A Character For Each Letter of the Alphabet (A-Z)

As everyone is doing right now I have seen quite a lot of television and movies as of late. While watching a certain show, I had an idea. A challenge to myself, can I name a memorable character of a show I have seen or movie for each letter of the alphabet. To make things a little bit harder, I can only use a show or movie once for a character. This isn’t necessarily a favorite character list, but instead a list of characters that have stuck with me for one reason or another.

A – Amy Dunne (Gone Girl)

Why Are They Memorable: Amy Dunne may be a psychopath, but she is one I love. Not quite a villain, not quite a victim, she is one of the most complex characters I have ever had the chance of watching.

B – Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

Why Are They Memorable: Brooke Davis is without a doubt one of my favorite characters of all time. Though flawed, I admire her growth as a person and the ultimate feminist she becomes.

C – Cordelia Chase (Angel)

Why Are They Memorable: Talk about growth, I have never seen a character grow so much while also never completely changing oneself. Cordelia grows as a person, but she is still the brutally honest girl we meet in Buffy.

D – Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Why Are They Memorable: Dean Winchester is everything you want from a character. He’s smart, funny, sarcastic, but his greatest ability of all is he is the best big brother ever on television.

E – Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

Why Are They Memorable: Eleanor begins as a selfish person who doesn’t care about anyone except herself. Eleanor ends up becoming a caring leader to her friends and others. Having a full 180 turnover, you love to see it.

F – Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Why Are They Memorable: No (reasonable) person would want to be friends with Ferris Bueller. But, I think we all would be lying if we didn’t at least admire some aspects of Ferris. Particularly his ambition, we could all stand to have some of his ambition. The keyword is some.

G – Gina Waters-Payne (Martin)

Why Are They Memorable: Though the star of the show was Martin, there would be no Martin if there wasn’t Gina. When Martin would get in to over his head, Gina would bring him back down to Earth. Which was not an easy task at all. So go Gina, you deserve all the praise.

H – Holland March (The Nice Guys)

Why They Are Memorable: Sometimes memorability is all in the performance and Ryan Gosling’s performance as Holland March is remarkable especially since he doesn’t do comedy. Holland March is an expectation and what an expectation it is.

I – Ilsa Faust (Misson Impossible: Rogue Nation)

Why They Are Memorable: I love the Misson Impossible, but for a period it lacked a real foil for our protagonist Ethan until Ilsa. She’s the perfect foil/panther for him while also being a capable character on her own.

J – Jo Stockton (Funny Face)

Why Are They Memorable: Jo Stockon is such an easy character to love. She’s such a wholesome character and I want everything good to happen to her.

K – Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)

Why Are They Memorable: Kat is misunderstood like most teenage girls. People see her as bitter or mean, but there is a lot more to her than what her school sees.

L – Lexie Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

Why They Are Memorable: Lexie is probably the best character to ever appear on Grey’s Anatomy and that says something considering it’s gone on for 15 years.

M – Marty McFly (Back to the Future Trilogy)

Why Are They Memorable: It’s well known that the characters in Back To The Future doesn’t have huge character arcs for their characters. But it’s okay because Marty is already awesome at the beginning of the series and awesome at the end.

N – Nikita (Nikita)

Why Are They Memorable: Nikita is such a badass in every way. She plans to take down the place that made her and destroy them. She’s smart and tough and you can’t help but root for her no matter what.

O – Olive Penderghast (Easy A)

Olive embraces a label that doesn’t even truly define her and it’s such an empowering move. Olive is a character ahead of her time.

P – Paddington (Paddington)

Why Are They Memorable: I mean…look at him! He’s adorable, what more do you want me to say.

Q – Quentin Lance (Arrow)

Why Are They Memorable: Quentin goes from a character you probably hated to one by the end you loved. It’s happens all the time on shows, but Quentin was one of those standouts.

R – Rocky (Rocky Series)

Why Are They Memorable: It’s Rocky! Who doesn’t love Rocky. He’s one of the best characters ever in my and many other’s books.

S – Sidney Prescott (Scream Series)

What Makes They Memorable: Sidney is one of a kind heroine. The Scream franchise wouldn’t have survived without her, she is Scream. There’s no Scream without Sid.

T – Thor (Thor)

Why Are They Memorable: I knew I would probably include one Marvel character and there was really only one option. I love Thor, I think just about everyone does. He’s a one of a kind character.

U – Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Why Are They Memorable: Ursula is one of the best Disney villains ever. Her voice, appearance, are all iconic. She makes The Little Mermaid as great as it is.

V – Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Why Are They Memorable: Veronica Mars is not a perfect person. At times she can be quite terrible, but we accept her for flaws anyways because we care too much about her to give up on her.

W – Willow (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Why Are They Memorable: From the shy nerdy girl to out and proud witch. Willow has one of the best characters I have ever seen. And that’s saying something.

X – Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Why Are They Memorable: Xena is a pioneer for strong female characters in television. Her influence can be seen through television shows throughout the years to even now.

Y – Yolanda (Young & Hungry)

Why Are They Memorable: Young and Hungry is an underrated show, so it makes sense that their characters aren’t remembered. But, I remember Yolanda and she was the show’s best character responsible for many of the show’s funniest moments.

Z – Zoey Clark (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist)

Why They Are Memorable: Zoey is the most recent character on the list, time will tell where her character will go, but I think her character has the great makings of becoming a remarkable character.


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