s all very sad. Michelle is working for Division though, so good for her.
  • I hope that doesn’t mean we have seen the last of her, but if it does then she went out in a satisfying conclusion.
  • Tony on the other hand needs to get his act together, he’s a drunk unemployed divorcee. No woman worth having finds that attractive (sorry Tony’s lady friend). I did find it funny that he was driving beer out of his infamous Cubs mug. I hope that we see Tony land back on his feet before the season is over with.
  • You know how I said that I loved the growth between Jack and Tony’s relationship, well Tony nearly threw all that out the window with his talk with Jack saying he reminds him of a past he would like to forget. Ouch, that had to had hurt.
  • Tony did go with Jack to track the guy from the train down, but I kinda think that was more so Tony missing being an agent than him wanting to help Jack. I don’t know what going to happen with them, but nothing bad I hope.
  • When they were talking about they found the mole and just kept saying she, I knew they were referring to Sarah, not Marianne. I predicted it a few seconds before it happened and I’m proud of myself for it.
  • I felt so bad for Sarah, this entire season she’s just been trying to be the best employee for Driscoll, only to be accused of being a spy and brutally interrogated.
  • I was so glad to see that Edgar figure out Marianne was the mole, so Sarah wouldn’t have to be further interrogated for the next few hours which I originally thought they were going to do. Glad they didn’t though.
  • It looks like Marianne was expendable as it looks like her boss tried to kill her by blowing her and her car up. Guess she’s lucky she was arrested instead.
  • When Marianne hit her head I instantly feared that she is going to have amnesia and won’t be able to tell them anything. I really hope I’m just overthinking this, 24 would have learned by now not to do another amnesia storyline after the horrible Teri one in season one, right?
  • I know Jack says damnit a lot on the show (it’s basically his catchphrase), but the ending of this episode was the first time I have ever said it simultaneously with him and not intentionally at all. I just found that funny for some reason and I should share.

4×09 – Day 4: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Jack and Tony stumble on to Dina and Behrooz’s trail after a key suspect has been assassinated. Edgar tries all he can to get his mother out of the fallout zone of the San Gabriel Island nuclear power station. Driscoll and Curtis cover their tracks following the revelation about Marianne. Navi closes in on Behrooz when he tries to get medication for Dina.

  • The season started a little slow for my taste, but these last few episodes have been excellent in my opinion. Now it really feels like the season is going full speed in a good way.
  • I really felt for Edgar in this episode, with his mom not being able to be evacuated. 24 did a similar storyline last season with Adam, but still this was written way better. For one, we actually care about Edgar unlike with Adam, his character has been developed quite well I think. His character is even more developed now after deciding to stay and help save thousands of other people. And two because we actually see him and his mom and how much he cares for her and doesn’t want her to die.
  • The last scene with them is definitely one of the saddest scenes this season. Though I’m sure we have plenty more to come…
  • It’s no wonder why CTU has had so many moles now because the directors are trying to save their own asses and instead of getting into trouble for hiring said mole. Unbelievable! I don’t know about past CTU directors, but Erin is really going to get out of trouble because he adjusting the files so she and Curtis won’t get in trouble for hiring and having a relationship with the mole. Do better, CTU employees, do better!
  • The major storyline is with Jack having now finally met up with Behrooz and Dina. Like with the previous seasons in these situations means things are getting even more intense and therefore entertaining.
  • I see why the actress took the role now, the character is definitely not as stereotypical as it could be and she does have many layers that make her a fascinating character to watch.
  • For the same reasons the actress took the role, I see now what fans meant when they said that Dina isn’t the one dimensional terrorist. She is very complex. She believes in what her husband is doing is right, but draws the line at her son being hurt in the process which is what I imagine trumps her terrorist duties.
  • It won’t matter though if Navi kills Behrooz, because Dina does believe in the cause and will let the reactors meltdown if her husband kills her son. That is a sentence I never thought I would ever have to write, but here we are.
  • I’m not worried though because it’s Jack and when Jack gets his mind set on doing something he doesn’t stop until he does it. He’ll get Behrooz back.

4×10 – Day 4: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Jack races to save Behrooz from his father when the situation turns into a hostage crisis. Dina points Jack and Tony to a safe-house where they find evidence that points to Paul Raines’ involvement with the terrorists. Marianne leads Curtis to a computer that contains info on the terrorists, but Curtis feels like it could be a trap.

  • We are nearing the halfway point of the season and with the nuclear meltdowns being done in two hours, I have no idea what the second half of this season is going to look like.
  • Previous seasons have done a great job at seamlessly transitioning from the first half of the season to the second half. I’m curious to see if season four continues that trend.
  • I thought Behrooz killing his father, though it felt like something out of a soap opera was a fitting conclusion to that their story arc that has been building from the first episode of the season.
  • Tony is reinstated at CTU! Yay, he’s no longer a unemployed divorcee. Now he’s just like every other American and is just a divorcee. He still is an alcoholic though…
  • I actually thought Driscoll was coming around when she left Tony be reinstated, but it looks like she has her own ulterior motives for having him stick around. I was glad to see Sarah stand up to her about it and then she got a raise for it too? She deserves it after the day she has had.
  • We meet some new villains when Marianne is killed by them and take Curtis away, I presume as a hostage. I wonder if these guys are going to be the main bad guys in the second half of the season. There’s still a lot that we don’t know about the nuclear meltdowns and who’s really behind them. Maybe that’s what the second half of the season is going to be, or maybe they wrap everything up nicely in the next few episodes and have something totally new take the main focus in the last 12 episodes of season four.
  • I was right about Paul, and he really upped the creepiness in this episode. The whole hotel scene with Audrey made so nervous, afraid she was going to get hurt. I may have sighed in relief when Jack came through the door and knocked out Paul.
  • I’m not sure what Paul has to do with Audrey and Heller’s kidnapping if he had anything to do with it at all. I am excited to see if Jack interrogates him just to see how much he can break him down. It will be interesting to watch, no matter what.

4×11 – Day 4: 5:00PM – 6:00PM

After finding out that Audrey’s husband, Paul Raines, may have information about the override, Jack decides it’s time for some “shock treatment”. The lead that Curtis was following up on at the Rockland Building proves to be vital, just as the remaining 5 nuclear reactors prepare to meltdown. Meanwhile, Tony does some interrogating of his own, and Driscoll deals with devastating news.

  • The first eleven episodes of this season have been building towards this episode to see if Jack and CTU could stop the nuclear meltdowns from happening.
  • The good news about this episode is the nuclear meltdowns were stopped, but the bad news is that Marwan got away and something tells me that this will end badly one way or another.
  • I highly doubt anyone thought they wouldn’t be able to stop the meltdown, but 24 does a good job at creating tension by having time running out for Jack to find it and stop it. That’s what keeps viewers like me on the edge of my seat.
  • We get an Jack’s interrogation this episode which are always great. This one was particularly brutal with him using wires from a lamp to electrocute Paul. Audrey’s reaction was pretty close to mines except not nearly as shocked because we have seen Jack be this brutal when it was required.
  • I hope Audrey won’t use Jack’s interrogation as a reason to break up with him. It’s his job to be rough and tough and breaking up with him because of it would be a really mean thing to do after he just saved her and her father’s life by being rough. Not that she owes him anything, but I would hate that to be the reason why their relationship doesn’t work out.
  • Either way it’s not looking good for them. I think Audrey will either break up with Jack because of how he handles himself with his job or Paul drives a wedge between them and she wants to go back to him. Both would be sucky options, but I see them both happening because Jack is not allowed to experience any type of happiness without it being taken away from him.
  • We do get another interrogation this time one conducted by Tony and wow who knew Tony could be so terrifying? I guess being in jail and being screwed over (in his mind) afterward really changed how he does things. Don’t get me wrong, still very much love Tony, but unlike Jack he never scared me with any of his actions once. That changed in this episode, he was pretty terrifying (for good reason), I guess I just wasn’t that from him and that’s why I was so surprised by it.
  • Worst part of this episode once again was the Driscoll’s daughter storyline. It does look like it has come to a tragic end with her daughter killing herself. I am interested in seeing if Driscoll will be able to do her job. In normal circumstances, I wouldn’t think so, but she’s the one who pushed Edgar to stay before his mother died and asked Sarah to stay after she brutally interrogated. It’ll be interesting to see if she holds the same standards for herself.

4×12 – Day 4: 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Jack and Paul Raines visit the corporate headquarters of McLennan-Forster, the defense contractor that employed Marwan. The company executives activate an EMP bomb to destroy incriminating evidence in order to protect themselves. Tony is given temporary command of CTU after Driscoll resigns following her daughter’s suicide.

  • MICHELLE!!!!!!! I’m so incredibly happy to see Michelle again, it’s crazy. I missed her so much, I’m so giddy to see her back on the show.
  • To be quite honest, I didn’t think we would see Michelle again after it was revealed she and Tony had gotten an divorce and she was working for Division. I thought that was just the show way of saying Michelle is too busy to ever come back to CTU.
  • So, seeing her again made me so happy to be wrong. I can’t wait to see her and Tony interact again. It’s going to feel so strange, but that’s why I’m excited to see them act around each other now after the divorce.
  • I wonder how much Michelle has changed in the year we haven’t seen her. Hopefully not too much, we know she works for Division now so I’m wondering if that’s changed her at all. I don’t expect her to be the same person we last have seen her as, but I don’t want anything drastically different either.
  • Jack and Paul work together in large part of this episode which was not something I would have predicted, but I thought was actually cool. I could actually see in this episode why Audrey was with Paul for as long as she was. He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, but I’m still curious why they split up in the first place.
  • It probably doesn’t matter though because Paul is going to fight to get her back and if I were Jack, I would let Audrey go until she was sure of what she wants. Like Jack said it’s not up to him or Paul, it’s up to Audrey. I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of a married couple even they are separated and even if I were in love with a person like Jack is. He’s going to have to left Audrey go so she can decide once and for all.
  • I didn’t connect this until now, but this Jack, Audrey, and Paul love triangle kinda feels like a mirror to the Jack, Teri, and Nina love triangle or square if you want to count Teri’s doctor friend. In that case, Jack was Paul and Teri was Audrey. Jack knows how Paul feels because he’s been in a similar situation before and I think more so because of that he will let Audrey go so she can choose who she wants to be with even it means losing her.
  • I wonder if we will ever see Erin again, I didn’t necessarily like her or will miss her terribly too much, but the end of story was pretty sad. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again when the time was right, which I doubt will be anytime soon. Like Heller said (I love his speech to her) she needs time to grieve and mourn before she’s ready to come back if she ever does.

4×13 – Day 4: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Jack and Paul enlist civilian help when they must fend off mercenaries from McLennan-Forster. Tony discovers that Michelle is taking over command of CTU. Marwan orders an underling to kill an Air Force pilot and his family and assume the pilot’s identity.

  • Michelle despite, being the head of CTU now she doesn’t seem too different from when we last seen her. Division hasn’t made in a jerk which is great to see because it seems like most people who come from Division just suck. So I’m glad Michelle isn’t anything like that.
  • Tony and her have their issues, but I think the show is giving us some hope that they’ll get back together. It only seems like the break up because of Tony’s issues and he can get his life back on track then maybe there’s a chance? Or maybe they’re just giving us false hope, that’s more than likely.
  • Like I had suspected, it looks like Audrey doesn’t want to be with Jack anymore after seeing his interrogation of Paul. I knew this would happen, because this show does not like for Jack to be happy at all and the funny thing is that’s is all I want.
  • I’m glad Heller kinda stood up for Jack saying that’s his job and they need people like him because it’s true. In Jack’s line of work you have to be rough even to the point of being cruel.
  • Pour one out for Sarah, she didn’t die, she just got herself fired. I was really hoping this was where they would bring back Chloe, but nope. I miss Chloe, more than I thought I would.
  • We see Jack and Paul team up with some citizens to take down the mercenaries sent by McLennen-Forster. I really liked this whole plot which lucky for me was most of the episode. It builds to a lot of good tension especially during the shootout.
  • I’m glad the citizens didn’t die during the shootout because I was worried when they came on board they were both going to die or one would, so I was pleasantly surprised when they both survived. I guess the show doesn’t feel the need to kill everyone on the show, who would of thought?
  • However, we do see Paul nearly dying at the end of episode saving Jack. I really hope Paul doesn’t die because he was helping Jack. It would continue the pattern of people who helped Jack ending up dying from doing so, and that’s just depressing. And on top of all of that, it would just be another thing for Audrey to hold against Jack.
  • She made Jack promise to keep Paul safe, and he mostly kept his promise, but Paul had to save Jack. I just think that would be a sucky way to break up with someone or hold against someone when they did their best to keep theirs. Or maybe I’m wrong and Audrey will be more forgiving, but I just see causing even more friction between the two of them.
  • Add on to the fact I’m with Tony, I don’t think Jack is ever going to be happy with a desk job. He always going to want to be in the field and his relationship with Audrey isn’t going to stop that. This day just enforces that Jack will always want to be in the field for the same reason Tony said: Jack likes being in hell. I think that’s one of the things they have in common.

4×14 – Day 4: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

Jack and Dina’s attempt to infiltrate one of Marwan’s terrorist cells backfires on them. Michelle orders Chloe back to work when Edgar begins to crack due to emotional pressure. Paul is taken into surgery after getting shot. Anderson gains access to an airfield and gets closer to the stealth bomber.

  • I’m actually a little sad that Dina is dead, not that I liked her. I was just really liked watching her character and the actress herself was fantastic in the role.
  • Then her and her son were so close to being in Witness Protection and they could’ve started again, I guess now that just leaves Behrooz left to try to make a normal life for himself.
  • I’m not surprised their plan backfired, something always goes wrong in these situations. That doesn’t make it any less fun to watch though. The thing I’m most excited to see is how CTU and Jack are going to fix this. I don’t know what reason Marwan would have to keep Jack alive, but obviously he does somehow manages to stay alive, so we’ll see how Jack makes it through this.
  • Paul’s in surgery, I have a fear if he does survives. He will be paralyzed because CTU needs to bring in a neurosurgeon and that doesn’t sound good for Paul. Either way I hope it pulls through.
  • Audrey handled the news better than I thought she would, I can’t imagine how she would take it if Paul dies that’s apart of the reason why I don’t think he will. If he did die though, I don’t think she would ever forgive Jack even though it wasn’t his fault what happened to Paul.
  • Also if Paul does indeed survive, I do think Audrey will go back to him. Like she said she didn’t realize how much she cared about him until this happened. A loved one nearly dying does that to people. It makes them reevaluate and examine their lives, because of that I think Audrey will give Paul another chance if he does survive.
  • Chloe’s back!!!!! Yay!!! Finally, I was beginning to think that we wouldn’t see her again until next season. I know Chloe is a fan favorite so I know she on the show for a while, not sure how long, but a good portion of the rest of the show. So the question for me was never if she was coming back, just when and this episode answer that. I’m excited to see her interact more with Tony, Michelle, and hopefully Jack when he gets back out.
  • So not only do we have to worry about Jack, but how this terrorist Anderson has access to a Air Force Base and it looks as bad as it sounds. I have no idea what his plan is, but it looks like it’s going to something huge and cause a lot of pain. So great…

4×15 – Day 4: 9:00PM – 10:00PM

In order to buy more time for Anderson to close in on Air Force One, Marwan calls CTU and tells Michelle that he is willing to trade Jack for Behrooz. Bill Buchanan arrives at CTU and assumes command. Curtis interrogates Behrooz for more information on Marwan.

  • Nothing too much of note happens in this episode except for Marwan trading Jack for Behrooz. What does Marwan want from him? Who knows, if anything at all.
  • Unlike CTU, we the audience knows that the exchange is just a diversion so Anderson can finish working on the Air Force Base plan. We still don’t know what’s going on there, I assume we’ll learn more about probably as soon as the next episode.
  • CTU’s plan for exchange may have been their worst plan yet. Mainly because it seemed like they didn’t have a plan at all other getting Jack back. They had two trackers on Behrooz, but Marwan’s men quickly found those and now it doesn’t seem like they have anything to track Marwan down.
  • That is until Jack saves them by revealing a way of tracking the building he was held hostage in, I swear CTU would be lost without Jack. I don’t know how they have managed this year without him.

4×16 – Day 4: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

CTU raids Marwan’s headquarters, but somehow allow Marwan to slip through their fingers in the confusion. Jack learns that the trade-off was nothing more than another ruse. Jack tries to talk Anderson out of the mission, but it is too little, too late as far as Anderson is concerned.

  • Very action packed episode, definitely one of the best of the seasons in terms of fitting in a lot of action. Or really just one of the best episodes of the season in general.
  • Jack and CTU take down Marwan’s building and almost him, but not quite. They do however finally learn about Marwan’s plan and so do we.
  • The plan is to use the stealth fighter jet to kill the President and by the end of the episode it looks like they succeeded. I can’t believe I didn’t realize the plan until Jack did. Of course, they would want to kill the President, what else would they be using a stealth fighter jet for?
  • The ending to this episode may be the best ending to any episode of 24 yet. I feel pretty strongly about saying that. There have plenty of amazing endings and jaw dropping moments, but everything about this one was beautifully done. The tension, in particular, I can honestly say I was on the edge of my seat when I was watching the episode. Then the image of the President and his son waiting to be shot down and then they do…amazing just amazing.
  • Believe or not, other things happen in this episode including yet another love triangle. This time between Tony, Michelle, and Bill. It’s very similar to Jack, Paul, and Audrey. Where in this, Tony would be Paul, Michelle would be Audrey, and finally Bill would be Jack. I’m not sure what the writers are going for writing two different love triangle this season, but I’m sure they have some stuff of endgame in mind so I withhold any judgement.
  • Speaking of Paul, I was right he is paralyzed and my prediction on Audrey going back to him is becoming more likely by the episode. I do think they should work things out, but I feel so bad for Jack. He doesn’t get to maintain any type of happiness in his life.
  • I’m so excited to see more of the Vice President because well he just became President. We have no idea what his character is like, so this should be interesting. Is he good? Bad? Somewhere in the middle?

4×17 – Day 4: 11:00PM – 12:00PM

Jack’s only hope of keeping the President’s nuclear football (a computer containing the codes of America’s nuclear facilities) out of Marwan’s hands lies in two innocent campers who witnessed the crash of Air Force One. Meanwhile, Mike Novick wants to immediately have Presidential authority shifted over to Vice President Charles Logan.

  • Who would’ve thought we would have Mike Novick back before we would get Palmer back? Not me that’s for sure. Despite how Novick left, I am happy to see him as he reminds of the early days of the show and other than Jack and Tony there isn’t a lot of people from season one still around anymore.
  • This episode we picked right back off of the last episode learning that Air Force One is down, but not everyone on board is dead. The President being apart of that lucky, unfortunately not is his son.
  • Even though the President is still alive, he’s unconscious and is not able to complete his active duties as President. So the Vice President does become President even if it’s just temporary.
  • We don’t know much about his character yet, other than he seems pretty unsure about himself as President and Mike see it too. My guess is Novick is probably going to have a hand in screwing the Vice President (now President), Charles Logan over like he did with Palmer if he doesn’t become the President he thinks they need. At least that’s how I see things going anyways.
  • I just can’t trust Novick after what he did to Palmer, I’m not going to be surprised if Novick has a hand in screwing Logan over.
  • Two innocent campers (one I recognized from Bones) find the nuclear football and are nearly killed over it by Marwan’s men, but weren’t because of Jack. Jack gets the nuclear football only to realize that pages are missing. The pages being the locations and firing codes for the nuclear warheads. Not a good thing for a terrorist to have in their possession.
  • I was really hoping that Jack would finally get a easy win by getting the nuclear football without any difficulties, I should not have gotten my hopes up because this looks retreating the lost pages is going to be anything, but easy.
  • Terrorists would have never been able to receive or use the playbook from the nuclear football, any time that the President convoy, air force one, or the secretary of defense is either compromised or killed the nuclear launch codes are immediately changed in less than an hour with a 6bit cypher code generating new nuclear launch codes in seconds. So there is no way the nuclear football would been able to be used or accessed. – This is why this is a TV show and not a documentary.

4×18 – Day 4: 12:00AM – 1:00AM

Jack discovers that Marwan’s new objective is to find and activate a nuclear warhead after he realizes pages from “the football” are missing. Logan’s presidency is not off to a good start when he starts showing signs of fear. CTU sends Curtis to intercept one of Marwan’s subordinates, but a lawyer from Amnesty Global stalls the interrogation.

  • Of course, a warhead goes missing and terrorists have it. I keep thinking that this day couldn’t get any worse then the show does something like this and I realize oh yes it can. This seems to happen every season.
  • We get a classic an impromptu Jack interrogation this episode when Jack interrogates Joe Pravo a man working with Marwan. Jack does this outside of the law because a lawyer had to just get in the way so they interrogated him the way he needed to be.  And Logan can’t help because it wouldn’t look good that that’s his first act as President.
  • Logan’s presidency is really not going well for him. He seems more afraid than he does confident. Tony’s right, he doesn’t seem ready to lead the country like a President should be. I don’t know where this is going to go, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t curious.
  • Jack does get the information from Prado without implicating anyone but himself. I really hope they actually get Marwan this time because he has gotten away too many times now for him not to finally get caught by Jack and CTU.
  • In between all of this we get little bits of the romantic subplots there still tension between Jack and Audrey. However, things seem to be going better between Tony and Michelle, so there’s a positive.
  • However, the main focus is the warhead and that looks like it will be the driving force heading into the final episodes before the finale.

4×19 – Day 4: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Chloe is sent into the field for the first time to look into the report of a woman who claims her boyfriend is part of the conspiracy. Mike Novick calls in Former President David Palmer to assist President Logan. Jack’s methods are questioned.

  • The one time that Novick should’ve lied to the President, he doesn’t. Unbelievable! Logan has Jack arrested, because like Bill put it Logan had his feelings and his pride hurt. Sure other people can do Jack’s job, but no one can do it as well as he can and that’s just the truth of the matter.
  • I was thinking that Audrey was being over-dramatic about how Logan would handle knowing what Jack did, but no he proved her right. He has Jack arrested in the middle of him trying to bring down the terrorist that has been responsible for everything that has happened today.
  • I get Logan wants for his decisions to be taken seriously and not be disobeyed, but he made a even worse choice by having Jack arrested especially as close as he were to getting Marwan. He’s the one to blame and the one at fault for them not being able to capture Marwan. He could’ve just waited for Jack to capture Marwan and THEN arrest him…so frustrating.
  • At least Logan realizes his mistake and told Novick about his doubts and released Jack from custody. And we got someone back because of it…
  • PALMER!!!!!!!!!!! I may have…screamed Palmer when I was watching the episode. Wait, you know what I’m not ashamed to admit it, I did in fact scream for Palmer. I MISSED HIM SO MUCH! It’s official, we have everyone I liked from the previous seasons back well except Chase, but I doubt he’s ever coming back. I wish I could say the same thing about Kim, but I sadly don’t think I can.
  • Chloe goes into the field in this episode, I always been curious to see how she would do in the field and this episode answers my question. She’s amazing. She uses that rifle like a pro, I highly doubt she would ever want to go back in the field again, but I actually don’t think she would be half bad at it after this episode.

4×20 – Day 4: 2:00AM – 3:00AM

Palmer authorizes an extraction mission on the Chinese Embassy in L.A, to be led by Jack and Curtis. The intended target is injured during the raid, and the Chinese Consul is shot in friendly fire by his own people. Jack forces the doctors to stop working on Paul and help the suspect.

  • Palmer and Aaron Pierce, the dream team duo is back! Man, it feels good to have Palmer back even if he isn’t President anymore. Though he’s always going to be known as President Palmer just like Obama. They really are a mirror of one of another.
  • Palmer and Novick working together? This seriously feels like season one and two (before Novick’s betrayal) all over again, I mean that in a good way.
  • Have Palmer and Jack really not talked since the events of Day 3? I thought they would have become best bros and having the best bromance ever by now, guess not.
  • Looks like I was right about Audrey will be leaving Jack to go with Paul, which is fair enough she’s his wife. I just hate that Jack didn’t know he’s about to be broken up with, but I guess there hasn’t been a good time for her to talk to him about it.
  • More relationship drama with Tony and Michelle. The show is really getting us false hope with them, and I want to believe they’ll work things out, but I will not be deceived by this show again.
  • I love seeing Chloe think she’s some sort of psychopath for killing the man who was after her because she didn’t feel anything. It’s not supposed to be funny, but I think Chloe can make anything sound funny if she tried hard enough.
  • It’s starting to seem like there’s always at least one episode where Jack goes off the book in each season. I just picked that pattern up while watching this particular episode.
  • Palmer was only back for like an hour and already got in trouble with another government.
  • What are the coincidences that both Paul and Jack’s lead would both be dying from blood filling up their lungs?
  • The ending, that ending. Wow. My heart actually broke while watching that. The moment Paul died, ugh. Audrey going after Jack and screaming at him physically made me feel sick. I love Jack, and I of course will side with Jack, but I emphasize with Audrey and feel terrible for Paul. This was just a terrible situation all around. Why the hell does CTU only have one medical team to conduct surgery like that? I really blame CTU here, not Jack. I think we can officially say that Audrey and Jack’s relationship is over for good. I said this before so many times now, but poor Jack. Another chance at happiness for him gone. I feel so sorry for him.

4×21 – Day 4: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

As Jack and Curtis close in on Marwan’s location, Buchanan looks for an alibi when a Chinese representative investigates the raid on the embassy. Logan clashes with Palmer.

  • Jack needs to give Audrey time. Time to be alone without him being near. We know what Jack did was the right option between saving the life of a friend or saving millions, you have to go with the latter, but Audrey can’t see that as she’s blinded with her emotions. That’s why she is better to be left alone for awhile.
  • Oh what a coincidence that one of the agents’ masks have their mask taken off and guess what a camera is near by too!
  • Oh Chloe, she tries her best, but she’s so blunt that I doubt that anyone would ever want to talk to her about anything involving their personal lives.
  • Tony and Michelle are killing me! I wish they would just either make up or stop teasing us that they might. I have felt if they do, one of them might die just so we can have our hearts be stomped on. With that said, I hope neither one of them dies!
  • I hate that the investigation looking for the warhead has been stalled has been to take care of the Chinese embassy. It feels like this is just filler when the finale is just a couple of episodes away.
  • I did enjoy seeing Jack lie in order to save himself and CTU from accidentally starting a war between China and America. Though that didn’t stop the China representative from not believing them.
  • They do finally captured Marwan, I’ve been waiting for this since the first meltdown. However, but not before a missile is launched. To where? Don’t know, what I do know is it’s going to kill a lot of people and there’s nothing our good guys can do to stop it and that includes Jack and that’s a first for the show.

4×22 – Day 4: 4:00AM – 5:00AM

Jack fails to stop Marwan from launching the nuclear warhead. Richard Heller becomes a suspect again and James Heller leads the interrogation. Mandy takes Tony hostage after he checks up on Richard’s information.

  • Richard called Marwan? That’s what he was hiding from his dad and CTU. I still don’t think he could have known what was going to happen, he looked so shaken up when Heller and Audrey were kidnapped and unless he’s a really good actor, I doubt you can fake emotion like that.
  • I actually thought the writers had forgotten about the entire plotline. I’m glad they brought it back. Apparently Richard was hiding it because he didn’t want to reveal he was gay. Which doesn’t seem to be a huge thing today, but it’s 2019, not 2005. Things were treated differently than they are now.
  • Why was I shocked Marwan had a backup and help to get out of custody? This man is freaking Houdini he keeps disappearing over and over again. We were this close to having him in custody and he gets out of it, again!
  • Tony and Michelle getting back together? Tony and Michelle to leave their jobs? So they can be together? Yeah I think that just confirmed my prediction that one of them is going to die before the day is over with and it seems like it might be Tony! I can’t, I hope I’m wrong, oh please let me be wrong!
  • Novick saying Mr. President and Palmer and Logan both turning to him to respond really got to me for some reason. I just found that to be so funny.
  • The plan to make Logan look confident to his peers was a really good plan and it looks like it worked so good on everyone involved in it.
  • Mandy??? This woman is involved in every terrorist attack in Los Angeles…
  • The one time I’m right about something and I really don’t wanna be. Tony can’t die…

4×23 – Day 4: 5:00AM – 6:00AM

The Chinese representative kidnaps CTU Agent Howard Bern in an attempt to learn who led the raid on the embassy. Palmer and Logan may have to evacuate major U.S. cities in the hopes of preventing nuclear disaster, and Michelle tries to save Tony.

  • Mandy doing what Saunders did to Tony, but instead to Michelle connects the last two seasons together nicely. The only difference being Michelle won’t do the same thing as Tony did.
  • I remember someone asking her what she would have done if she was in Tony’s position in season three and she said she wouldn’t and a year later she’s right, she didn’t do it.
  • This Chinese government plot is so infuriating, why don’t they just blame their own guy that shot him. None of the CTU agents killed their chancellor and all they want to do is to blame them.
  • Another thing so infuriating about the Chinese subplot is that I don’t know where it’s going. Is this heading into the fifth season or what? Ugh, I really hate this storyline. It feels so unnecessary and tacked on to this already really busy season. I don’t know why the show felt like they had to add it onto this season.
  • They had me in the first half I’m not going to lie. However I, like Jack refused to believe that Mandy and Tony were dead because we never saw their faces or their bodies and there was no way that was how they were going to kill Tony like that. If they ever do kill Tony, it will be a lot more direct is all that I am saying. 
  • I can’t believe this show almost made me cry, making me believe they killed Tony! Ugh I’m so glad I was wrong and they didn’t kill Tony and I indeed hate this show for doing that to me.

4×24 – Day 4: 6:00AM – 7:00AM

Jack must hunt down Habib Marwan and stop the nuclear bomb that is nearing its target which is Los Angeles. The Chinese demand Jack after Bern’s confession and President Logan makes a hasty decision on how to handle the situation.

  • The episode we- okay I have been waiting for.
  • Would you look at that, season two and season four being connected. What Mandy did to Palmer seems so long ago, yet it really was only two seasons ago. I liked that they were able to finally connect that back to her. I assume they just weren’t going to bring it up again.
  • Jack finally almost gets Marwan, and he kills himself to stop the Jack from learning where the missile is being sent. A deserving end to a truly evil villain. Marwan may have been the best villain yet because of how horrible he was and how he never got the repercussions of his actions. But in the end, his mission wasn’t completed because the missile was destroyed!!!
  • Tony and Michelle!!! Oh I’m so happy to see them back together and hopefully this time for good.
  • Why am I crying about Audrey breaking up with Jack when he isn’t even. I just sad about Jack, not their relationship ending. Then he has the Chinese embassy after him. It’s just all too much to take at once. And THEN, he has someone trying to murder him. Holy hell, one of those things is enough for any person to handle, let alone all three of those things.
  • President Logan…just ugh! Can we get Keeler to wake up, please! I rather have him than this wannabe President Logan, who can’t even do his own job.
  • Jack Bauer is dead. Well at least that’s what everyone expect Tony, Michelle, Chloe, and Palmer thinks including Audrey. Her reaction was so sad, I can’t imagine how she’s feeling after everything she’s been through. She thinks both of the men she loved in her life are both dead. Not to mention she also got kidnapped and almost died. What a horrible day she has had.
  • I can’t say I was surprised when the plan was revealed that Jack is faking his own death. The thought crossed my mind, but I didn’t think anything of it until it actually happened. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in season five. And then, I know so many people that considered season five the best season of 24, so to say I’m pumped is an understatement.

This season is my runner up for my favorite season to season three. This was a great season, I really enjoyed it. It started a bit slow for me, but once it hit a certain point, I think it really took off and never falter after that. Great season, but I cannot wait to dive into season five.

Pros: I’m going to make this easy, everything except for a few characters and storylines.

Cons: Those characters being Driscoll, her daughter, Marianne, and the Driscoll’s daughter killing herself storyline.

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